by lo_ve, February 24, 2023

Netflix finally gave a statement regarding the upcoming K-dramas and films of Yoo Ah In on their platform.

After it was revealed that  Yoo Ah In is confirmed to be positive not only for marijuana but also for propofol use, Netflix revealed their side regarding the upcoming works of the actor on the platform. 

It was announced on February 23 that Yoo Ah In also tested positive for propofol use. The result came from the hair test that was done on the actor. The hair sample was taken on February 5, the same day where they also got the urine sample of the actor. On February 11, the result of the urine test was revealed, and actor Yoo Ah In tested positive for marijuana (it is illegal to use in South Korea).

Yoo Ah In was investigated for the illegal use of propofol early this month. Because he tested positive for propofol, the police will have to summon him again to further the investigation. 

Yoo Ah In's agency UAA briefly commented on the issue regarding the actor. The agency stated, "We are actively participating in the investigation. We intend to address every concern that has been raised."

Because of this illegal drug use issue, some of the projects and commitments of Yoo Ah In might be greatly affected. Some brands even remove the actor from their promotional materials and cut ties with the actor. 

Netflix is one of the companies that have a lot of upcoming projects with Yoo Ah In. The actor is set to film the second season of Hellbound this June. He will also lead the upcoming K-drama Goodbye Earth with Ahn Eun Jin, Jeon Sung Woo, Kim Yoon Hye, and Seo Ye Hwa which is set to premiere in the last quarter of the year.

Yoo Ah In is also going to star in the upcoming film The Match with top actor Lee Byung Hun and other casts Moon Jung Hee, Kim Kang Hoon, Ko Chang Seok, and Hyun Bong Sik. This Netflix original film is scheduled to be released in the second half of 2023. The film was already done with the whole production. 

A representative from Netflix gave their official statement on February 24. They stated, "We are currently discussing the current situation with the production officials involved in the projects that Yoo Ah In will star in."

Nothing has been decided yet on what will happen with the upcoming Netflix projects of Yoo Ah In. In South Korea, if a celebrity becomes the center of an illegal drug issue, the person usually gets removed from all ongoing and upcoming projects. 

Many are on the watch for how the companies that have an involvement with Yoo Ah In, will handle the issue now that he tested positive for both marijuana and propofol. 


Do you think Netflix will still release the upcoming projects starring Yoo Ah In?