by Lily Alice, February 27, 2024

Netflix unveils new stills from its upcoming original Chicken Nugget.

Chicken Nugget is a mystery comedy drama about Choi Seon Man (Ryu Seung Ryong), a father trying to bring back his daughter Choi Min Ah (Kim You Jung), who has mysteriously turned into a chicken nugget after she entered a strange machine.

The stills depict the adventures of Choi Seon Man and Ko Baek Joong. In the first still, Min Ah (Seon Man's daughter) is seen bringing Seon Man's favorite fried chicken.

 However, her visit on this day brings turmoil in the lives of Seon Man and Baek Joong. Min Ah, after entering a mysterious machine, turns into fried chicken. For a moment, Seon Man and Baek Joong deny the unbelievable reality and pinch each other's cheeks, believing it to be a dream.

After realizing they are not dreaming, the duo embark on a journey to solve the mystery surrounding the machine that turned Min Ah into a fried chicken.

Director Lee Byung Hun remarked, "We approached it in a comic and theatrical manner. It was challenging, but the actors showed great courage and delivered their performances with full commitment." He also stated, "Ryu Seung Ryong and Ahn Jae Hong are epitomes of comedic acting, and they perfectly synchronize with the original work [webtoon]."

Director Lee Byung Hun also raised anticipation for Kim You Jung by saying, "[It's a] godsend, the luckiest casting ever."

Ryu Seung Ryong expressed his thoughts about working with Ahn Jae Hong, saying, "It is truly a great honor and a fortunate thing." Ahn Jae Hong also said, "We worked well together even without separate rehearsals."

Chicken Nugget will premiere on March 15, exclusively on Netflix.