Episodes 1 to 3

Episode 1- Captain Leng's murder

In AD 1609 of the Ming Dynasty, Du County in Jiangnan.

Qu Sangeng(Bai YuFan) a Yamen runner/bailiff of Hunter squad and Gao Shicong(Liu YiTong) a Yamen auxiliary bailiff, find corpse of Captain Leng(Wang Ce) displayed as a Scarecrow in a field of Qijia Village.  Sangeng was an apprentice of Captain Leng so he is understandably upset over his murder.

The Coroner declares in his postmortem report that Captain Leng was strangled. His cervical spine was snapped. Coroner infer, Captain Leng was hung to death. Someone pierced his body with the litter rod, covered him with some straw, making him scarecrow in the field.  Mulberry wood litter rod that pierced Captain Leng's body had Chinese classic literature words written on it. Murderer had quoted Confucius( Kong Qiu, Chinese philosopher)

Song Chen(Ning Li) judge in charge of verdict in Yamen suggests to the new county magistrate that the hunter squad has lost Captain Leng so Captain Yi of Executer squad shall supervise Hunter squad too. Captain Yi now imcharge of both  squads asks Sangeng how Captain Leng would  solve a murder case. Sangeng states that he would visit the scene and the victim's family, find out the track and ask help from gangsters. Captain Yi mockingly asks Sengeng to investigate the case as he is familiar with the routine and people. Captain Yi benefitted from Captain Leng'a death by getting prestigious position of leader of both hunter squad and executor squad. 

Sangeng visits Captain Leng's bereaved family consisting of his daughter,  Gui'er(Julia Xiang) his widowed wife and a young son. Sangeng discusses with Shicong that he is hesitating in approaching the gangsters as they don't listen to anyone. Their words are a mix of truth and falsehood. Sangeng has to still figure out if gansters benefit from Captain Leng's death. 

Sengeng and Shicong visit Wulei school. There they ask Mr. Wang about the meaning of principle written on litter rod. Mr. Wang informs them it is from Analects of Confucius. That is what Confucius said to Zengzi. Confucius meant his thought was consistent. According to Zhu Xi(Chinese calligrapher and historian) , the sage sticks to one principle....  Confucius meant loyalty and forgiveness. According to Zhu Xi be loyal and forgiving from the inside. Loyalty means being wholehearted. Forgiveness means being considerate. Mr. Wang says that a sages thoughts are meant to guide and transform people not for murder. 

 Feng Kezhui(Zhang Hao Wei) whom everyone thinks of a crazy philosopher nicknamed 'Turkey' because his surname is Feng. Turkey is overhears the conversation with Mr. Wang who is his uncle and Turkey has a different interpretation that could be used for murder. His interpretation is unconventionalAccording to Turkey, killer read sales book and deliberately left the words after his crime. Killer must be a cynicHe doesn't believe in classics, adhere the rites Or acknowledge the sages. Killer is mocking the sages.

Sangeng and Shicong take Turkey to a restaurant as per his request to know more about his thoughts. After eating Turkey wants to know one thing is they discovered the body inside a room Or in broad daylight? Upon knowing body was discovered in broad daylight, Turkey concludes it was a revengeful murder, deep seated hatred. Murderer suffered injustice, he wants the world to know it. Turkey says the murderer was being sarcastic. He wanted to tell everyone that the victim was a man of disloyalty and impietyAn officer's duty is to uphol justice and plead for people. So malpractice means disloyalty and taking human life lightly means impiety for an officer

Mr. Song sees sangeng researching in Archive room for old cases to find clue of Captain Leng's murder so he calls Sangeng and inquires how long he had been a bailiff. Sangeng says 1 year auxiliary bailiff and 4 years bailiff. Mr. Song asks how many homicide cases they had handled in that time. Sangeng inform 37 cases, 26 fighting, 6 mursers and robberies, 3 rape cases, 1 Domestic murder and 1 a debtor was killed and buried in the wilderness. Mr. Song wants to know how many cases were solved. Sangeng replies half of fighting cases(13) were solved rest suspended, 1 each of robbery and rape case was solved. Last 2 murder cases were solved. Mr. Song implies that only investigated cases have record, Record of Uninvestigated cases cannot be found in Archive room files. 

Sangeng while cleaning Captain Leng's badge realises, that when he left Yamen office the day of his murder it was not on an official duty. Captain Leng had visited a brothel that he had frequented in the past to visit Ms. Lin(Zeng Li). Sangeng along with Shicong goes to see her. Ms. Lin is shocked and saddened to hear of Captain Leng's murder. She takes some time to compose herself and then replies to Sangeng's questions. 

Ms.Lin informs them that it was usual and nothing seemed to be bothering him. Captain Leng said  the new county magistrate is a cat official. Captain Leng served as a constable for over 20 years and had served many magistrates. He categorised officials into 5 types:

1. Wolves are the most ruthless and greedy.

2.Dogs, whether they are greedy or not, they keep a right rein on their households. Subordinates have hardly any chance for personal gain.

3.snakes are spineless but most venomous. However, snakes climb the fastest.

4.Rats are cunning and greedy. They won't miss any minor benefits.

5.cats are the best, they like to be stroked. Once stroked, they became tame. And besides playing they sleep. They spend most of their time sleeping. (If a cat is fed enough they won't catch mice.) 

Ms. Lin gives money for Leng's family and if inquired by them regarding the source. Sangeng should say it came from Mr. Xue, many years ago Mr. Xue owed Sangeng's master a big favour

Captain Leng left Ms. Lin's place around 5pm. After leaving Ms. Lin, Sangeng and Shicong try to understand what would have happened to Captain Leng. According to their understanding master(captain leng) was going home but his body was found outside the city. The gate would close shortly after 5pm. The nearest gate was east gate. Body was found 10 miles outside east gate at Qijia village. It would take 30 minutes from Ms.Lin's house to the east gate. Master would not have been able to return before the gate closed. 

While Sangeng and Shicong are speculating, viewers are shown how the murder  did take place. Captain Leng after leaving Ms. Lin's place walking on a deserted street, sees through a hole in the outer wall, many silver ingots lying in the courtyard of a deserted house. He tries to open the door but is unsuccessful so enters heads first through the hole in the wall. As soon as he inserts his head inside the hole, someone from inside wraps a noose around his neck. He is pulled by a donkey tied to a millstone of lever and pulleys. He is dragged  across the courtyard by the noose around his neck. He is hung on tree till dead by the same mechanism operated by the rotation of the donkey. Then his corpse is put inside a carriage and taken out of the city. 

But presently when Sangeng and Shicong are speculating outside the same house of Captain Leng's murder, the hole in the outer wall has been repaired and plastered so Sangeng and Shicong dont notice anything abnormal.

Episode 2 - gangsters/ Lu mansion fire/ Mr. Wang's murder

Five Gangsters of the city are introduced. The Fang and Da gangs are collection of street thugs. ThFang gang specialises in fraud and extortion. The da gang collecta debts, kidnaps people and runs casino secretly. They are nicknamed "the two rats and three wolves". They run all the illegal business and they are a gold mine of information which they supply to Yamen office on  mutually beneficial ground of you scratch my back, I scratch yours. They were Captain Leng's informers and now that he is dead, Captain Yi would be the next liasion and contact person with them. Captain Yi informs the gangsters in his first meeting that he doesn't have any rules or restrictions for them, unlike Captain Leng who had kept many rules for their operation and that is why the gangsters of their county were poorest. 

Now that gangsters had new liasion person, their heads refuse to meet Sangeng. Sangeng manages to interfere in one of the con game by a gangster gang and exposes to the viewers and the victim how the victim would lose his property. A  new person is a part of this con, Sangeng becomes suspicious of him. He does not get to meet the head of that gangster group but Sangeng leaves a threat, hoping it would compel the head to meet him. 

At his home, Sangeng's blind mother is waiting for him to arrive. Viewers get clued in, on his home situation. Sangeng's father who was a night watchman died while putting out a fire 20 years  ago. He lives with his now blind mother. His mother is worried that now as Captain Leng is not there to protect Sangeng he may get into trouble in the office. 

Mr.Song calls Sangeng and gives him a molar teeth having four roots which is unique and would be lucky for Sangeng. Later Captain Yi is waiting for Sangeng to arrive at the office so he can deal with him. Shicong accompanies Sangeng to see Captain Yi in a support of solidarity. Sangeng shows the teeth implying that he is under Mr. Song's protection so Captain Yi doesn't reprimand him further but takes shicong's badge and dismisses him from job as a warning. While Sangeng and Shicong are drinking, the same suspicious new person who was part of the cob game earlier is seen outside the pub. Sangeng loses his temper and beats him, finally arresting him on charges of provoking troubles and resisting arrest. The man informs the guard at the jail that he was a scholar, his name was Qian Mo. 

Sangeng visits the pub to drown his sorrow because he is missing his master. Guier comes to the pub and scolds Sangeng for neglecting his duty who follows her back to Captain Leng's house. Upon reaching there, Guier takes Sangeng to their cellar. Captain Leng has a big coffin sitting in his cellar. Guier shows Sangeng that it is filled with 10,000 silver ingots. Guier informs Sangeng that all of them have been given by one person. They discover some old notes, the papers are old witnesses' testimonies of a fire in Lu residence 20 years ago and two old prescriptions from Dr. Cheng. The date of the fire is the same date of Sangeng's father's death, 7th  September 1589.

Testimony of Niu Lubao "it was 1am, After drum had been heard, East yard of Lu residence caught fire. It was the West wind. Our west yard was affected. We got our neighbors help so it wasn't severe"
Prescription from 20 years ago too, given to two men, chen wang and Lu Yuanbao. Doctor was cheng yizhi, the genius doctor. 

Sangeng thinks the testimonies and prescription s were life-saving chips kept by Captain Leng. A person who could give 10,000 silver teals would not be a ordinary person. 

