The story follows a pariah detective pulled back into the game after his daughter’s friend becomes the latest women to go missing in Seoul’s fashionable Gangnam area. The detective will delve into a world of vice, drugs and corruption to uncover something that threatens to topple some of the city’s wealthiest elite.

01) Ji Chang-wook as Yoo Gil Ho - Yoon Gil-ho is a character who lived a low life in the darkest place behind the colorful city to survive, a mysterious broker who dominates Gangam area 

02) Jo Woo Jin as Kang Dong Woo - an elite detective who was demoted overnight from the elite police force, he follows the mystery behind his friend's daughter missing.

03) Ha Young Kyung as Min Seo-jin, a public prosecutor who is a former provincial national university and has been going straight for promotion at the prosecution office without any connections, in this work, 

Thanks for the explanation of the roles of the actors~ looking forward to this :3.!!