by lo_ve, January 23, 2023

The second part of "The Glory" is coming very soon.

On January 23, Netflix released a special trailer for the upcoming "The Glory Season 2." The next part will officially premiere on March 10. 

The Netflix original series is being led by Song Hye Kyo, Lee Do Hyun, Im Ji Yeon, Park Sung Hoon, Yeom Hye Ran, Jung Sung Il, Kim Hi Eo Ra, and more. 

It is the latest work of director Ahn Gil Ho ("Stranger") and writer Kim Eun Sook ("Goblin" and "Descendants of the Sun"). 

"The Glory" tells the revenge story of Moon Dong Eun, a victim of brutal school violence. Years later after the bullying incident, Moon Dong Eun, the bully, and the perpetrators meet again and the revenge begins.

The k-drama received a hot response not only in Korea but also in international audiences. Many are already anticipating on the second part of the series which will premiere this coming March. 

"The Glory" and "The Glory Season 2" can only be watched exclusively on the global OTT platform, Netflix.

Watch the special trailer here: 

In the special trailer, the clip begins with Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo's character) writing a letter to Park Yeon Jin (Im Ji Yeon).

Moon Dong narrated, "Dear Yeonjinw whom I miss, I thought about it every day, Yeonjin. Where should I reunite with you? When I'd run into you somewhere, I wished that I'd be able to forget your name and face and I'd wonder 'Who was she again?' I hoped that I'd never even remember you."

The next scenes showcased some of the scenes that were revealed in the first part and new scenes that should be anticipated for the new season. 

Moon Dong Eun also stated that all the people who were part of the pain, misfortunes, happiness, affection, and more that was inflicted by Park Yeon Jin will be part of her lifelong plan, signaling her full-fledged revenge.

In the last scene, Moon Dong Eun revealed that this will be her last letter to Park Yeon Jin while burning her photo. 

This raises expectations on how the revenge will continue and what will happen to each character of the story that was slightly shown in the special teaser. 


Are you going to watch the premiere of "The Glory Season 2"?