Sengeng's mother informs him that after his father's death, Captain Leng started taking interest in Sangeng (could be guilty conscience for suppressing evidence). 

Sangeng goes to visit the witnesses of the fire 20 years ago. They fill him in with their weird accounts, however it is clear that the formal testimony on paper is false and fabricated. One of the witness who had signed the testimony could not even read and write.

Witness 1- Niu Lubao - he said that night he couldn't sleep. He was angry with his wife. "Fire started at either 11pm Or 1am. After the drum was heard suddenly a fireball fell from the sky. The fireball was floating and drifting on the roof of Lu's house. It started to roll, in an instant house turned into a sea of fire.... Sangeng points out that his testimony 20 years ago did not mention fireballs...... Nii Lubao says he might have forgotten to mention due to tiredness. He says other neighbors also saw the fireball..... When asked if any survivors, he says nobody survived even all servants died. 

Witness 2 - shopkeeper - he remembers the fire.... When asked about survivors, he said there oos no one left in Liu family. 

Witness 3- fortune teller Yue -  "The fire was fierce, lasting until late next morning. Until all was burned into ashes" Yue family was wealthy back then, he was still a student in county school. He was a schoolmate of the young master of Lu family. Fortunately, he met his master who taught him divination etc.... According to fortune teller Yue, there is a rumor about the fire. It's said that the master of the family did something atrocious. A passing Taoist accidentally learned about it and decided to do justice. The Taoist used the five thunder technique to summon thunder to strike the master's bedroom, hence the big fire. 

Witness 4 - a mother- She remembers the fire. According to her, there is a rumour the master was a madman.. The fire was set by him. Before that he killed his brother. 

Witness 5 - a deaf old man- he doesn't understand anything. When shown his testimony of fire incident, he reveals he cannot read and write. 

Sangeng then meets Dr. cheng who had written the prescription. Dr. Cheng had been called for a house visit to check up on captain leng's widowed wife. Dr. Cheng acknowledges that he had written the prescriptions and they are for mild disorders but he doesn't remember the patients clearly.

1. Prescription of Lu Yuanbao who used to be a wealthy officer. No serious illness just palpitations and shortness of breath. 

2. Prescription of Chen Wang, Dr. Cheng didn't remember this patient but prescription for liver fire, no major illness. 

Dr. Cheng is clearly lying and hiding something. A very weird thing happens, Dr Cheng steals a ripe pear from Leng's residence and eats it with relish outside. 

A panicked Turkey calls on Sangeng who is still at Captain Leng's house. Someone has killed his uncle, Mr. Wang in the Wulei school. Turkey says the students went in the morning and foundnthe door was locked, they knocked but nobody responded. Later, Turkey's uncle's cook tried, he too failed. Then they summoned Turkey, who climbed over the wall and saw his uncle's dead body with spread legs tied to a tree up in the air, hands on the ground, in one hand a seal was kept, Mr Wang loved calligraphy and seal carving. On the other hand a bloody brass ferule with hair stuck on it was kept, but Mr. Wang never beat the students with it. It was used to press down books. Mr. wang's head was buried in the soil. 

On the brass ferule, words were written  "Young ones" Turkey finishes reciting the rest of the quote "clad in attire in late spring. Grown and young one's bath in Yi river and the wind on the altar. Homeward with songs". Turkey explains the meaning of  the text in plain language to Sangeng "In late spring. I wore newly made clothes. Several adults and children bathed in Yi river and enjoyed the wind on the altar. After that the family went home signing."

Sangeng digs Mr. Wang's buried head out, his mouth is stuffed with headless fluffy chicken. 

Episode 3 - Finding a third corpse/ disbanding the gangsters

Flashback to when Captain Leng was alive - Captain Leng and Sangeng sitting in the bath where all officials met the gangsters. Captain Leng opines they cannot arrest all bad people but  atleast he has those guys under control and they cannot cause serious trouble. Besides the bailiffs cannot work on the cases without any information. Sangeng expresses his desire to disband the gangsters by arresting their leaders.  However Captain Leng scoffs at the idea because  there would be no evidence to convict them, they would buy or threaten all witnesses. Captain Leng gives Sangeng an assignment to check the gangsters' income and keep a secret ledger of their income. When the right time comes,  Sangeng could find some  fearless witnesses to testify and use his secret ledger as evidence.

Present time- Turkey and Shicong are planting a plum blossom tree where scholar Mr.Wang's dead body was discovered. After that Shicong, Sangeng and Turkey sit inside the school room and share tea while discussing Mr. Wang's death. Turkey inquires about the coroner's report for his uncle, Mr. Wang's death. Sangeng replies that according to the coroner, the fatal wound was on the back of the head. The murderer hit him repeatedly with that bronze/brass ferule and smashed the occipital bone. There was also a headless fluffy baby chicken stuffed in Mr.Wang's mouth.
Turkey wants to know what the county magistrate was going to do. Sangeng informs him that county magistrate thought it was serious two murders in a row, so he started writing another report, it was a serial killer responsible for Captain Leng and Mr. Wang's deaths. 

Turkey cannot understand why a serial killer would target his uncle because the killer murdered Captain Leng to seek justice. Shicong wonders if Mr. Wang was somehow related to Captain Leng. Shicong has another theory, the murderer studied in the school in the past and Mr. Wang hit him with the ferule many times. Later, the murderer was wronged by Captain Leng. Since he had already killed Captain Leng, he decided to take revenge on Mr. Wang too. So it would follow that the murderer would kill everyone who offended him. Murders would never end. Even though after this conclusion, Shicong felt embarrassed at having thought this the look on Sangeng and Turkey's face while listening to Shicong revealed that they thought Shicong was dead-on with his speculation. 

Sangeng says the messages left by the killer near the dead bodies are like memorial speeches. But wonders why the killer chose those words. Sangeng says he the murderer wanted to kill only two people and leave memorial speeches as a ritual, then he would make them in pair/couplet. So Sangeng concludes that the killer is likely going to commit another murder. 

The question is why did the killer select the particular message for Mr. Wang. Sangeng quotes from The Analects of Confucius "clad in attire in late spring. Grown and Young Ones. Bath in Yi River, and the wind on the altar. Homeward with songs." The quote was spoken by Zeng Xi (was one of the earliest disciples of Confucius. He is known for a passage in Analects in which he expressed his ambition as no more than being content with daily), the occassion was when Confucius and his four students were discussing their ambitions. Three students wanted to be in high positions. But only Zeng Xi said something different, which was the message written by killer for Mr. Wang.

Turkey explains the quote illustrated Zeng Xi's aspirations. He didn't aspire to be a high official not did he hold any ambition. What he longed for was a picnic in the spring. 

Sangeng recalls Turkey explaining earlier that the murderer was quoting saying in a cynical way. Murderer quoted the expression "young ones", and Mr. Wang was a teacher.... If the quote meant to show longing then the murderer quoted it to present something regrettable. He is implying that Mr.Wang has done something regrettable with the young ones.

Turkey is taken back to hear this analysis by Sangeng and resolves to find out for himself what his uncle did with his students. Turkey wants to investigate this himself because if the implication is correct then it would reflect not just how his uncle died but also how he lived. Turkey suspects his uncle had done something unspeakable, quite horrendous to his students.

Later on their way, Shicong advised Sangeng to apologize to Captain Yi. Sangeng replies that he has prepared a great gift for Captain Yi. Sangeng at the Yamen office, presents Captain Yi with the secret book he had kept on gangsters' income. Sangeng says he has prepared this book over a period of 3 years. It took that much time for him to track gangsters' income. He categorises their income; .....(This whole process shows how patient, intelligent and savvy, Sangeng is, he is not someone to be dismissed easily)

First category is the 'cleaning fee' they charge from small businesses. By asking the business owners, Sangeng found out that the gangsters charge them fixed payment every month

Second category is income from casinos and loans, this money is exchanged into silver every month at the bank. Sangeng kept an eye on the bank accountants and by using honey trap he turned them into his informants. Sangeng found out from the bank accountants how much the gangsters actually earned from the second source. 

Third category they have several brothels. The two rats and the three wolves kidnap women and send them there. Sangeng found out from other officers who visit this places often, how much those women are sold for. 

Fourth category (major income is the property and fields that these gangsters obtained through faking bets, blackmailing and framing people. Sangeng found out about them because the property transfers have to be registered in Yamen.

Captain Yi is impressed and greedily wants to know how much income the gangsters make every month. Sangeng apprises him that they make 2000 teals of silver every month and they give less than 50 teals of silver to the officer every month. In exchange for this information, Sangeng wants a favour from Captain Yi, to give back Shicong his job. Captain Yi happily agrees. 

Turkey calls all the parents of his uncle's current students and somehow convinces them to send their children back to school for 5 more days so as to enable Turkey to observe them and find out if his uncle took undue advantage of any of them. Turkey would be their temporary lecturer. 

Zhang Jizu (Mr.Xue's butler/housekeeper) is shown inspecting the abandoned house's courtyard... The same house where the viewers were shown how Captain Leng was hung to death. Mr. Zhang sees the millstone and other contraptions left by the killer. 

