by lo_ve, April 11, 2024

The K-drama Our House starring Kim Hee Sun and Lee Hye Young will officially premiere this month.

On April 11, the first script reading of Our House happened. It was also confirmed that the K-drama will air its first episode on May 24. 

Aside from Kim Hee Sun and Lee Hye Young, the series will be led by Kim Nam Hee, Yeonwoo, Lee Joo Young, Jung Heon, and 2 PM Hwang Chan Sung.

The upcoming K-drama will be helmed by directors  Lee Dong Hyun (Doctor Lawyer), Kim Seung Woo (Bring Me Home) and writer  Nam Ji Yeon (So I Married an Anti-Fan).

Our House will revolve around the team up of Korea's top psychological counselor and her mother-in-law. The two will work together to discover the secrets and truths about their husbands and protect their careers and families from an unknown blackmailer. 

The production team of the K-drama shared, "We have faith in the well-made drama due to the casts' brilliant acting skills that made us cry even from the first script reading. Please look forward to 'Our House' which will be a feast for various transformation and reversal acting."

Our House will be part of MBC's Friday and Saturday K-drama timeslot. The first episode will air on May 24 at 9:50 PM KST. 

Kim Hee Sun will portray the role of Noh Young Won, Korea's best psychological counselor and a valued public personality. She is wise and smart and also famous in the whole country. Although her life seems perfect, she has a secret that can taint her name.

Lee Hye Young will portray the role of Hong Sa Gang, the mother-in-law of Kim Hee Sun's character Noh Young Won. She is a famous mystery novel writer and has devoted her life to her only son, Choi Jae Jin. One day, she gets caught up in an incident and starts to seek help and cooperate with her daughter-in-law who she doesn't like. 

Actor Kim Nam Hee will portray the role of Choi Jae Jin. He is the husband of Noh Young Won. he is a doctor who is doing his best to become known to the nation. 

Hwang Chan Sung will portray the role of Noh Young Min. He is the immature younger brother of Noh Young Won.


Are you excited to see how Kim Hee Sun and Lee Hye Young work together in the upcoming K-drama Our House?