by lo_ve, September 11, 2023

Lee Ha Nee and Jin Seon Kyu are confirmed to reunite with the new Netflix original K-drama Aema.

On September 11, Netflix confirmed that Lee Ha Nee, Jin Seon Kyu, Bang Hyo Rin, and Jo Hyun Chul will be working together for the upcoming comedy K-drama Aema which will exclusively air on Netflix. 

Aema will be the next work of director Lee Hae Young who also helmed the movies Believer, The Silenced, and Phantom

The upcoming K-drama will tell the story of Hee Ran and Joo Ae's struggles while working and producing the movie "Madame Aema" which was released in South Korea in the early 1980s. The K-drama is set in Chungmuro, the mecca of Korean films in the 1980s

Aema will be produced by The Lamp Co., Ltd., the same producer of the works Samjin Company English Class, Malmoe: The Secret Mission, and more.

There is no confirmation yet on the release date of the upcoming Netflix original K-drama Aema.

Lee Ha Nee will officially make her debut in Netflix originals through this series. She will portray the role of Hee Ran, a person who has a cranky personality but is known for being a good judge of right and wrong. This will be her fourth upcoming K-drama. The actress will also star in Flowers that Bloom at Night, Klaus 47, and The Fiery Priest Season 2

Jin Seon Kyu will portray the role of Koo Joong Ho, the producer of the film. He is a person who's not afraid of anything and will do everything just to survive in Chungmuro. He will choose to use a new actor for a lead role through a large-scale audition instead of picking a well-known actor. This K-drama will be his reunion with Lee Ha Nee after four years. The two last worked together in the film Extreme Job

Bang Hyo Rin will play the role of the main character of Madame Aema. She will portray the role of Shin Joo Ae, a rookie actress. 

Lastly, Jo Hyun Chul will play the role of Kwak In Woo. He will make his debut as a director in the film "Madame Aema." He is known for being dreamy and weak. He will struggle with various choices while making the film. 


Are you excited to see the life of movie makers in Chungmuro in the 1980s?