Hello! Please add the trailer for upcoming Taiwanese movie "How To Train Our Dragon" :) https://mydramalist.com/31982-how-to-train-our-dragon

Below is the Youtube link for the trailer. Thank you!


Ceki VIPVolunteer Staff

All added, thanks!

drama: https://mydramalist.com/30447-social-death-vote

trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DR14BMHHBwA

(the video title says teaser but it's actually a trailer)

Good morning! Here is a whole new trailer for https://mydramalist.com/29722-boyfriend

Raw version - https://youtu.be/E40Pwt6FLyE

>>> https://mydramalist.com/2704-tempest


It seems that a good quality trailer doesn't exist for this one (and without subs), hope it's still possible to put it.