Mr.Song visits the brothel once every month and spends time with his regular girl Chunxing. Mr. Song's brothel bill for that visit was paid for by Zhang Jizu that day. Zhang Jizu had come to the brothel to meet Mr.Song. Mr. Zhang accompanies Mr.Song on his way out from the brothel. Mr.Zhang wants to ask a favour from Mr.Song, he wants to purchase the house next to the back door of Cuihua Tower(the brothel) in Yanzi Alley.(the same house where Captain Leng was murdered) Mr.Song tells Mr.Zhang that the house is not abandoned but has an owner. Captain had mentioned the same house a month ago, he wanted to seal the gate of the house as homeless and hooligans would gather there and fight for turf. Mr. Song looked into the matter and discovered that the county had sold it to a travelling businessman six years ago. (Who is the present owner???  This property belonged to Chen Wang earlier)

Mr. Song says Mr. Zhang cannot purchase it, he has also found out that the new owner never lived there.  Nobody knows where he is now. Mr. Zhang very cleverly inserts in their conversation that a few days ago when he checked on that house it was still abandoned but there were a few items in the yard. (This revelation was sure to raise Mr. Song's suspicion) 

The viewers are then shown a conversation Between a mysterious Fisherman (whose face is not revealed because it is obscured by a big bamboo hat on his head) and Mr. Zhang, they are in a fishing boat right in the middle of the river. Mr. Zhang wants to know how the other man( killer???) knew about the abandoned house. The mysterious fisherman informs that it belonged to chen Wang. The mansion was right next to cuihua tower. It was the best place to kill Captain Leng. Mr.Zhang is skeptical if Mr. Song could find out anything. The mysterious man informs Mr. Zhang that Song Chen is no ordinary man. Mr. Zhang also informs the fisherman that Captain Leng's apprentice was asking around about the fire two decades ago. The mysterious man instructs Mr. Zhang to keep an eye on Sangeng. The fisherman tells Lu zhi is long gone ( what does it mean... Dead?... Changed his identity?.. Other implication)He says they cannot find anything. 

Back to Sangeng Interviewing witness of Lu residence fire.

Shopkeeper Wang's interview snippet: "The Lu residence was large with four yards. The side door was close to me. I remember clearly that the fire was the worst there. Someone said that Lu Jinxin's adopted son survived that fire. He was 15 or 16. I heard he was a beggar who was starving to death. They brought him home to be a boy attendant for Lu Buyou. Lu Jinxin appreciated him and adopted him. Lu zhi was his name. Because he's so blessed."

Niu LuBao's interview snippet:  "I remember now, There was a man, their servant Chen Wang, he survived because he was extremely lucky. He was a gambler. He gained momentum and went to gamble in the city. He made a fortune and brought a residence around Yanzhi Alley, I think. (same house where Captain Leng was murdered) Then he ran out of luck, got into serious debt, lost the residence, and drowned himself. "

Shicong goes to archive room to find more about Lu residence fire, he reads from official report: "The fire was an accident. The candel fell and started the fire in the main bedroom in the main yard. It spread fast and the residence lit up. All four members, the master Lu jinxin, his wife Ms. Zou, his eldest son Lu Buyou, and his second daughter Lu Ping'er died. The housekeeper Lu zhong (same mute person, to whom Lu zhi used to confide his secrets) , maids shiliu and Haitang, and woman servants Ms. Zhang, Ms.Li and Ms.Ji all died in fire. The night watchman Qu Tianming (Sangeng's father) died trying to put out the fire. Boy attendant Lu Zhi, servant Chen Wang, guard Zhang Gyi( episode 7 revealed him to be Mr. Xue's butler, Mr. Zhang) and chef YouEr survived.

Shicong wants to know where these 4 survivors are now. The official in the archive room he has no idea about their whereabouts. 

Mr.Song goes to inspect the abandoned house after Mr. Zhang drew his attention to it earlier, he sees all contraptions in the yard left behind by the killer. Sangeng reports after his own inspection to Mr. Song. Sangeng reports there was a mended spot in the wall. Second, the millstone was never  used as there was no trace of food grinding, the millstone was intact. However it is weird that there are stone maker's mark around it as if the donkey had been working  hard. (Conclusion reached by Sangent and agreed by Mr. Song Captain Leng was killed there.) House being next to brothel. Sengeng continues that his master was strangled there. He speculates that the muderer must have blocked the gate and somehow lured master to crawl through the hole. A rope was wrapped around master's neck while he was crawling and tied it to the millstone. Then the donkey moved the mill and got master hung on a pillar (Sangeng's findings match with what the viewers were shown in episode 1 about Captain Leng's murder) 

Mr.Song gives a search and arrest warrant to Sangeng for the millstone maker, Si Baozhu. After Si Baozhu's arrest, Mr. Song threatens to torture him and scares him into revealing the truth. Mr. Song wants to know where the millstone maker was on the 8th of that Month(Captain Leng's murder date). The millstone maker remembers he had left his home once in last two months in the middle of previous month, when he went to town and delivered the job. He delivered a millstone at Yanzhi Alley. Their customer said he would make the abandoned house in a tofu shop so had ordered the stone. Mr. Song inquires about the customer's appearance, Si Baozhu replies he was about seven -chi tall. He was weird. He always had his straw hat on. He had a heavy beard like those diety statue in the temple. His fingers are slender with long nails. Mr. Song very flippantly instructs to keep the stonemaker locked up till the case was solved. (So many instances where innocents suffered at the hand of officials in Ming dynasty) 

Captain Yi meets with the gangsters and tries to extort 500 silver teals every month. Gangsters and Captain Yi clash and captain Yi mistreats all gangsters dragging them naked with only one sheet covering all of their middle body, out on the streets. Gangsters predictabily turn to Sangeng for help. Sangeng suggests them to ask Captain Yi to bribe Mr. Song... Captain Yi foolishly accepts that assignment and tries to bribe Mr. Song. Angry Mr. Song takes control of hunter squad away from Captain Yi. Now Captain Yi is dejectedly sitting in the bath, Sangeng approaches him and expertly manipulates him to know his Whereabouts on the day of Captain Leng's murder... Sangeng temporarily clears Captain Yi of Captain Leng's murder suspicio after hearing his disclosure. 

Sangeng later has a conversation with Mr. Song and reveals how he influenced Captain Yi to bribe Mr. Song. Initially Mr. Song is angry with Sangeng for daring to use him but later accepts Sangeng as his right-hand man. Sangeng now offers  the same secret ledger to Mr. Song. Sangeng does not want to control the gangsters but wants to disband all 5 gangs of Du County. Sangeng arrests all 5 of them after Mr. Song issues warrant. 

Turkey finds out what his uncle, Mr. Wang used to make his poor students do. He used to ask them to mercilessly beat him with a ferule. Relieved that it was just a fetish of his uncle, Turkey dismisses this.. He was expecting some deep dark proclivity of his uncle based on the quote left by the murderer. 

All three Shicong, Sangeng and Turkey meet at night and get drunk after finding relevant facts. They sigh that a person can never know another person. ... They toast a drink to Confucius because he's been teaching people morality for centuries in vain. In the end, the world is still filled with animals who don't talk, think or behave like humans. But Confucius should not be mad, he should not see it as his failure. It's just so hard to be a decent man. [All three agree very hard, very hard]

Next morning hungover, all three decide to have fish soup with tofu at the pancake stall across the bridge. They see Chen Wang's  corpse hanging over the bridge, wording "Time passes by like this" were written. The corpse was of Chen Wang who jumped into the river 20 years ago.
Turkey quotes "standing by the river, the master said, " Time passes by like this"."

Standing by the river..... Sangeng wonders if it could be the gambler (from Lu residence) who drowned himself, the owner of that mansion in Yanzhi Alley, Chen Wang. 

Sangeng deduces the case surely has something to do with the fire 20 years ago.

Episode 4 to 6 

Episode 4 -  Lu Zhi/ Lu Yuanbao/ Lu Zhong

Past timeline (1589 AD, 20 years ago)
A mysterious man writing an account. he contemplates that if he doesn't tell (about it, no one will know) Though he reflects that he doesn't aim to let people know. It's simply because, he wishes to convey information that he is writing. 

The mysterious man continues to narrate. Lu residence is deserted in Du County, with no women, no children and not even a single dog. In this house Lu Yuanbao is living with his servants. 

Lu Zhi, a young boy of around 16 to 17 also an attendant of Lu Yuanbao sees Chen Wang a servant of Lu residence sneaking back inside the residence using a ladder. Lu zhi points out that if anyone encountered Chen Wang sneaking back, he would be thrashed. Lu zhi inquiries if Chen Wang had gambled the previous night. Chen Wang who is a compulsive gambler confesses to have placed a small bet and in the process lost all his money. Lu zhi taking pity on Chen Wang suggest he should nap for sometime however Chen Wang can't as he has to purchase some items for the Lu residence. Lu zhi offers to buy them on his behalf and also volunteers to purchase medicines for Chen Wang's sick mother. 

Mysterious narrator says Lu Zhi is a good man, everyone in Lu residence likes Lu zhi. However Lu Yuanbao loves him the most. He sent Lu zhi to a private school. It is rumored Lu Yuanbao has taken Lu Zhi as his adopted son. The servants at home call him master Lu in private. 

There is calligraphy competition held in Cuihua Tower, a brothel. Master Wang sits outside to judge the writings that are rolled out from brothel's window for his judgement. Lu Zhi running in and out of the brothel inquires of Master Wang if the results are oit. Master Wang  sitting out the brothel on a stall bench praises everyone's calligraphy. He awards the first prize to the last calligraphy out of the four hung outside the window and inquires if it was written by Lu Yuanbao. Lu Zhi replies in affirmative. Lu Zhi declares the results inside, everyone compliments Lu Yuanbao to flatter him. All competitors leave for a celebration drink. 

Lu Zhi pilfers some leftover snacks by the competitors to share with his orphan friend living and working in the brothel, Xiao Baozi nicknamed "Turtle". Both Lu Zhi and Turtle enjoy the pinched snacks while engaging in small talk sitting outside the brothel. They discuss Lin Siniang, a courtesan who is escorted by Turtle. She can exclusively accompany only Lu Yuanbao, she cannot approach other men. 

Later, Yuanbao at his house is happy after winning the competition. Generously Lu Yuanbao tells Lu Zhi that if he works hard, he will send Lu Zhi to take exams so that others can praise the elevated status of Lu Yuanbao's attendant. Thereafter Lu Yuanbao leaves with Mr.Zhong his mute housekeeper. Chen Wang and Lu Zhi continue to discuss Lu Yuanbao and why he left. In the conversation Lu Zhi reveals Lu Yuanbao wants to take advantage of land dispute among heirs and take over their property by  employing stealth and underhanded methods. This method was suggested by Mr. Zhong. 

