Hi, I am making this post for anyone who likes to know when a certain event takes, such as first kisses when the leads get together if there are any breakups, and anything else that pertains to the show. WARNING this post WILL contain spoilers, so please do not view it if you want the surprise factor in your watching. Okay now here are some timestamps/spoilers for Destined:

Ep 3. Leads get married

Ep 12. Gu Jiusi takes the imperial exam

Ep 13. Leads began to see each other as an actual couple (no official confession scene, but it is apparent that they love each other)

Ep 15. Leads make it out of their hometown

Ep 16. Leads start sharing the same bed

Ep 17. Leads agree to stop discussing divorce

Ep 24. Liu Yuru reunites with her mother

Ep 25. Liu Yuru gets rid of her father's concubine

Ep 27. First kiss

Ep 28. Leads consummate their marriage, leads move to the eastern capital

Ep 34. Liu Yuru becomes a successful boss

Ep 40. Liu Yuru finds out Luo Zishang's true identity

My rating was an 8/10

Happy watching!

thank u sooo much for this