Welcome to the GL Drama Lovers Club!

Hello! As GL stories become more and more prominent in dramaland, I invite you to participate in this space dedicated to GL storylines and sapphic characters in dramaland.

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All you need to do to become a member is write a post in this forum. You don’t have to do anything beyond that. So whether you actively participate or just lurk from time to time, you are more than welcome in this space.

Hate speech and harassment will not be tolerated here. This club is dedicated to fans and interested parties of the GL genre. If that is not your gig, please redirect your attention to other threads and clubs that better fit your interests. I hope that this club remains a safe space for civil and enthusiastic interaction.

Common Terms:

GL (Girl's Love)YuriShoujo-ai
A subgenre of romance in which the romance plot takes place between two women.Japanese term used to describe GL works (especially in manga contexts). In the US and some other places in the west, this term may be heavily associated with NSFW depictions of GL romance.According to sources, this term was coined in the US to reflect non-NSFW depictions of GL romance. However, this term is said to mean something entirely different in Japan and is not recommended to be used in international spaces.
(Women Loving Women)
A term used to describe women who like other women, whether exclusively (as a lesbian) or non-exclusively (as someone who is bi or pan); and/or the same-sex relationships involving these women.

The term may also be used in nonbinary circles to describe their relationships, as some feel that it lacks the same degree of gender emphasis as lesbian terminology.
Like "sapphic," this is a term to describe relationships in which women like other women, whether exclusively or non-exclusively. It is mainly used in online/virtual contexts.

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Starrynights' Banners

Titles: Bad Buddy | GAP The Series | Until Rainbow Dawn

Rien's Banners

Nv Er Hong | Sleep With Me | GAP The Series


Rien's Badges

Titles: GAP The Series | Bad Buddy | Show Me Love | Yes or No  | ≥75℃ 
Meow Ears Up | Dear Uranus | Legend of Yun Qian | Ooku (2016)
Transit Girls | Veils | Nevertheless, | Sleep With Me | Handsome Stewardess
Love My Life

Titles: GAP The Series | Yes or No | Show Me Love | Bad Buddy  | Nv Er Hong 
Pearl Next Door | Sleep With Me | Nevertheless, | Handsome Stewardess

Titles: GAP The Series | Show Me Love |  Nv Er Hong | Bad Buddy
 Nevertheless, | Sleep With Me | Transit Girls | Handsome Stewardess


Titles:  Led Astray By LoveTransit GirlsShow Me LoveYes or No

If you are interested in creating a set, please let me know!

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GL Drama Club Sapphic Saturday Character Spotlight

Any club member may volunteer to post here in the club forum about a sapphic character from dramaland on any given Saturday. This may be a favorite character, an underrated/relatively unknown character, or a new character that has caught your attention.

Only one Sapphic Spotlight post please. If someone has already called dibs and posted for that Saturday, claim and wait for the next Saturday.

DatePosterCharacter NameDramaLink

Nomoto Yuki

Tsukuritai Onna to Tabetai OnnaPost

GL Drama Club Coordinated Watches & Discussions

Master List of Past Titles

[On Hiatus]

How it works:

In a coordinated effort for members to watch more films (as opposed to series) that feature sapphic characters, members are encouraged (NOT required) to participate in coordinated watches and discussions of films voted on by club members. 

Members are not required to participate. Nor are you required to participate in every session. You are welcome to skip weeks or simply not participate at all.

Each month will have 4 titles: 1 feature-length film (longer than 40 minutes) and 3 short films (shorter than 40 minutes). All titles should center on a GL plot and/or sapphic main character. These films should also be easily accessible online.

If people know where to watch the film or are willing to watchparty it with other users, please mention so here. If it is an unofficial link, please use the spoiler function or DM it to the requesting user.

I would prefer if we can stick to official sites to show support to the productions and to eliminate the risk of viruses and unsafe browsing, but I know that this is not always possible.

We ask all watchers to restrict discussions of the film to the respective post - so as not to clog up this forum and so that all responses are easily findable and interactable.

This week's posting member: AthenaTheStorierX 

Things you MIGHT comment as/after you watch:

  • What would you rate it out of 10 Stars?
  • What did you like about the film?
  • What did you dislike about the film?
  • What did it make you think about/consider?
  • What other stories does it remind you of?

Notes for Watchers:

If, for some reason, you are not comfortable commenting under your account/username but still want to participate, feel free to send your response to me (or any other members who may volunteer and whom I will add to this post after they volunteer) and I will comment it anonymously for you.

If any of your thoughts include spoilers, personal details, or is super long, please check the "spoiler" box beside "post."

Notes for Posters:

How to post:

  • Go to your profile page, select feeds, and construct the post in the text box there.
  • What to include in the post:
    • Tag the movie being watched and mention that the post is for GL Drama Lovers Club discussion.
    • Any other content you wish to include is fine, but please keep it spoiler-free in the actual post.

Who can see the post:

  • The Poster's friends, followers, and people with the link
  • Anyone who goes to the poster's profile - which varies depending on their privacy settings (for instance, mine is restricted to people  with MDL accounts. Other settings are : Anyone, Friends, and Only Me)

What to do after the post:

  • Share the link to the post in this forum (click the little triangle in the upper right corner of the post, hit "share," and copy the link)

i'd like to join! ٩(^ᴗ^)۶


i'd like to join! ٩(^ᴗ^)۶

Yay! Thank you for joining Sone! 

 Mademoiselle Noir:


Hello! :)

Welcome <3


Joining! :D

Glad to have you Starry ^-^


joining too <3

Make yourself at home. <3 

Joining in... I want to watch more but have had trouble finding good GLs so maybe this can help ❤️