Sometime later, Mr. Zhong is fishing with Lu Zhi. Lu Zhi us distracted so Mr. Zhang wants to know the cause. Lu Zhi has a secret to confide in Lu Zhong. The secret is related to Lu zhi's school teacher Master Wang. One day Lu Zhi had left his Inkstone at Wulei school when he went back to get it in the evening, he saw Master Wang being spanked in the school room by a student with a wooden ferule. After the beating Mr. Wang came out. He started conversing with an idol placed in the school's courtyard. Mr. Wang seemed to be asking for forgiveness and trying to pacify someoo anger. He implores that 'someone's to stop bothering him and promises to mourn for that person again after few days. After Mr. Wang goes inside the classroom, Lu Zhi digs up the place near the idol and finds a wooden box buried inside which a human skull is hidden. 

Lu Zhong is not happy to hear this revelation and advices Lu Zhi not to tell anyone else about what he had discovered at the school. Lu Zhong wants to know if Lu Zhi trusted him with this secret because he was a mute. Lu Zhi refutes that and confesses that Lu Zhong is the kindest person in Lu residence to him and would never harm him. Lu Zhong warns Lu Zhi that knowing other's secret is dangerous. Lu Zhong confides that Lu Zhi is a child  and likable so others are unguarded around him so Lu Zhi by chance knows many secrets. Mr.Zhong cautions Lu Zhi that in Lu residence knowing secrets is dangerous

Lin Siniang visits Lu Yuanbao at his residence, Xiao Baozi "Turtle" accompanies her. Turtle tells Lu Zhi to wait for him at the temple outside the South gate, while he has an errand to run. Lu Zhi secretly follows Turtle and finds out Lin Siniang has sent a secret message to Captain Leng via Turtle. Later Lu Zhi and Turtle enjoy a playdate bathing in the river. Lu Zhi notices prick marks on Turtle's wrist and inquires how he got hurt. Turtle informs him that he had stolen from Hongyu's room some snacks, she has bad temper, pricked him with a needle. Lu Zhi probes wouldn't it be better to steal from a kind person, even if they find out they won't hurt Turtle. Turtle answers if it happens to good people, it will be unfair. Lu Zhi says the whole world is unfair. Can Baozi change the world? Turtle agrees he can't but he insists not to steal from good people. 

Lu Zhi finds out from Turtle that Captain Leng and Lin Siniang are having an affair. Lu Yuanbao has a bad temper if he finds out then it would be bad for both. Lu Zhi with the intention of finding out more takes over night duty from Chen Wang. Captain Leng comes to Lu residence to meet Lin Siniang as per their assignation. Lu Zhi overhears Captain Leng and Siniang's conversation. Lu Yuanbao is a particularly cruel patron who likes to inflict pain. Lu Zhi accidentally makes some noise, captain Leng catches Lu Zhi eavesdropping and forcibly takes him out of Lu residence with the intention of silencing him. 

Taking Lu Zhi to a deserted place, Captain Leng tries to strangle Lu Zhi to death but Lu Zhi cleverly convinces him to spare his life and in return he will help create opportunities for Captain Leng to meet Siniang. Captain Leng and Lu Zhi form a reluctant alliances and as promised, Lu Zhi helps Captain Leng meet Lin Saniang.

Episode 5 - Captain Xia and Lv San are assigned the murder cases of Du County

new captain Xia along with his subordinate Lv San has been sent from Nietai Yamen (short for inspector general) to oversee and solve the serial murder cases in Du County. He believes in punishing his subordinates to keep them in line. He disciplines all bailiffs of Du County for their incompetency by spanking them on buttocks... According to Captain Xia, they have not captured any criminals even though 10 days have elapsed since the murders. The inspector general has sent Captain Xia to close the case. He wars everyone not to slack for the next month. 

Captain Xia wants Sangeng to reveal the information he has gathered on the corpse hanging over the bridge in episode 3. Sangeng replies that he had discovered a grave had been dug up. The grave was of the man named Chen Wang who jumped into the river 20 years ago. Captain Xia reprimands Sangeng his master has died and as his apprentice, Sangeng has been unsuccessful in apprehending any suspects. Captain Xia becomes furious when Sangeng informs him that he has successfully disbanded the Fang gang and the Da gang. County magistrate Wei looks almost bored with the questioning, catching a shut eye and Judge Song looks quite disgusted with Captain xia's method of inquiry. Sangeng has also become unpopular with his colleagues as their source of income from the gangsters has dried up due to him. Mr. Song later informs Captain Xia that the five gangsters had been interrogated by him and because they were serious criminals, they had been taken to the Prefecture only souvenirs left behind are their pulled off teeth by Mr. Song. Captian Xia is upset as his source of information has dried up with the arrest of 5 gang heads. 

Turkey is making Tiejin soup, it is not poisonous but not edible but used for aging calligraphy, Shicong and Sangeng go to meet him. Turkey informs them he has aged few calligraphy and painting works and sold them for more claiming they were his deceased uncle's collection. Turkey further adds that he didn't deceive anyone, just changed his handwriting a little and gave himself a new pseudonym. Everyone purchasing them though they had found a bargain price for an ancient paintings. Shicong inquires if people could change their handwriting. Turkey says he learned calligraphy and seal carving from his uncle. His uncle could change his handwriting. Sangeng concludes that Turkey and his uncle could imitate other's handwriting. 

Sangeng wants Turkey to imitate Dr.Cheng's handwriting and write  fake prescriptions. Sangeng then approaches Dr.Cheng and shows him the fake prescription written by Turkey. Dr.Cheng refutes that he has not written those prescriptions, Sangeng insists that they were written by him as are in his handwriting and have his signatures. Dr.Cheng in his nervousness blurts that Chen Wang drowned himself and Lu Yuanbao was killed by..... (He doesn't finish the sentence) Sangeng finishes Dr.Cheng's sentence by adding Lu Yuanbao was killed by Lei Gong Teng? Dr. Ceng gets angry at Sangeng for persisting this line of questioning. Dr.Cheng informs Sangeng that Lu Yuanbao was poisoned by his own younger brother. Dr.Cheng tries to intimidate Sangeng and warns him not to pester him and also presses in his palm two silver teals (as bribe) 

Captain Xia forms teams of bailiffs and distributes unsolved cases of the county, Captain Xia is of thr opinion that among these cases they may find some connections to the two murder cases. Everyone is assigned to a team except Sangeng. Captain Xia cleverly puts a target on Sangeng by praising him in front of other bailiffs and warning other bailiffs of impending punishment it they are unsuccessful on resolving their assigned cases in five days. Other bailiffs are angry at Sangeng  for drying up their source of information as he was responsible for disbanding Fang gang and Da gang. 

Other bailiffs of Hunter squad corner Sangeng in the narrow isolated alley outside Yamen, holding him captive they spank him mercilessly because they feel they are bound to fail in solving the assigned cases by deadline. They would be beaten by Captain Xia so Sangeng should also get the taste of the same medicine. Mr.Song  saves Sangeng from further beating by unexpectedly arriving at the street, he warns Sangeng not to walk alone in those street. 

Later Sangeng talks with Gui'er that previously his master kept saving him from bullying. Sangeng confesses he is just an easy target for Captain Xia to assert his authority, he will continue to investigate Dr. Cheng but doesn't think he will get any results.

 Gui'er tells Sangeng that her father once told her that each person has atleast three weaknesses. First, his biggest fear, Captain Xia must be afraid that he can't crack this case. Second, his biggest desire, Captain Xia's biggest desire should be to crack the case. Third, his biggest advantage. Her father, Captain Leng told her that people often stumble over their strengths but not their weakness because people are very cautious about their weaknesses but overtly reliant on their strengths. So a person's biggest advantage is also his biggest weakness. Gui'er inquires what is Captain Xia's biggest strength? Spanking people? According to Sangeng, Captain Xia is too sophisticated. He is too familiar with rules of the officialdom. Suddenly an idea strikes  Sangeng, according to the rules of officialdom to solve a case, one has to be quick. Sangeng says there are many ways to work this out. 

Mr. Song calls Mr.Zhang to yamen and tortures another man in his presence making that man confess his crime. Mr. Zhang, Mr. Xue's butler remains stoic and unfrightened by this display. Mr. Zhang very arrogantly says that he cannot be intimidates like a common peasant, he reiterates that his interest in the abandoned house where Captain Leng was murdered was purely personal nothing underhanded about it and leaves yamen angrily.

Shicong cracks the case of jewel robbery, he gets information and stolen hair pin from the pawnshop owner, he gets to know that the owner's neighbors, a scholar Mr.Tao had pawned it. Shopkeeper Wang the owner of the jewels when informed by Shicong that he had solved the case, breaks down in front of Shicong and begs him not to pursue the case against Mr.Tao, the owner had given the jewels to Mr. Tao. Shicong cannot just close the case but looking at the troubled condition of the owner agrees to take the flak and not inform the yamen office of his findings. He will take the punishment from Captain Xia for not solving the assigned roberry case. 

Everyone in the County is purchasing Talismans to repel monkey spirit. The people are worried about the frequent murders and corpse hanging over the bridge. There are rumours that Monkey demon committed these murders. It is believed that if a talisman is pasted on your doors monkey demon wouldn't bother the residents of that house.  Shopkeeper Wang informs Shicong that many people saw a big monkey fishing for moon in the river at midnight.

Fortune teller Yue is also selling talisman to repel evil spirits. Shicong is pasting talisman on Sangeng's house doors. A customer purchasing the talisman from Fortune teller Yue inquires the origin of monkey demon. Mr.Yue informs the customer that the monkey demon is there to seek revenge. In the past, one year, a monkey trainer came to Du County. He had a little monkey. The private school teacher Mr.Wang encouraged Captain Leng to kill that little monkey. 

