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The TV series is tired of spring flowers (KILL ME LOVE ME-2024)- SPECIAL VIDEO-
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#Série de TV Chunhuayan#The first full-fledged "Drama Maniac" special is coming!

For more than three years, we continued to overthrow and polish until we met, witnessing this group of people who are the most "crazy" in the drama, with the most daring and desperate persistence, for the most "crazy" and "explosive" presentation. A spring flower chapter is waiting to be opened. Spring gives birth to all things, and when the time comes_____ enjoy the bloom together! #Chun Hua Yan's first drama,, "Crazy Special"##2024 Youku's annual movie list #TV series Spring Flower Disgust#

Starring: @Mr_ Liu Xueyi @Wu JIn Yan
Special Starring: @Biiiii Bi Wenjun
Guest Starring: @Zhao Xiaotang @Chen Chunhechuhe

Stay tuned!
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or:ENGSUB?BTS | 《春花厌》全员“戏疯子”来袭! | 春花厌 Kill Me Love Me | YOUKU COSTUME (    ⬅️  Almost trailer

The TV series is tired of spring flowers (520 - CHINESE VALENTINES DAY)
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#SmallManXiaoman loves to add filled# #tvA piece of spring flowers#

Xiaoman, who is full of love, meets the 520 [I love you] on this romantic day, Xiao Yanzi and Jing and @Mr_ Liu Xueyi Meilin@Wu Jinyan I wish everyone a companion by your side and a small life of Xiaoman[Flower Delivery]Lock @Youku wait for the flowers to bloom and the harvest can be expected.
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