by Patricia, July 18, 2018

Lately with Hana Nochi Hare it's virtually impossible not to think about Hana Yori Dango with all that Kaguragi Haruto fanboying over Domyoji!

It’s funny and somehow mesmerizing how after more than a decade here comes Haruto and I’m fangirling over Domyoji all over again and re-watching Hana Yori Dango on a binge. Not that I've ever stopped fangirling over Domyoji but hey, Jun Matsumoto has that impact on me! 

Independently of how many adaptations and remakes are made of Hana Yori Dango in as many different countries and years, my heart was, is, and shall always remain loyal to Domyoji and Jun Matsumoto.

I really think that Haruto and I are kindred spirits both adoring Domyoji, but that’s not surprising as Domyoji has that effect on people. There’s only one little detail we might always diverge on, however. 

Haruto might call his Domyoji emulation the "Domyoji effect", while I simply call my fangirling the "Jun Matsumoto effect".

Haruto keeps his Domyoji hologram in his room and I keep my Arashi DVDs next to my DVD player so that I can sing along with "One Love"! :)

Yes, Jerry Yan was gorgeous and is still gorgeous and single but that’s beside the point, and Lee Min Ho was interesting and is still interesting and single and currently in the army but that's not the point either.

The point is that although their performances were top notch, although they were top notch, there was no "Jerry Yan effect" for more than the time it took me to watch 
Meteor Garden Season 1, as Season 2 drove me up the wall waiting in frustration for it to actually get somewhere.

There was equally no "Lee Min Ho effect" since as much as I loved 
Boys Over Flowers and actually watched the drama before I watched Hana Yori Dango, as soon as I saw Jun Matsumoto as Domyoji my heart was ruined for anybody else.

Domyoji is like experiencing a bottle of 2005 port wine at different times, different moments, different years... 

At first, it's new and interesting, then as the wine ages, your experience with it is enhanced. You can understand the wine better and you can point out its different layering textures. 

You become a connoisseur of that 2005 port and it doesn't matter how many years go by and much things change, your love for that 2005 port is unchangeable and will always remain special in your heart.

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