Later, Sangeng also recounts the case of the monkey as told to him by his master, Captain Leng. Twenty years ago, Mr. Wang went to the market where the monkey trainer was performing, it so happened that Mr.Wang's students had bunked school to watch the monkey performing tricks at the behest of the trainer. Mr.Wang angrily spanked all his students who were spectators of this show, this caused the crowd to disperse. The monkey trainer was not happy and complained to Mr.Wang. Some ruffins sitting there watching the show got into an altercation with Mr.Wang teasing him. Mr. Wang got angry and started beating one ruffin. Just then Captain Leng came and arrested the monkey trainer, it so happened the trainer was using his monkey to steal people's belonging through the open windows at night. The monkey performer was beaten severely for his crime, his injury was serious but he had no money for treatment. He died in a broken brick klin outside the city. 

Fortune teller Yue continues with the rumours, that the monkey trainer tricks this little monkey down from the mountain. It should be the offspring of the monkey demon, the monkey demon is here to avenge it. So he concludes the monkey demon killed Captain Leng and Mr.Wang... Upon being asked about the monkey trainer her continues with his tall tales that the. Corpse over the bridge was the monkey trainer. 

Episode 6 - Past of Judge Song is revealed

A mysterious man wearing fisherman's straw hat and Mr.Zhang are talking while sitting in a boat, The mysterious man is cooking something in a pot on the boat. Mr. zhang asks the mysterious man if he knows who the murderer is going to kill next? The mysterious man replies that the killer, killed Captain Leng first then he killed Mr.Wang and he hung Chen Wang's body. Mr.Zhang reflects on this that these three people never changed their identities.Following this order the mysterious man thinks, Mr. Zhang will have to look at it from 20 years ago. Mr. Zhang's next question is that following this logic there are other two people like them, so it reasons that the murderer will target them next. So Mr.Zhang plans to send two of his apprentices during the day to keep a watch over them and at night, Mr.Zhang and his senior will watch those people at night. The mysterious man laughs and reflects that he didn't think Mr. Zhang even after 20 years will still have to climb the roofs at midnight. The mysterious jokes if Mr. Zhang's nocturnal clothes would still fit him. 

The  county magistrate asks Captain Xia if he really plans to investigate the monkey demon's revenge case.  According to captain xia even though it is an old case for now it's the only link to captain Leng and Mr. Wang.  Captain Xia plans to start his investigation by interrogating the charm seller, fortune teller Yue.  County magistrate Wei starts by asking him why he is spreading false information about demons. County magistrate Wei plans to hit the fortune teller when he starts speaking. Fortune teller looks very keenly at the county magistrate Wei and the latter inquires why the fortune teller was staring at him.  The fortune teller replies that he makes living reading faces and according to him the county magistrate looks like a grandee with a high position and great wealth so he was shocked. 

County Magistrate Wei is flattered and fortune teller continues with his confession that monkey performer and his monkey may belong to white lotus sect. There are many branches to the sect, the sect is divided into two schools,  one of them is Trial school the people in this sect train and raise monkeys. Most of those who perform monkey shows are from Trial school. The other is  the Guardian school, they are dressed as monkeys jumping up and down.  If these people break on to steal at night and are caught by people,  people will shout but if people see a man sized monkey with messy hair they will be freaked out and will not chase the thief. 

Dr. Cheng visits Mr. Zhang and wants to know if Mr. Zhang had informed Mr. Xue about his business. Dr. Cheng says that there is no problem with his prescription of 20 years ago, Sangeng doesn't know medicine and even an experienced doctor wouldn't spot the problem.  Mr. Zhang advises Dr. Cheng spread the prescription all over all the city, if people believe it is a general prescription,  even if Sangeng discovers something no one will believe him. Mr. Zhang believes that people's perception is what matters.

Captain Xia asks Lv San when he travelled outside did he hear of the wukong sect? Captain Xia wants to know that if he wanted to capture this monkey demon did Lv San have any solution?  Lv San is given order to observe it secretly, this conversation is overheard by Sangeng who was outside Captain Xia.   Sangeng enters the office greets the two officers and goes to cleans his master, Captain Leng's badge which was hung in the office. 

Judge Song wants to know if Sangeng's injury has healed that he has come to Yamen, Judge Song advises Sangeng to rest at home for a few more days as Captain Xia's deadline is approaching and other runners have not solved any single case. Judge Song fears others will blame Sangeng is they are punished. Sangeng wants to make a bet with Judge Song that Captain Xia will leave soon. Sangeng wants Judge Song that if Sangeng wins the bet, Judge Song will return back Sangeng's token to him. Judge Song is bewildered because he says that he doesn't have Sangeng's token. Sangeng says Judge Song will have it soon. 

Just as Sangeng is leaving he is arrested, Dr. Cheng has complained to county magistrate about Sangeng. County Magistrate asks Mr. Xie if he had the prescription checked.  Mr. Xie says that five doctors and three pharmacies have checked them and nothing is wrong with this prey. County Magistrate is angry that Sangeng harrassed Dr. Cheng over old prescription and even tried to extort money from him. Sangeng refuses the charge of extortion. Dr. Cheng gleefully reminds Sangeng if he remembered the two teals of silver that Dr. Cheng had given him. Sangeng wants to confirm if he was talking of the two teals of silver given to him on 27th of that month. upon getting affirmation, Sangeng says that he has received the money but he felt uneasy  upon receiving that money so he donated it to a temple and asked the Taoist to record the gift and Sangeng says he asked the taoist to record the gift in name of Dr. Cheng and they can check the temple record. Sangeng is given warning to stop harassing Dr. Cheng as the prescriptions have checked out. 

Captain Xia is angry at the five bailiffs,  in the past five days none of the cases have been solved, so as per his condition earlier, he proceeds to flog all these bailiffs and to widen the internal strife he asks Sangeng to count the flogging loudly. According to his divide and rule policy he asks Sangeng to pick one bailiff to flog and others can be spared but if Sangeng cannot  pick one, all five of them will be beaten.  Shicong takes the blame and asks Sangeng to beat him and spare the others, Shicong has already taken medicine earlier, Sangeng is reluctant to beat Shicong at first because both of them are from the Hunter squad. Sangeng proceeds to beat Shicong but deliberately hits the flogging stick on Captain Xia's legs hard but pretends it was by mistake. Captain Xia howls in fury because his leg is hurt badly. 

Judge Song sees this and to save Sangeng from Captain Xia's furthers, he instructs that Sangeng must be flogged 20 times for his mistake in hitting Captain Xia by chance. Captain Xia is not satisfied with this and wants Sangeng flogged to death.  Judge Song tries to soothe Captain Xia's anger by asking him to treat his injury first and tells someone from Yamen to get a doctor for him. Captain Xia accuses Judge Song of protecting Sangeng and says the Yamen of Du county is slack in it's duties. Captain Xia threatens to report to inspector general. Judge Song reprimands captain Xia for now being disrespectful to him. Captain Xia insults Judge Song by saying that he is a just a judge of county Yamen where he himself is a first class officer of the Nietai Yamen. Captain Xia further insults Judge Song by saying he can't believe Du county hired a disabled man as a judge.  Both Judge Song and Captain Xia are at the loggerhead and insult each other. 

Country Magistrate sends a message through his assistant for both of them, he instructs Sangeng to be flogged 30 times and then to be imprisoned later for hitting his superior. County. Magistrate will later interrogate Sangeng on this issue. County Magistrate's assistant takes Cpatain Xia inside for treatment and asks the bailiff to flog Sangeng. After Captian Xia is taken inside Judge Song scolds Sangeng for being riled up by Captain Xia. Sangeng tells Judge Song to keep his token while he goes to jail (as per their earlier bet, Sangeng's token is now with Judge Song) 

Inside the Yamen office, County Magistrate's assistant, Mr. Xie recounts Judge Song's past to Captain Xia and Lv San, Mr. Xie informs them that Judge Song was neither appointed by this county nor by the ministry of the personnel. He was appointed by His Majesty. It was on context of Huiyuan examination cheating case. Over ten years ago there was a notable talent well known in jiangnan,  named Song Zhongqiu, his paintings and calligraphy are quite valuable because he can't paint and write anymore. Mr. Xie continues that his right hand has only two fingers left.  He is disabled now. Judge Song Chen also named Song Zhongqiu was a prodigy at a young age, he attended imperial exam at the age of 28 and ranked first,  being Huiyuan. But before the final imperial exam he was thrown in jail for a cheating case. He was jailed due to a political intrigue, Song Chen and his friend visited the chief examiner before the exams. Most of the candidate visited chief examiner nothing wrong in  it but the censor was a political enemy of the chief examiner.  Censor used this as an excuse to accuse the chief examiner of accepting bribes. In such a case first suspects are arrested and then His Majesty will investigate the case later. Song Chen and his Friend were tortured in the prison, Song Chen became disabled.  In the end Song Chen confessed under duress that the chief examiner leaked the paper to him and his friend. Soon after this the Royal court overturned this case because the chief examiner was more powerful.  But Song Chen already lost his position his friend committed suicide by hanging himself. Later His Majesty issued a decree that under the level of county Magistrate, Song Chen could choose a position like assistant to county magistrate Or registrar, but Song Chen decided to become a judge. Song Chen is determine to uphold what he learned to seek justice for others. Song Chen earns even more than the county magistrate but every month he takes only the salary of a judge and not a penny more.... After being released from prison, Song Chen got a tattoo of Yanzi on his upper torso, Yanzi is a kind of cruel and vengeful fierce beast. 

Judge Song visits the brothel and Chunxing takes him to hear music from the open window.  Mr. Song reminiscing good old days when he was a scholar Song Zhongqiu, composing poems and calligraphy with his good friend who later committed suicide. Mr. Song paints with the thumb of his right hand a beautiful painting with a poem composed by him in Chunxing's room at the brothel. 

