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by kez on October 11, 2017
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Age of Youth 2

I was thrilled when I heard news regarding the second season of Age of Youth as I'm a big fan of the first season. That excitement went down a bit as I heard that Ryu Hwa Young wouldn't be a part of the main cast anymore. Because of that, I patiently waited for the drama to air and didn't mind any of the many articles regarding the drama.

When the first episode finally aired, I was both happy and shocked to see the new cast. When I say "new cast", I mean the new Eun Jae we had for this season. Right after watching the first episode, I looked for reasons why the original actor for Eun Jae had been replaced and here's the article I found: click here. The new Eun Jae is played by Ji Woo. Everyone was very negative about her, but I looked at her with a positive attitude since I had seen her in a drama with EXO's Suho before. What made me especially happy was to see Kang-unnie with the other ladies again, although I knew she would be leaving the sharehouse.

The feeling was different for this second season. It was not only because of the new cast, but because could feel that the characters had changed and matured. Ye Eun (Han Seung Yeon) surprised me the most; she went from a colorful and bright Ye Eun in season 1 to a dark version of Ye Eun in season 2, mainly because of her ex-boyfriend.

Moving on, they welcomed a new roommate, Jo Eun (Choi Ah Ra).

Jo Eun is the tallest girl in the picture above. My first impression of her wasn't that nice, but as the drama progressed, I started to like her. She's a cute person and watching her makes you soft.

This season was not how I expected it to be. Watching it gave me this sad feeling, but if I went on and told you why it made me sad, I'd be spoiling everything. The drama focused on Song Ji Won and the mystery behind the fancy shoes that was repeated throughout the drama. Thankfully, the mystery behind the fancy shoes was revealed before the drama ended, but it all started with a mysterious letter that Jo Eun brought into the house. Spoiler: It was revealed that it came from Ji Won's childhood friend, Moon Hyo Jin.

Fans of the drama are demanding a third season because we want to see more of Ji Won and Sung Min's romantic relationship since we can't get enough of their cuteness. Personally, I feel that this season managed to show the different sides of love and relationships: first love, long-distance relationship, new beginnings, etc.

Another interesting topic that has been circulating was the meaning of the epilogue in episode 13. What was in the epilogue of episode 13? This:

This mystery has been solved as well, all thanks to Park Eun Bin, the actress who played Song Ji Won. According to an article, she also became curious about whose daughter the little girl in the epilogue is, and asked the writer about it. Thankfully, the writer answered the way we wanted. Here's a link to the article: click here. If you haven't watched the drama, do not open the link - Spoilers!

I'm sad that Age of Youth 2 only had 14 episodes, but I'm also glad that it got the two-episode extension as it was originally supposed to be 12 episodes. As the drama ended, I felt like there should be a third season because there are still a lot questions that remain unanswered.

If you watched this drama, are you also hoping for an Age of Youth 3, or not?