by Hazel Jung, September 11, 2023

KBS 2TV's new weekend drama, Live Your Own Life portrays the story of a daughter named Lee Hyo Shim who has dedicated her life to her family with her natural kindness and warm empathy but now seeks an independent life away from her demanding family. The drama also depicts the family's journey towards finding their separate lives, previously based on Hyo Shim's dedication and sacrifice.

Uee takes on the role of Lee Hyo Shim, known for her innate kindness and exceptional sense of duty. After playing the role of Kim Do Ran in KBS 2TV's weekend drama My Only One in 2019, which achieved a peak rating of 49.6%, Uee is making her highly anticipated return to weekend dramas. She expressed her desire to be loved more for her character, Hyo Shim, than in her previous role, Do Ran.

Uee stated, "I felt a burden as I took on the title role of a 50-episode drama, but as we practiced the script and started filming, I realized it's a work all the actors are creating together." This realization eased her burden, and she is now filled with anticipation and confidence to show a new side of herself.

She also emphasized her trust in the veteran director Kim Hyung Il and writer Jo Jung Sun, known for their ability to depict long-spanning dramas beautifully. Additionally, the presence of senior actors who are like stars adds to her confidence.

Uee highlighted the importance of the story that Hyo Shim will portray and what her life signifies in the drama, just like the title Live Your Own Life suggests. She feels a significant responsibility and is determined to convey the growth of Hyo Shim within the family's framework, hoping viewers can empathize.

Uee revealed a similarity between herself and Hyo Shim – their deep love and care for their families. She said, "To Hyo Shim, family means everything. She has lived a life dedicated to her family rather than herself. Sometimes it may be sad and lonely, but she thinks it's natural to live for the family's sake." She explained, "I felt connected because I genuinely love, cherish, and care for my family. So, there are times when I deeply resonate with Hyo Shim."

Uee hopes viewers can laugh and cry with Hyo Shim. Above all, she wishes that viewers can receive Hyo Shim's positive energy and follow her journey towards independence and growth. She expressed her gratitude for the anticipated interest and love.

Live Your Own Life” premieres on September 16 at 8:05 PM KST