Is going to be killed?

After seeing the prediction being made by this episode's 'psychic' client and that eerie preview for tomorrow's episode... I'm curious to know who everyone thinks are the two people that are going to be killed, out of those working at Ji-wook's law firm.

My personal guess is that one of them is Eun-hyuk (even though I really hope that's not true), as I do doubt that the show will go as far as killing either Ji-wook or Bong-hee. But given the glimpse of Ji-wook we got from the precognition and the intensity of his reaction, I'd say it'd be most impactful/devastating if it were Eun-hyuk, since the two have yet to properly reconcile and mend their friendship (and him possibly dying would definitely spark a big reaction from Ji-wook, as he still has yet to forgive Eun-hyuk... that guilt). That being said, I am really enjoying Eun-hyuk as a character, in particular his interactions with Bong-hee and Ji-wook, so it'd be shattering if they did indeed decide to kill him off... Though I'm less sure about this one, my guess for the second person would be CEO Byun.

What're your thoughts/theories?

I agree, I believe it's Eun Hyuk, but I don't think he'll actually die. The future guy says "don't cry too much," implying said dead person, will actually be alive. I feel like the only way that Ji Wook will be able to forgive Eun Hyuk and move on, is if he witnesses Eun Hyuk nearly die. I feel like then he will realize how much he cares for his friend, and how much his friend has been trying to repent. If the show is being smart they will have Eun Hyuk nearly die. 

Also I agree his reaction was closest to Eun Hyuk, it was while very sad, also very angsty, basically exactly how I would imagine Ji Wook to react if Eun Hyuk died.
I doubt they'd kill a character off in a romcom drama but i also agree its him
I also agree - I think it's unlikely that anyone will actually die (if not, perhaps one of the two people might die, and the other could turn out to be alive), but they might make it out to appear that way at first, with both people dying. I still think Eun-hyuk is a strong contender, given Ji-wook's reaction in the precognition.
It's 100% Eun Hyuk and he 100% won't die and the experience will 100% help Wookie to forgive him and start to repair their friendship.
I agree with everything above, I did not say this in my comment in the comment section, but maybe even if Eun Hyuk does not die, he will experience something really near to death which will make our main character to change his point of view about life and friendship. 
Well, this show is certainly unpredictable, I'll say that... :P
Agreed... but I still don't think it's likely to be a death. I'm hoping not. They did say "might die" after all, so we can still hope. I don't want to see Ji-wook losing another person close to him...
And you were all incorrect~ still a very sad death that had me in tears. I can't wait to see the justice for all the victims.
They tricked us ahahahah

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