Mr. Zhang reports to the mysterious man about the two people he and senior were keeping a watch over. Mr. Zhang reports that he and his senior noticed the monkey demon, a thief from Wukong Sect. The thief always appeared near them. He is a their stealing things seems to be targeting them. 

Lv San interrogates a resident,  who says he saw a money demon,  catching the moon with his claws. Lv San reports to Captain Xia that he tailed the monkey demon who was hiding his loot in the water but it was difficult for him alone to cath the thief at night. Lv San has found the Dragon king  Temple of the thief, thieves often hide their loot in water,  the places where they hide the loot ia called Dragon King Temple. Lv San plans to ambush the thief at that place to catch him. Lv San instructs the bailiffs and at night when the monkey demon comes to hide his loot, Lv San springs the trap and after a long chase, roof jumping, oil spilling, he manages to catch the monkey thief in his net. 

Episodes 7 & 8

Episode 7 - Dr. Cheng is killed

The mysterious man on the fishing boat and Mr. Zhang are talking. The mysterious man wonders if the monkey demon was the murderer, he also wonders if the monkey demon was a smokescreen released by the murderer and the murderer's target was not the two people Mr. Zhang and his senior were watching. Mysterious man says that all of them have split up. Mr. Zhang says they don't know where the murderer is but the murderer knows exactly where each of them were. Mr. Zhang vows to protect the mysterious man along with his senior but that will leave the two people they are watching unprotected. Mysterious man contemplates that those two people deserve to die.  Another hidden man makes Dr.Cheng sign a confession by holding him down with a sword on his back,  near them a mixture or medicine is boiling. 

Judge Song hands Sangeng his token back and informs him that he won their bet. Judge Songs asks Sangeng not to thank him but thank the money demon. Captain Xia left Du county  Yamen after catching the monkey demon thief. Captain Xia plans to pin the murder of Captain Leng and Mr. wang(teacher) on the monkey demon. Judge Song says that the confiscated items from the monkey demon had Captain Leng's badge so that could be used by Captain Xia as evidence against the Monkey Demon. Judge Song suddenly realises that maybe Sangeng had something to do with the badge appearing in the confiscated items. Sangneng replies that the badges of Hunter Squad were often hung in their watchhouse after duty. Sangeng often wipes his master Captain Leng's badge, implying that Captain Xia watched Sangeng wipe Captain Leng's badge and deliberately placed it among evidence to pin the murders on Monkey Demon. However Sangeng promises that Monkey Demon will not be charged with theft because now that Captain Xia has left, he will find the real murderer. 

Judge Song shares a list of antiques purchased. It was found among the goods of the monkey demon. Monkey demon committed the crime according to the list. The logic of the monkey demon was that people who just sold antiques were bound to have money. Mr.Song says the monkey demon got this list from Mao County, there is a place called Taipingzao.it is a den of thieves disposing of stolen goods. Sangeng says It's also quite common to sell the purchasing list to thieves. Sangeng thinks there is something suspicious about the list. Mr.Song asked the owners of the items,  they all said they had no antiques or that they don't consider the items they sold as antiques. The antique dealer came to them insisting on their broken bowls, Old pots, and old fans were antiques. He paid a lot of money. He paid a lot of money to buy them. Sangeng infers he sold this list to monkey demon through the Taipingzao, it is to say he lured the monkey demon here and made the monkey demon appear as planned.  Sangeng wonders why that person did that. Judge Song replies that according to the victims,  this antique dealer is a bearded man wearing a bamboo hat. Mr.Song concludes the poor monkey demon, captain Xia wants to use him, Sangeng wants to use him, even the murderer wants to use him.  He probably has never been so useful in his life. 

In Yaowang temple,  there is a dead body of Dr.Cheng stuffed in a big cauldron. On his dead body a note is pinned (Such a person could actually get such a disease) . While the coroner is examining the dead body, County magistrate mumbles that another one died, Dr. Cheng Yizhi, the doctor had just checked the pulse of county magistrate the other day. County magistrate wonders what the murderer actually wants, killing a bailiff, a teacher, a doctor. County magistrate asks the coroner what was the cause of Dr. Cheng's death. The coroner responds that Dr. Cheng's face was purple, his lips black according to coroner Dr. Cheng was poisoned but doesn't know what poison.

Judge Song say they found dozens of prescriptions on the dead body and the large pot where the body was placed had medical residue. So Judge Song invites Mr.Liu, the owner of Bao'an pharmacy to help them. Mr. Liu says that the prescriptions had Dr. Cheng's seal and the residues are from those medicine on the prescription. In Mr. Liu's opinion Dr. Cheng was poisoned by the medicines he prescribed. County magistrate is startled by this asks the pharmacy owner how could Dr. Cheng prescribe himself poision. Mr. Liu replies that Dr. Cheng's prescriptions have no issues they are for the treatment of ordinary diseases but different herbs have different doses. It seems the murderer brewed the medicines from dozens of prescriptions and then fed them to Dr. Cheng,  the medicines were not poisonous but they became poisonous When mixed together. All herbs contains trace amounts of poison. There were medicines had ingredients like kusnezoff monkshood, henbanehenbane and windflower. They would become lethal at a high dose. County Magistrate reads the note loudly, Such a person could actually get such a disease.

Sangeng explains that he had looked it into the note. As Ran Boniu, a disciple of Confucius fell seriously ill,  Confucius said that it just means such a person could actually be killed by his own medicines. County magistrate says that A Doctor can actually be killed by his own medicines. That's why the murderer left this note. County magistrate asks Mr. Xie his assistant if they should report this case, Mr. Xie has already drafted a document for county magistrate to review. While leaving the morgue, County magistrate sarcastically comments that Captain Xia only knows how to flog people and catch monkeys, he must file a complaint against him. 

Mr. Liu wants to leave but Sangeng gives his two prescriptions made by Dr.Cheng 20 years ago, he wants to know if these two prescriptions are administered to one person what would happen. Mr. Liu says that if these two prescriptions were combined, it would be alright for Chen Wang to eat it, but if given to Lu Yuanbao,  it will be lethal for him,  within half a year he would start vomiting blood.  Sangeng says that  he remembers that anyone Who buys herbs from the pharmacy must leave a copy of their prescription.  Mr. Liu agrees that is to have a clear record in case the patient has any problems. Sangeng concludes even if the patient dies, they check the prescription in the pharmacy, Dr. Cheng won't be blamed. Sangeng inquires of the Coroner, if the person dies from those prescription and he were to perform the autopsy would he infer the person died of poisoning. Coroner says he won't suspect poisoning. 

(20 years ago) .
Dr. Cheng is taking the pulse of Lu Yuanbao. Lu Yuanbao complains to the doctor that his condition has been erratic since last six months. He thinks his days are limited. Dr. Cheng assures him that he need to worry,  he just needs time for recuperating and rest. Another mysterious man is writing in his diary(Dr.cheng's medical skills came from his family, but there is one skill no one knows where he learnt it) . Dr. Cheng gives Lu zhi some instructions to brew the medicines  and sends him out, Lu Zhi peeps inside and witnesses, Dr. Cheng stealing an article from the house.

Lu Zhi tells of Dr. Cheng theft to Mr.Zhong where  Mr.Zhong is fishing. Mr.Zhong asks in sign language what he stole. Lu Zhi informs him that he stole a sandalwood canister carved with golden toad. Mr, Zhong inquires that if Lu Zhi knew Dr. Cheng was stealing why he didn't  catch him. Lu Zhi says that Dr. Cheng is the best doctor and they have invited him to treat Lu Yuanbao so it would do them no good to catch and expose him but Lu Zhi has hidden all expensive items and left only inexpensive items out side. Mr. Zhong looks at the list and wants to know how to read a character on the list. Lu Zhi says that Mr. Zhang already knows enough from what Lu Zhi has taught him, he doesn't need to learn obscure character. Lu Zhi would have nothing new to teach him and Mr. Zhong would have to go to school with Lu Zhi later. Lu Zhi informs Mr. Zhong that he knows whose skull is buried in Mr. wang's (teacher)yard. 

Lu Zhi tells Mr. Zhong that Xiao Baozi(Turtle) went to pay respect at the grave of his friend one day as it was the friend's death anniversary. Xiao Baozi's friend had been dead for five years. The name of his friend was Qiao Gou're. Xiao Baozi was bullied by few boys because of his background of living in a Brothel, Cuihua Tower. They mercilessly threw Xiao Baozi in the water, however he couldn't swim just then Qiao Gou'er You're came back and rescued Xiao Baozi. After that Qiao Gou'er befriended Turtle and taught him to swim. Qiao Gou'er told Turtle it was not fun going to school because his master punishes the students severely. Turtle did not have a surname because his mother didn't know who his father was and even his mother was dead. Qiao Gou'er asks Turtle to wait for him by the river bank and he would play with Xiao Baozi after school the next day. Xiao Baozi goes to the grave of Qiao Goi'er with Lu Zhi and pays respect while continuing his talent. Xiao Baozi waited the next day but his friend did not come. Qiao Gou'er's father closed shop to look for him every where, later someone found a headless corpse of a child behind the stage. His father recognised the dead body as Qiao Gou'er's by his clothes and scars on his back. His father once hit him with a wooden spoon the spoon broke and wood chips were left all over his back. Lu Zhi inquires if this incident happened in October and if yes, then concludes that Qiao Gou'er couldn't have been killed at the theater, no holidays or festivals so other than market days, no troupe would perform hence no one would be at the theatre. Most likely the murderer dumped the body there for that reason. The last person to see him alive was his classmate. Qiao Gou'er had promises Xiao Baozi to teach him to write so he would bring a pen for Xiao Baozi. Xiao Baozi informs Lu Zhi that Qiao Gou'er studied in Wulei school and his teacher was Mr.Wang.

