hi, im looking for 2 older chinese dramas that i dont remember the names of.  the first is a wuxia drama i think, the male lead falls in  love with a chain wielding strong female lead. they meet a second doctor/poison expert i think and later on a young girl who both love him as well. after the two older females get poisoned, theres only enough antidote for one, and the second female lead pretends not to have been poisoned so the first female lead is cured. second female lead dies. then first female lead is poisoned again? after finding the cure, its a plant that cant be watered, and has to grow in a cold place. he and the younger third female lead are separated, and when she grows up, she meets the male lead again whose plant is pretty much ready to give to the first female lead who he loves. he leaves for a bit and the third female lead doesnt know she isnt supposed to water the plant and does so, killing the plant. first female lead dies, and male lead is really angry but eventually ends up marrying third female lead.

2nd drama is a more modern drama, when china was fighting against the japanese. male lead is kinda useless, before he learns to make landmines. he falls in love with a female soldier, who is an expert sniper. thats all i remember for this one 

The 1st drama is Holy Pearl, I remember watching it and thinking it was similar to the anime Inuyasha. https://mydramalist.com/2930-holy-pearl 

Thank you!! I've been looking for the name of this drama forever!!


Thank you!! I've been looking for the name of this drama forever!!

glad I helped :)