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All regular submissions updated, Thank You!!

I am still working on the video and sub submissions by CryssyAnne,
I will provide an update as soon as soon as I finish them up. Thanks!


Hello, everyone!    For the weekend I am back with a new teaser trailer for  -                                      https://mydramalist.com/28621-incheon-airport-people

https://youtu.be/d88y5fK_uIs (Chae Soo-bin's Version)

Translation:  "“He happened to be standing there." 

AND (Lee Je Hoon's Version)  Teaser trailer is already added.

Translation:   “260,000 people pass by and work here every day. But the only thing that I want, is to not reveal myself, as much as possible.”

                     (Credits: CryssyAnne)             Reviewed and fully checked version.

I wrote the translations for the both teasers regarding the respective characters.

New trailer for https://mydramalist.com/26295-the-beauty-inside  Seo Hyun Jin's version.

https://youtu.be/di9lp3fhB5o Translation: (Music and running) 

"I have arrived! 

(Man) You came? (Girl) It hasn't come out yet, right?

(Girl) Whoa! This is quite interesting!

(the girls screaming of happiness)

Jtbc weekly drama "The Beauty Inside".

(Girl) This drama is really interesting.

(Man) It's so pretty! (Girl asks) Who?

(Man) The main actress, (Girl says) No!"  (The End)

            (Credits: CryssyAnne)             Reviewed and fully checked version.