by Chaerul , March 28, 2021

JTBC has given their official statement regarding the controversy surrounding the drama "Snowdrop."  Further enraging the general public.

SBS drama series "Joseon Exorcist" was previously engulfed in controversy over its controversial distortion of historical facts, which led to its cancellation.  With the historical fiction drama's abolishment and current suffering from its losses, viewers have now shifted their focus and are voicing out their concerns against JTBC's upcoming series "Snowdrop."

The upcoming drama "Snowdrop" is a fictional series known to be based on the handwritten notes of a man who escaped from a political prison camp in North Korea.  Fans became excited upon the announcement of Jung Hae In, Kim Jisoo, Yoo In Na, and Kim Hye Yoon as leads

It was announced that BLACKPINK's Jisoo will portray the female lead role of Eun Young Cho, a clear reference to Cheon Yeong Cho, a Korea University student who was South Korea's symbol of the democratization movement.  Cheon Yeong Cho was said to have married Jung Mun Gyeong, a genius student from Seoul National University who at the same time was a reporter for the movement.  He was accused of espionage, and suffered from severe torture.

Cheon Yeong ChoJung Mun Gyeong

Jung Hae In is set to play the male lead role named Im Soo Ho, a Korean-German which allegedly, is a reference to the East Berlin Incident where Koreans emigrated to escape the war and dictatorship. In 1967, South Korea's government abducted nearly 200 German citizens of Korean descent, accusing them of being North Korean spies who received orders from the North Korean embassy in East Berlin.   They were tortured to extract false confessions, and six were sentenced to death.

Along with these, the plot for the said drama was reportedly leaked, drawing great concerns among South Korean netizens accusing the series of misrepresenting the painful history of South Korean Democratic Movements.  Stating that the drama's release would undermine democracy, justify dictatorship, and romanticize North Korean spies.  The currently filming drama began to lose sponsorships  following the said issue.

On March 26th, in response to the ongoing controversy, JTBC officials have released a statement explaining their side on their official Twitter account.

Here is JTBC’s official statement regarding the controversy over the K-Drama ‘Snowdrop.’

‘Snowdrop’ is not a show that romanticizes or embraces the spies during the South Korean Democratic Movement.

‘Snowdrop’ is a satirical black comedy about the presidential elections, taking place in the 1980s during a military regime. It is also a melodrama about the sacrifices of young men and women during this time.

The incomplete parts of the synopsis which has been circulating online were leaked and interpreted out of context. This resulted in a wave of criticisms, but these are based on speculations.

The accusations about the plot portraying ‘North Korean spies as the ones leading the Democratic Movement,’ ‘the character being based on a real person who led the student movement,’ and ‘the show embracing and romanticizing authoritarianism’ are all different from the actual plot of ‘Snowdrop.’ These opinions are far from what the production team has planned.

JTBC wants to firmly reiterate that the allegations around ‘Snowdrop’ are not aligned with the production’s plans. We ask that you refrain from making any more reckless criticism about a show that has yet to be released.

-- Translation Source

JTBC's response further disappointed and enraged viewers. On the same day, a formal petition was made requesting the Blue House to put an end to the production of the controversial drama.  As of writing, 109, 286 South Koreans have signed a petition filed on the website of the Office of Korean President Moon Jae In demanding that the filming of “Snowdrop” be stopped.

After the level of selfishness seen through the drama ‘Joseon Exorcist’, it looks like another one is about to come out.

Despite proving many times that there was no North Korean involvement in the democratization movement, this drama has made a spy the main character. Aside from that, other figures under the name of the government, tortured and killed while trying to beautify the Ministry of National Safety and Planning (currently National Intelligence Service).

It seems like they are ignoring it by saying that it is just the setting for the drama, but the setting itself is insulting the current victims and outright showing political pressure in the drama.

Freedom does not mean that you live your own way. There’s no fool that would accept having people allowed to kill people in their own way. We have to stop all filming for this drama and erase all filming thus far as it insults the foundation of our country. We ask for all your support.

 -- Translation Source

In comparison, "Joseon Exorcist" received a total of 212, 781 signatures and counting.

To know more about the events that led up to the June Democratic Uprising in South Korea, a Twitter user suggested for overseas fans to see the political-thriller film "1987: When The Day Comes."

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What are your thoughts about the ongoing controversy?