by Chaerul , June 9, 2021

"A Child Who Can Die" has confirmed GWSN's Anne as cast. 

On June 9th, Anne's agency The Wave Music announced that the actress has confirmed offers to star in a new film!

GWSN's Anne will take on the role of Kim Yoon Ji in the upcoming film "A Child Who Can Die." Based on a novel of the same name, the movie will narrate the life of a retired killer who was accused of a crime he didn't commit for having used violence to protect a middle school girl.  The movie began filming earlier this month.

Jang Hyuk recently announced that he was cast to play the main character named, Bang Eui Kang. The film will be directed by director Choi Jae Hoon who also helmed the film "The Swordsman."

Talking about her role as Kim Yoon Ji, Anne said, “I worked hard to prepare myself to express in detail Yoon Ji's emotions and innocence in the film. I will work hard so that many people can enjoy Yoon Ji's character." 

The character named Kim Yoon Ji was described as an innocent high school girl, who kept her wounds hidden because she has no one to rely on. After meeting Bang Eui Kang, her mind would slowly heal.