by lo_ve, April 2, 2021

Shin Hye Sun's next project might be the upcoming movie "Open The Door"!

Shin Hye Sun's agency confirmed reports on April 2 that their artist received the offer to appear in the movie. But YNK Entertainment reiterated that Shin Hye Sun only got the offer and her appearance is yet to be confirmed. 

The upcoming movie will be the second installment of Gong Hyo Jin's 2018 film "Door Lock" which was a remake of the 2011 Spanish thriller "Sleep Tight." 

"Open The Door" will be directed by Park Hee Gon PD who's also the director of "Insadong Scandal" and "Perfect Game." The movie will depict the story of a woman living alone who will face unexpected circumstances after buying a secondhand washing machine. 

Shin Hye Sun has been on a roll lately with most of her recent projects were well received by the public. From "Stranger," "My Golden Life," and her recently concluded drama "Mr. Queen," Shin Hye Sun is considered as one of the most anticipated actress today. The actress has been receiving a lot of love calls from dramas, movies, as well as brands. 

Shin Hye Sun debuted in 2012 and has been active in both dramas and movies. She was part of the cast of dramas such as "School 2013." "High School King of Savvy," "Oh My Ghostess," "She Was Pretty," "The Legend of the Blue Sea," and more. She also participated in movies "The Mother Earth," "A Violent Prosecutor," "Innocence," "Collectors," and more. Aside from the reports that she will star in ""Open The Door," the actress is also in talks to be the main lead of the upcoming movie "She Died" with Byun Yo Han and Lee El.


Would you like to see Shin Hye Sun in a movie or drama for her next project?