by lo_ve, January 18, 2023

Song Kang and Kim Yoo Jung are both in talks to lead the upcoming new k-drama by "Mr. Queen" scriptwriter.

On January 18, different media outlets reported that Song Kang and Kim Yoo Jung will be the new k-drama pairing. The two will be the main leads of the upcoming k-drama titled "My Demon" (working title). 

Song Kang's agency Namoo Actors responded to the circulating casting reports. According to them, "My Demon" is one of the projects that was offered to the actor. 

Kim Yoo Jung's agency also shared their side. According to Awesome ENT, the actress is currently reviewing the offer to lead the upcoming k-drama "My Demon." 

If Song Kang confirms his casting, this will be his next upcoming k-drama after the two new seasons of "Sweet Home." 

Meanwhile, this will possibly be the second upcoming k-drama of Kim Yoo Jung. The actress is set to star in the upcoming Netflix original series "Chicken Nugget" with Ryu Seung Ryong, Ahn Jae Hong, Kim Nam Hee, and Jung Ho Yeon. Kim Yoo Jung will also star in the stage play "Shakespeare in Love" that will begin on the 28th. 

"My Demon" is an action thriller romance k-drama that will depict the romance between a chaebol heiress with enemies everywhere and a Demon's salvation who lost his ability overnight.

The upcoming k-drama will be written by Choi Ah Il, the same scriptwriter of "Mr. Queen."

Song Kang got the offer to play the role of Jeong Gu Won, a man who is like an iced coffee. He is superior to humans in any way but after an incident, he lost his ability and he will try to regain it.

Kim Yoo Jung on the other hand got the offer to play the character named Do Do Hee. She is a woman who is like a salt latte. She goes back and forth between being sweet and also salty. Her character is chic and elegant looking but she has a crazy personality.

"My Demon" will begin its filming after finalizing its casting. 


What are your thoughts on the possible pairing of Song Kang and Kim Yoo Jung in a new K-drama?