by lo_ve, June 28, 2021

The upcoming movie "Sinkhole" announces its official premiere date!

The new movie starring Cha Seung Won, Kim Sung Kyun, Lee Kwang Soo, and Kim Hye Joon will officially be out on August 11th according to its distributor.

"Sinkhole" will be directed by Kim Ji Hoon who also helmed "The Tower," "May 18," "Whispering Corridors," and the upcoming movie "I Want to Know Your Parents."

The film will showcase what will happen when a newly constructed villa falls into a sinkhole trapping the tenants within the cavity.  Their families and emergency services will try their hardest to get them out of the sinkhole. 

Cha Seung Won will play the role of Jung Man Soo, a resident in the Chungwoon Villa. He's a single dad who works several part time jobs to raise his son. Kim Sung Kyun will play the role of Park Dong Won, a man who finally get to buy his own home after 11 years but was suddenly hit by the disaster. Lee Kwang Soo will play the role of Assistant Manager Kim and Kim Hye Joon will play as intern Eun Joo. The two went to their boss Park Dong Won's housewarming and became involved in the unexpected incident. 

The director shared his thoughts about the movie and stated, "I did my best in expressing the situation of ordinary people who suddenly faces a disaster."

"Sinkhole" will be shown to the public in theaters this coming August 11th. Other cast members include Kwon So Hyun, Nam Da Reum, Kim Hong Pa, Ko Chang Seok, Kim Jae Hwa, and more.

Aside from "Sinkhole," main lead Cha Seung Won will also be part of the upcoming Korean remake of "Criminal Justice" titled "One Ordinary Day." He will be with Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Seol, Yang Kyung Won, and more in the drama. The top actor will also lead theupcoming drama "Our Blues."


Are you going to watch the upcoming movie "Sinkhole" when it becomes available?