I just watched episode 5 of Bride of the Water God, and I'm pleasantly surprised with new action developments. I was shocked when it was revealed that So Ah's "fiance" is, in fact, a god, but it was really, really annoying when she fainted three times in the span of five minutes, without much reason. I get it, it's not everyday you discover that a guy you liked is a god, but come on.
I kind of don't want to believe that Habaek really risked getting all of them killed just to see if his powers would return in a situation where So Ah's life is threatened. On the other hand, it looked just like that - he couldn't have had other plan :
If you watch Episode 6 you will understand that the word "Fiance"  is a bit of a stretch :P Also Habaek did that with him being confident as a god of protecting So Ah even with his powers gone.
I think she was fake fainting the whole time because the next episode he tells her to stop and she stops herself from fainting. It was funny the first time she fainted but the repetition was unnecessary. I was really confused why he would drive the car after he saw what the man did but I guess I get it. It was an enjoyable episode.

I got annoyed about how much she flailed in the last scene, like seriously they could have done that much better but no. She just flailed in a bit of rain on a small section of crumbling bridge *sighs*