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A hello to all my MDL friends out there! I recently watched the J-drama "Hanazakari No Kimitachi E" and it was awesome! It had a bit of almost every genre in it and is truly a visual treat! After finishing it, I started wondering, what if Hey! Say! JUMP, my favourite band, was cast in the drama? After giving it a lot of thought, I was able to cast each member into a role which, I think, suits their character perfectly! So, here is the casting and a few reasons why I felt so! :)

WARNING: This article contains spoilers. If you neither like spoilers, nor have watched Hana Kimi, I think you should avoid reading this. I apologize in advance :|

1. Takaki Yuya as Sano Izumi

At first thought, why Takaki of all people? Even I thought the same, but I really couldn't find anyone else in JUMP who fits Sano's character. They both have that deep bass voice, are kind, and they both hate sweets! Sano treats Ashiya like a little sibling, taking care of her, just like Takaki is to Chinen!

2. Chinen Yuri as Ashiya Mizuki

After all this logic about Takaki, the one starring opposite will obviously be Chinen! I know it has to be a girl as that's the main highlight of the story, but let's look at it with an imaginative approach! :P. The reason why I chose Chinen is because he is loved by everyone in JUMP like a little brother, who is very small in size, is very athletic and someone who can be funny or silly at times,  just like Ashiya.

3. Yamada Ryosuke as Nakatsu Shuichi

Yamada!! My Ichiban! Seriously, I really thought of making Yamada as the ML, but I couldn't imagine him at all in that place! So he is that SL who gave me SLS! XD. Yamada is quirky, funny and totally likes Chinen, which is the same case as in the drama. Nakatsu's monologues, evergreen love towards Ashiya, good nature and many other characteristics are totally imaginable with Yamada in that place :)

4. Arioka Daiki as Nanba Minami

Seriously! The bright and energetic vibes of Nanba really made me think of Arioka! He is definitely JUMP's mood maker and is always full of enthusiasm. He is also caring about the other members, listens to their stories and equally reciprocates, just like Nanba who takes the responsibility of being Dorm 2's head and their senpai! 

5. Inoo Kei as Senri Nakao

You can't talk about Nanba senpai without taking Nakao's name! This guy is totally weird which is why it brings Inoo to this role! He says something random all the time! XD. Nakao is a quirky guy who cannot be understood much. But when the time comes, he can also put on a serious outlook and also give great advice. This versatility and the girlish face (LOL) is the main reason for Inoo doing this role.

6. Yaotome Hikaru as Tennouji Megumi

I strongly felt this! Tennouji's punchlines, "Babyyy!!", his gags and many other features always remind me of Yaotome :). Tennouji's strong outlook and extroverted attitude perfectly fits. The way he talks is funny! This bright and outgoing character, I feel, is the perfect role which Yaotome can pull off easily! The spontaneity in his actions reflects the role :)

7. Nakajima Yuto as Saga Kazuma

Honestly, I'm still not very sure about it. While casting JUMP, all the other members were cast and I had trouble finding a role for him. Then it felt somewhat right to place him as Saga. I felt so because Saga is silly, funny or serious depending on the situation, a quality which I find in Nakajima. I could not assess this properly as he has less screen time (Sorry :( ). But he somewhat gives me Nakajima vibes!

8. Okamoto Keito as Kayashima Taiki

Kayashima is a bit mysterious with his aura detecting skills. But, at the same time, he is a very good friend and a very kind person as he did not tell anyone when he sensed Ashiya was a girl to protect her. Okamoto has the same qualities towards JUMP. He is a person who always puts the members ahead of him. His love towards JUMP is amazing :) and that makes him perfect for this role :)

9. Yabu Kota as Sekime Kyogo

As the eldest member of JUMP, Yabu is very caring and soft towards all the members with his brotherly attitude. He is a mature person who is very knowledgeable, which is congruent with Sekime. He also is a huge sports fan! Sekime is the first friend Ashiya made when she entered the school. He explained to her patiently about rules and events of the school. This quality is noticeable in Yabu towards JUMP :)

So, to all the pretty readers out there, what did you think of this casting? 

Please let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below  :) 

Thank you! Have a nice day!! :)

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