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Hi and welcome to my profile

For 3 years my display name has been moonchild
Due to several reasons, I decided to change it. 
A temporary change was LunaNoir

The one that is gonna stay is JulyMoon. 


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 Graphic editing




 playing Switch Games

 other countries culture/history

 30 y/o
 Loves cats of all sizes

  • consensual romance, good chemistry
  • Friendship/Bromance/Sismance
  • good scriptwriting
  • happy or logical end
  • character development 
  • strong, smart characters
  • Horror, Gore, Zombies
  • Melodrama, Tragedy
  • Rich Male-Poor Female
  • Love Triangle
  • Political, Power Struggle
  • War
  • Abuse/Cruelty especially against animals and children
  • Bullying
  • Overwhelming misery/tragedy/depression
  • Plotting, toxic or crybaby characters

 Friend Requests

  • I decline random friend requests from users I don't know
  • I prefer to get to know you better and vice versa before accepting
I love to get to know new people and chat about dramas and more. No need to be shy.
I won't bite unless provoked, promise. ;)
Just drop me a message. 


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