Lu Zhi takes the hidden skull in Mr. Wang's yard at Yamen and asks Captain Leng to examine the skull. Captain Leng informs Lu Zhi that as per the coroner, the skull belonged to a teenager whose occipital bone was broken and if not broken after death then the boy must have been killed by a heavy blow to the back of his head. The murderer then used ax on his cervical vertebrate to chop off the head. Lu Zhi wants Captain Leng to arrest Mr. Wang with this evidence for the death of Qiao Gou'er. But Captain Leng cautions him against bit as firstly, Mr. Wang was an influential scholar and secondly no one would believe Lu She's testimony as he was a child and secondly a servant a lowly born. 

Lu Zhi is disappointed and continues telling his story to Mr.Zhong that even though he is educated the world is not the same as written in the books. Lu Zhi tells Mr.Zhong books always encourage people to be good but it's hard to be good and easy to do evil. Mr. Zhong uses sign language to tell Lu Zhi that there are few good and evil people. Lu Zhi infers that extremely good and evil people are rare in the world.

Lu Yuanbao calls Lu Zhi and Mr. Zhong to discuss  embezzlement case of Mr. Zhao. Hongshun Textile mill was cofounded by Lu Yuanbao and Mr. Zhao.  Lu Yuanbao had 60% stake and Mr. Zhao had 40% stake.  Mr. Li the accountant was secretly appointed by Lu Yuanbao to keep a track of Mr.Zhao, Mr. Li kept two account books one as her Mr. Zhao's instructions and other the accurate one. There is a difference of 2500 teals of silver in both books. So Lu Zhi concludes that Mr. Zhao must be skimming off from the business. Lu Yuanbao has his own methods to deal with Mr. Zhao, he sends him gift of pigeon and Invites him for banquet. Lu Yuanbao says that Mr. Zhao is not engaging in money lending business as he seem to have extra cash. For 4,300 teals of silver the interest would be 172 teals of silver. Ar first Mr.Zhao intimidates Lu Yuanbao as Mr. Zhao had connection and family if Du county but Lu Yuanbao was a relatively outsider. Lu Yuanbao pacifies his anger and serves him hangover soup of Pigeons. After eating the soup, Lu Yuanbao clarifies that the soup was made of Mr. zhao's  Pigeons. Lu Yuanbao continues by telling Mr.Zhao that even though he doesn't have connections or fame but he can still get into Mr. Zhao's place and take someone living or dead easily. Mr.Zhao is scared and agrees to sign an IOU, Yuanbao makes him sign the document for 5000 teals of siver, he rounded off the interest. 

Mr. Zhang's senior stumbles in Lu Yuanbao residence, he is severely injured. Mr.Zhang allows his senior, Liu Shiqi to recuperate in his room at Lu Yuanbao's  house's courtyard . However Mr. Zhang confides in Lu Zhi. Lu Yuanbao would be furious with them if he found out they allowed a vagrant, an assassin known as Ghost hand to stay there. Lu Zhi agrees to allow Mr. Zhang's senior to stay for a while, the other two guards in the courtyard find out this secret, they inform Mr. Zhong. The two guards bring Lu Zhi to Mr. Zhang's room where Mr. Zhong is already waiting. Mr. Zhong unexpectedly and suddenly kills the two guards to protect Lu Zhi from Lu Yuanbao's wrath.

Episode 8 - Guier offered a reward to catch the murderer.

(Continuing 20 years ago)
Mr. Zhong tells the two guards that they should not have  involved Lu Zhi. Mr.Zhong instructs the two guards' bodies to be thrown away after putting some valuables on them to make it look like they stole things and ran away and fought with each other, ending up killing each other over the spoils. Mr. Zhong allows Mr. Zhang's senior to stay in Mr. Zhang's  room till he recovers. 

(Present time, AD 1609)
Once the document of Dr. Cheng was received Captain Xia's lies were exposed,  the inspector general was furious.  Captain Xia was demoted to ordinary bailiff and sent back to Du county along with Lv San. The other bailiffs at Du county who were flogged earlier by Captain Xia and want to retaliate by flogging him. Sangeng intervenes and asks everyone to be reasonable if they beat Captain Xia severely, he may die and they may all lose their jobs. He asks the guys to make a note of all the strokes Captain Xia owes them and they could be at Captain Xia now and then to even the scores. This way Captain Xia will be hurt daily but he won't be killed so Du county bailiffs won't be liable. 

Inside the room, Captain Xia has drinks with Lv San and tells him that it will be their last drink together after which they will cut ties so Lv San will not be implicated for captain Xia's offences. Sangeng enters the room and demands that he should be given back Captain Leng's badge that Captain Xia stole from the Hunter Squad's room to implicate the monkey demon in two murders of Captain Leng and Mr. Wang. Captain Xia is furious at Sangeng and accuses him of setting Captain Xia up. Sangeng knew the murderer would come back so he lured Captain Xia to take the badge, now Captain Xia had taken a big fall due to Sangeng's manipulation. Sangeng informs Captain Xia that Jin has counted how many lashes he is due,  it is rounded off to 750 lashes. Captain Xia seems scared at the sheer number of lashes he has to bear. Sangeng reprimands Captain Xia for his earlier behavior and advises him that Officials should not strike fear into the hearts of their own people,  it's the criminals who should be terrified of the officials. Sangeng makes another offer to Captain Xia, if he gives 1 silver teal for each lash then with 750 teals of silver, Sangeng can negotiate with other bailiffs to forego Captain Xia's punishment. Cpatain Xia vows to get the money even if he has to sell his property. 

Mr. Song also offers Some relief to Captain Xia and Lv San and he asks them to follow him and not regular duties. Both of them are grateful and promise to do what Mr. Song instructs them. Mr. Song assign a task to Lv San to keep a watch on someone because Lv San is expert at trailing and secret investigation. 

Turkey has put the killer messages on the wall in Mr. wang's classroom and busy studying it. Shicong and Sangeng enter that room.  Turkey (Mr.Feng) tells them that he has found the clue to the killer. A clue to killer's killing lies right in these words. According to Turkey, The killer leaves classical Chinese everytime he kills someone. It shows that he is smug. He leaves riddles in these words. Further Turkey says
* (My principle is unified) it's from chapter four
*(Young ones) from chapter eleven. Chapter nine.
*(such a person couls get such a disease) chapter six

Turkey asks if Shicong and Sangeng understood it. Sangeng urges Turkey to just explain.
Turkey says 4+11= 15 also 9+6= 15

Chapter 15 is "Duke Ling of Wei". Turkey thought it was the beginning. The first  sentence of the chapter talks about Duke Ling of Wei asking Confucius about military formation. Shicong inquires what it means. Turkey replies nothing. So it has nothing to do with it. But it does have to do with Duke Ling of Wei. The capital of wei state was in Puyang.  Puyang is now in Henan.  So Turkey concludes that the killer is telling them he is from Henan. Turkey tells Shicong and Sangeng to keep an eye out for anyone on the street speaking Henan accent. Shicong makes fun of Turkey and asks him if he has not been sleeping well lately. Turkey contemplates on this asks them if they thought he was talking in his sleep. 

Gui'er comes in the classroom and says all three of them have arrived early. Sangeng wants to know why Gui'er asked them to meet her at this place. Gui'er asks if what Mr.Feng (Turkey) said was correct and after Dr. Cheng died they are at a dead end. Sangeng replies that all they can be sure of is that the deaths of those men were related to Lu family from 20 years ago. In that big fire everyone in the Lu family was burnt to death.  And even the legacy of survivors disappeared. Gui'er says that it must be her father who interfered. She speculates what if the remaining survivors except Chen Wang who is already dead, are still in Du county but under different disguise. Shicong interjects The attendant, The guard the cook must be familiar faces in this county.  It must not be easy for them to hide. Turkey thinks they can still be here by changing their names. For eg The former cook has now become a stableman. He just needs to avoid seeing old acquaintance. And the attendant would be now a grown up man. Gui'er thinks that whether they stay or go they must have left some clues behind.  It is impossible for a living person to disappear into thin air like smoke. Sangeng want to know what Gui'er intents to do... She replies she Wants to spend some money. 

Mr. Zhang and mysterious man in fishing hat are fishing by the side of the river. Mr. Zhang is frustrated and sighs, fishing is really difficult. He doesn't have a clue the point is that they are in the light and the fish is in the dark. The mysterious man contradicts Mr. Zhang and says that fishes and them both are in the dark onlu bait is in the light. He instructs Mr. Zhang to prepare some bait. Lv San who is following Mr. Zhang as per Judge Song's instructions spies on these people having conversation by the bank of the river. 

Gui'er shares her plan with the three men, she wants to offer 500 teals for verified information about the survivors and a chain of coins for other useful information regardless of the importance. This reward should be given under the guise it's a quest from their families. Turkey thinks it would be feasible options just like when you chum the water while fishing. A hint of money will bring those old stories to the surface. Gui'er says If we can't find the clues, let the clue go to us. Turkey says they could keep the location as Wulei school and he would post some notices regarding that. Gui'er wants to join them and she disguises herself in men's clothes. Turkey scoffs that anyone who isn't blind can tell she is a girl and Shicong adds even if one is blind they can tell by her voice that she is a woman. Sangeng has a reasonable solution to allow Gui'er to sit behind a screen in a room and observe. 

Many people have come to wulei school to get the reward money. First witness goes in Niu Lubao he says he knew Chen Wang and he was a gambler he rambles on. Gui'er says the money should be just given to him,  he gets a chain of coins and people outside look greedily, Niu LuBao and others who have got a string of coins for their cooperation, spread the news outside and many more people line up to get the reward for useful information. 

Lv San follows Mr. Zhang who visits the kylin Restaurant. Mr. Zhang inquires about the whereabouts of the owner Niu buyan. The owner had gone to the cuihua tower to deliver food. Niu Buyan had gone there to meet Ms. Lin. 

