I am obsessed with Costume / Wuxia etc dramas at the moment and am looking for a series that has a male lead that has high intelligence similar to what is seen in genres such as Mysterious Lotus Casebook and Joy of Life.  I am not really seeking a drama that has the God / Immortal but I still love the concepts so would be happy to try them out. 

These two are some of my favorites. I have just started watching the Ingenious one and it isn't exactly my cup of tea, but will stick to it to see how it goes. 

Note: Currently Watching Nirvana in Fire as well. 

Added bonus if it has any of these traits: 

- Hidden Identity
- A lot of Combat
- Minimal Romance - Happy to have romance, just don't make the whole plot about it.
- Bromance / Brotherhood 



The Advisor's Alliance/ Growling Tiger. Roaring Dragon

The Rise of Phoenixes

Legend of Fu Yao

Sword Snow Stride

The Wind Blows from Longxi

Under the Microscope

Judge Dee's Mystery

Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty

Pledge of Allegiance

Ripe Town

Heroes (2024)

Ancient Detective

Bonus - Uncle Samsik (currently airing and fairly niche, but if you want a very bright and scheming main character and a great bromance it's a fantastic drama).

These are some great looking dramas :o Definitely a lot of conspiracy looking ones. Might give Sword Snow Stride & The Advisors Alliance a crack first! Thank you for the recommendations <3 


  • Ever Night (great fight scenes, hidden identity, romance is minimal in season one)
  • Listening Snow Tower (good fight scenes, there is more romance in this one but there's more than just that going on)
  • My Journey to You (again romance, but great fight scenes, hidden identities, and bromance)

Also, I haven't seen it yet but from what I've heard The Blood of Youth would fit.