by Lily Alice, May 20, 2024

Veteran actor Sung Dong Il (Ghost DoctorHospital Playlist,  Sisyphus: The MythHwarangThe Legend of the Blue Sea) returns to the big screen in the role of Gyu Sik, the captain of a hijacked plane in the upcoming K-movie Hijacking. 

Hijacking tells the story of people fighting for their lives in an extreme situation when a passenger plane is hijacked in the airspace of Korea in 1971. 

Gyu Sik is a seasoned captain who, along with his co-pilot Tae In (Ha Jung Woo), upholds the principle of prioritizing passenger safety under any circumstances. 

Gyu Sik is the only one who is unbiased toward Tae In and extends a helping hand to him. The stills depict him as a responsible and trustworthy pilot who maintains his station in the cockpit, even in extreme situations, for the safety of passengers. 

Sung Dong Il stated, "Unlike I did for my previous characters, I acted in a calm manner without any flashy action. You may expect to see [a different kind of] performance from me that I haven't shown before." 

Hijacking will be released on June 21.