by Lily Alice, April 2, 2024

The upcoming historical drama Uncle Samsik has confirmed its release for May 15.

Uncle Samsik tells the story of Uncle Sam Sik (Song Kang Ho) and an elite young man, Kim San (Byun Yo Han), who dream of building a country where everyone eats well and lives well. The K-drama is set in the chaotic era of the 1960s. 

The teaser shows scenes of various people looking for Uncle Sam Sik. Some call out to him with joy, while others do so with suspicion, earnestness, or disdain.

Sam Sik is the portmanteau for "three" (sam) and "meals" (siksa). 

Responding to the question "What does Sam Sik mean?" elite young man Kim San explains, "It signifies that even during the war, he ate three meals a day, and his family never went hungry." To this, Song  Uncle Sam Sik responds, "Everyone calls me that out of love and respect. I really like it. It's my nickname."

The poster portrays Uncle Sam Sik's warm gaze and gentle smile while he holds snacks in one hand and a dried fish in the other. The text "When your stomach is full, your heart opens" encapsulates Uncle Sam Sik's motto and his life philosophy. 

Song Kang Ho's first K-drama, Uncle Samsik, will be released on Disney+ on May 15. Watch the teaser here.