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Hello! :3

I'm an 18 year old earthling of the human species, specifically located in England. After realising that anime had live action versions, I was fascinated and ran down the deep dark rabbit hole of doom. Can often be found within a warm, dry, WiFi connected habitat. In between waiting for new drama releases, I spend most of my time taking photographs, reading web novels or manga to pass the time, or just sleeping. Mainly sleeping. I finished my ALevels last July (I got an A in Photography, yaaas~) and I'm currently studying English Lit and Film Studies at uni :3

I do not watch drama to procrastinate away my homework. Definitely. I promise. I lie.

My First Dramas:
Korean: You're Beautiful
Japanese: Gokusen
Chinese: Scarlet Heart
Taiwanese: Fabulous Boys
Hong Kong: Eternal Happiness

If you have any recommendations for me, feel free to send them my way! My recent go-to are mystery murder, action, crime things. I'm currently looking for stuff containing strong female leads, or at least female leads who can stick up for themselves and punch the people who need punching (if you get my jist). Favourite genres: Music, Comedy, Action and Mystery.

Yes, I realise I have many on hold, as well as currently watching. I get annoyed by characters sometimes,  take a break from it, and watch a different drama! Don't judge me...


Top 3 Music Obsessions ATM:

(Crazy Cuties) NORAZO:


(Kpooper2k17) BGA:

(#siblinggoals) AKMU:

Who do you like? :)

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9 - Almost perfect, only minor issues with it. Would still recommend to anyone though!

8  - Pretty awesome! I would rewatch it and probably recommend it to people.

7 - Not the greatest, but alright. Worth watching if you're bored.

6 - Really not that great.. Watch it if you want to.

5 - Meh.

4> - Kind of shit rubbish. Not worth the time of day...

Favourite Western Films: Catch Me If You Can, Chef andEasy A.

Favourite Western Dramas: Merlin, Doctor Who and Supernatural.

Favourite Animes: Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online (I'M SORRY OKAY) and Detective Conan.

Feel free to add me as a friend! -(^_^*)-

My instagram (because I'm edgy like that): tattythething

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"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning how to dance in the rain." - Doctors, 2016

I'm hungry for bacon.


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