deleted 1st kiss scene from ep 7

deleted dance scene ep 16 and ep 43

deleted locker room kiss scene from ep 32

deleted kiss on the head scene ep 48 (0:04-0:10)

deleted scene (0.1-0.7) after she was injured with Shen Jun Shan and little kid in the mountain (episode 23, after she got discharged...or it could be a memory in later episodes) 

Thank you for sharing! It blew my mind that there were no kisses between the leads, especially with how over the top Gu Yanzhen was.  I knew he would’ve snuck one in somewhere lol

@Little Daisy 

Thanks so much for sharing!  Loved watching them, and yes, VERY strange not seeing a single kiss scene when the ML was so crazy for her.  Your post helped lol.