by lo_ve, July 21, 2022

The upcoming webtoon-based drama "Daily Dose of Sunshine" revealed the main actors that will lead the series. 

On July 21st, Netflix shared a photo of the confirmed leads of the upcoming drama "Daily Dose of Sunshine." In the photo, Park Bo Young, Yeon Woo Jin, Jang Dong Yoon, and Lee Jung Eun were presented as the main leads. 

"Daily Dose of Sunshine" will base its story on the webtoon "Morning Comes to the Mental Ward" (literal translation) created by Iraha. It will reveal the stories inside a psychiatric ward. It will showcase the experiences and struggles faced by nurse Jung Da Eun who treats patients sincerely.

Lee Jae Gyoo ("All Of Us Are Dead") will be directing and Lee Nam Gyu ("The Light In Your Eyes") will be writing the script for the upcoming series. The upcoming series will be produced by Film Monster. 

Park Bo Young will play the role of Jung Da Eun, a nurse in a psychiatric ward. Yeon Woo Jin will give life to the character named Dong Go Yoon, a proctologist surgeon who finds himself smiling seeing Da Eun's innocence. Jang Dong Yoon will play as Da Eun's best friend named Song Yoo Chan. He hides his pain with his bright personality. Lastly, Lee Jung Eun will play the character named Song Hyo Shin, a veteran nurse in the psychiatric ward.

Other reported casts of the drama include Lee Sang Hee and Lim Jae Hyeok.

"Daily Dose of Sunshine" will exclusively be available on Netflix. The broadcast date is still not yet confirmed.

This drama will be the Netflix series of Park Bo Young. This will also be her follow-up drama after 2021's "Doom at Your Service." The actress will also star in the upcoming movie  "Concrete Utopia" with Lee Byung Hun, Park Seo Joon, Park Ji Hoo, Kim Do Yoon, and Park Jong Hwan.

Meanwhile, this series will be the latest project of Yeon Woo Jin. For this year, he started the year with one series and two films. He was part of the drama "Thirty-Nine" and the movies "Special Delivery" and "Serve the People."

For Jang Dong Yoon, "Daily Dose of Sunshine" will be added to his long list of upcoming dramas. The actor is set to lead the upcoming series "The King of the Desert," "My Man Is Cupid," "The Fairy and the Bald Idol," and "Oasis." He will also join the upcoming movies "Project Wolf Hunting," "After," and "Long Distance." 

Just like Jang Dong Yoon, this new series will also be added to the list of several upcoming projects by Lee Jung Eun. The actress already starred in two dramas this year such as "Juvenile Justice" and "Our Blues." She will also be part of the upcoming dramas "Beyond the Memory" and "Missing 2." Lee Jung Eun will also be part of the film "Woman in a White Car." 


Are you going to watch the upcoming drama "Daily Dose of Sunshine"?