by Lily Alice, July 9, 2024

The movie adaptation of the Naver webtoon My Daughter is a Zombie has confirmed the casting of Jo Jung SukLee Jung EunCho Yeo JungYoon Gyung Ho, and Choi Yu Ri. 

My Daughter is a Zombie tells the story of a doting father who tries to protect his daughter, who has turned into a zombie, from the world.

Actor Jo Jung Suk takes on the role of Jung Hwan, a father struggling to protect his zombie daughter. Veteran actress Lee Jung Eun joins as Bam Soon, a cheerful and affectionate grandmother living in a rural village. She works with Jung Hwan to protect her granddaughter.

The role of Yeon Hwa, a teacher in the rural village and Jung Hwan's first love, is played by actress Cho Yeo Jung, while Yoon Gyung Ho plays Jung Hwan's longtime friend, Dong Bae. Child actress Choi Yu Ri is cast as Su Ah, the last remaining zombie in the world and Jung Hwan's daughter.

My Daughter is a Zombie is set to enter the production stage soon.