Anything from your imagination? Who is the real killer? 

Theory on Jun Seo's Death:**

Jun Seo discovered a dangerous drug and was attempting to expose those responsible for its distribution. His investigation led him to suspect a powerful figure, possibly a wealthy individual or that Prosecutor, Rich guy who was deeply involved in the drug trade/distribution.


1. Lee Myung Hyuk's Involvement:

   - Lee Myung Hyuk, Jun Seo's senior and a researcher, initially discovered the harmful effects of the drug.

   - Lee Myung Hyuk reached out to Jun Seo to collaborate on exposing the drug scandal.

   - Shortly after, Lee Myung Hyuk mysteriously disappeared.

2. Jun Seo's Investigation: 

  - Concerned for his mentor and determined to uncover the truth, Jun Seo began investigating Lee Myung Hyuk's disappearance.

   - His investigation pointed towards the involvement of a wealthy individual's father or an influential prosecutor in the drug conspiracy.

Sequence of Events Leading to Jun Seo's Death:

1. Reaching Out for Help:

   - Jun Seo, aware of the potential danger, approached the rich individual and the prosecutor. He either sought their help in exposing the scandal or attempted to threaten them to ensure his own safety.

2. The Threat Response:

   - The powerful figures discovered Jun Seo's intentions to expose their drug operation.

   - Fearing exposure, they attempted to silence Jun Seo permanently.

3. Jun Seo's Mysterious Death:

   - When they confronted Jun Seo to eliminate him, they discovered he was already dead or he died shortly after the confrontation.

   - This unexpected turn of events caused them to panic, worrying about an autopsy that could reveal incriminating evidence linking them to the drugs.


- Jun Seo's Motivations: Jun Seo was driven by his desire to expose the truth and avenge Lee Myung Hyuk's disappearance.

- Autopsy Fears: The autopsy could potentially uncover evidence of foul play, leading to the powerful figures' downfall.

Connection to Lee Myung Hyuk:

- Lee Myung Hyuk, as a researcher, would have had access to critical information about the drug's effects, making him a target for those wanting to keep the drug trade secret.

- Jun Seo's commitment to finding his mentor and uncovering the truth about the drug led him into direct conflict with the powerful figures responsible for both the drug and possibly Lee Myung Hyuk's disappearance.