by lo_ve, April 3, 2023

Actor Shim Hyung Tak is getting married.

On April 3, it was officially announced that the South Korean Actor Shim Hyung Tak will be marrying his long-time noncelebrity Japanese girlfriend. According to reports, the two are planning to hold two weddings, the first in Japan and the second in Korea. Shim Hyung Tak and his girlfriend of four years will tie the knot in July. 

Shim Hyung Tak met his wife after visiting Japan for a broadcast schedule. The actor is well known for being a fan of anime and figurines. Shim Hyung Tak then met his girlfriend at a famous local toy company in Japan where she was an employee back then. According to the actor, they naturally conversed because of their common interests, and eventually, their relationship developed into something more.

 It was also revealed that during the height of COVID-19, Shim Hyun Tak and his girlfriend had a hard time meeting because both borders were closed. Because of the situation, the two strengthened their relationship. At the height of the pandemic, Shim Hyung Tak and his girlfriend decided to prepare to get married.

Shim Hyung Tak will reveal his marriage preparations together with his bride-to-be through the TV Chosun entertainment program Lovers of Joseon. It was revealed that the bride-to-be has been traveling back and forth between Korea and Japan to prepare for their wedding as well as to participate in the filming of the entertainment program.

Shim Hyung Tak last starred in the 2021 K-drama Times led by Lee Seo Jin, Lee Joo Young, Kim Yeong Cheol, Moon Jung Hee, Kim In Kwon, and Moon Ji In. He also made a guest appearance in the series Undercover and My Roommate Is a Gumiho

There is no official confirmation yet on the future acting projects of Shim Hyung Tak.


Congratulations to Shim Hyung Tak and his future wife!