Shicong's father Mr.Gao has joined the queue outside wulei school, Shicong is annoyed at this, but his father insists he has some genuine information to share. Mr. Gao goes inside the school to share his information, he says that because he is a butcher he knew You'er,  the chef of the Lu family. You'er knew his meat and Lu family was rich so Mr. Gao always saved the best meat for them. After Lu residence caught fire You'er was gone and nobody knew where he went.  Mr. Gao continues that 6 to 7 years ago he went to deliver meat at Kylin restaurant. A man came to check the meat, the waiters called him boss Niu Buyan, it was later when Mr. Gao went home and realised it was You'er. You'er used to be plump and the owner was thinner. you'er must have recognised Mr. Gao too because since then they have not ordered meat from him. Mr.Gao says that kylin restaurant was in operation since long but few years after the fire the restaurant changed its name , Lion restaurant. Turkey says that they believe Mr. Gao but 500 teals can be given to him only after they verify the truth. 

Ms. Lin talks with Niu Buyan. They engage in small talk about food but Ms. Lin wants direct talk. Niu Buyan says that if not for the fire 20 years ago where would they have got the wealth. Ms. Lin says that the fire has nothing to do with her as she couldn't go out of the tower unless a customer called for her. Niu Buyan says Dr. Cheng, Captain Leng and Mr. Wang what they all have in common is they all have been involved with the Lu family. Niu Buyan continues that the body was probably of chen Wang who drowned himself, Niu Buyan knew him back then. Ms. Lin asks Niu Buyan to be direct, he asks could it be possible that they would be next. Ms. Lin says no matter who is next, she should not be the person whom he should come to see first. 

Mr. Gao is given two chains of coins. Mr. Gao is very happy and on the way outside meets Judge Song and Sangeng. Mr. Song wonders if they have got some useful information because they jabe distributed lots of money. Judge Song sits behind the screen along with Gui'er to observe the interviews. 

Fortune teller Yue returns to Wulei school to add more as he recalled something else, he wanted to know if they were looking for only those three people.  If he knew one more person who survived the fire besides those three he inquired how much they would offer him for that information. Turkey says if he can really prove that the person exist then 1000 teals,  but that person should be relevant. Fortune teller says they will end up being scared if he told them about that person, he goes to gather evidence. 

Niu Buyan continues chatting with Ms. Lin in the brothel. He says back then the Lu residence was burned to ground,  they had to rely on body sizes and the location of the burns to identify who they were. The four members of the Lu family all died, the case was handled by Captain Leng. Niu Buyan wants to know if he discussed the case with Ms. Lin. Niu Buyan continues with his talks and says that he knows it is impossible but he fears the murderer may be  a Lu. Niu Buyan continues band says the murderer wants to kill all those related to Lu family. 

Back in Wulei school everyone discusses the information they have gathered. Sangeng says that owner of kylin restaurant Niu Buyan is the cook You'er.  Turkey says that Zhang Jizu, steward of Mr. Xue's house is said to be the Lu's guard Zhang Gui. Gui'er says that Lu She's whereabouts can be deduced, a big family usually doesn't casually choose a steward, they usually go with someone who they know well and who's served them for years. If Zhang Jizu, Mr. Xue's steward is Zhang Gui then Mr.Xue is probably Lu Zhi. 

In the brothel Ms.Lin tells Niu Buyan she doesn't care who the murderer wants to kill she is leavingw it all to fate. She says that she is not hoping for luck only those who are scared of death would hope for luck. I am not scared. She asks if death is really that terrifying. 

Outside the brothel, Niu Buyan meets Mr. Zhang the steward of Xue house. Niu Buyan hopes that if THAT person has not yet forgotten him. His cheap life may just be saved. Mr. Zhang tells him not to talk and just go with him. Lv San who is still following Mr. Zhang observes this exchange between Mr. Zhang and Niu Buyan. 

Fortune teller Yue of  kuixing sect is writing a notice and mumbling to himself, do you really not recognize me? 

Lv San is reporting his findings to Mr.Song in the Yamen. Mr. Song says to Lv San that the owner of the kylin restaurant was brought to Mr. Xue's house by steward Zhang. Lv San confirms that he stayed there till midnight. Mr. Song gives new assignment to Lv San from the next day he should tail Niu Buyan instead of Mr. Zhang. 

Next day, Outside in the courtyard of the Yamen office, County Magistrate shouts for help, all bailiffs rush outside. County magistrate points at a note stuck with a knife on one of the pillars of Yamen. 

 Somewhere else, Lv San is badly wounded, he is standing in the middle of a forest with few people among them are Mr. Zhang, Niu Buyan and bailiffs of Yamen are also present. Lv San is thankful Sangeng has arrived. Sangeng inquires who among them was Niu Buyan. He asks Niu Buyan to come to Yamen for further questioning as per the order of county magistrate. 

Niu Buyan is taken to the Yamen, there in a room, County magistrate in the presence of Mr. Song,  questions Niu Buyan. Niu Buyan had told the county magistrate that he had gone to the province to buy dry goods, they are valuable and he didn't trust his clumsy subordinates.  They are not ordinary ingredients they are extremely rare. He goes to explain all items in detail. County magistrate asks who was it that cut off the horse's legs, Niu Buyan said he doesn't know must be some bandit. Niu Buyan describes the man wearing a broad bamboo hat whose face was full of black beard. County magistrate asks Niu Buyan who were the other two men in the cart. Niu Buyan says they were the steward, Mr. Zhang of Xue household and the chief guard of Xue household. Niu Buyan said they had accompanied him because the shipment was too  valuable he couldn't handle it himself. Mr. Zhang and Mr. Liu has martial arts skill so he partnered with Mr.Xue. county magistrate continues his questioning of Niu Buyan and says the Yamen received an anonymous letter in the morning, according to the letter Niu Buyan killed captain Leng, Mr.wang and Dr. Cheng. Niu Buyan denies it and says it is all malicious rumours. County magistrate at last asks him to pay the bail and continue his regular business but he is forbidden to leave Du county. 

In another room of Yamen, Lv San recounts his experience in front of Judge Song, Sangeng and Captain Xia, he says that before Niu Buyan left the county,  he made a full round with his carriage and visited everywhere. It seemed he was trying to make a big show of it. Lv San followed him into the isolated forest. It is brought to attention the appearance of this man is same as described by stonemason earlier. Sangeng concludes that he is the killer. Sangeng had thought that one of the three survivor of the fire was the killer,  unbelievable Niu Buyan was the target. Judge Song says that's why the killer followed Niu Buyan after he left the county. Sangeng guessed Niu Buyan's original plan was to use himself as bait to draw the killer out. Sangeng continues that once the killer was lured out, Lv San continues his story Mr.Zhang and Mr. Liu are extremely skilled in martial arts, Lu San says he was stabbed by Niu Buyan when he was trying to bring them to Yamen after the killer wounded Mr. Zhang with firangi and ran away. Lu San says Niu Buyan is extremely ruthless and decisive. Sangeng says it was smart of killer to use yamen.  It is concluded that the killer couldn't be at two places, first the forest and second pinning the anonymous letter at Yamen, so there must be a mile in Yamen, helping the killer. 

Later in Mr.Xue's house, Mr. Xue asks Niu Buyan to stay with him at his house as he has 100 guards. Niu Buyan says the killer just doesn't want to kill them but place them as he sees fit. If he is surrounded by few people,  killer will be inconvenienced. Mr. Liu says the killer will be more careful after that day. Mr. Xue says the bounty they set up worked, people in Yamen know their real identity.  Mr. Xue asks You'er(Niu Buyan) what Ms. Lin told him earlier, you'er says she told him that captain Leng didn't tell her anything. But Mr. Xue says that You'er doesn't believe in luck. 

There is a rune posted overnight all over Du County by fortune teller yue. The rune reads, (In the garden where I saw you,  nine crickets can still be heard 20 years pass and appearance change.  I am more ashamed and disfigured. At night I realized how nice youth was, in the same place,  the rape is still blooming early. A Taoist gave me a resurrection flower. When I see you it has become regenerating grass. General TongTou. On the 30th day of the 10th month. Year of Jiyou) .  Turkey concludes it's an Acrostic. Read the first character in each line together. 
(See you at around nine at the night in the same place)
It isn't just Acrostic but filled with cryptic words. 'Crickets' and 'general Tongtou' must be what he and his friend went through in the past. Fortune teller Yue is telling his friend 'I recognize you'.
'A resurrection flower' and 'regenerating glass hints that others think his friend is dead but he knows his friend is still alive.

The date has an underlying meaning,  it is the 30th day of 10th Month, that day was 25th when the message was written so the date is the date of meeting, see you at around nine at night in the same place.
Shicong says that he doesn't know where the meeting place is but he knows where fortune teller Yue sets up his stall, they will keep an eye on him. 

Shicong and Sangeng follow fortune teller Yue to a remote place where he is waiting for his friend on the date mentioned, it's 11 pm and yet his friend has not shown up. 

In the brothel, Ms. Lin is murdered,  she is lying on her bed and her throat is slit, message written near her dead body  (In his youth,  his vital force is unstable and he should guard against lust)

I had to cut some part of episode 8 ,as the characters exceed the post limit the whole description can be read  on the below link


Episodes 9  to 11

Episode 9 - Lu Zhi was humiliated by Lu Yuanbao.

(Before Ms.Lin's death) , Gui'er visited her in the brothel. Gui'er dressed in men's garments went to Cuihua tower. She has a conversation with Ms.Lin.Gui'er wanted to know if her father visited only Ms. Lin in the brothel. Ms. Lin answered that he only came to see her. Ms. Lin's parents died during plague. She was sold to Cuihua tower by her uncle when she was 11, she started learning painting and calligraphy,  playing music and singing songs till 14 years. Her menstruation came late so she had one more year of easy life but at the age of 15, she had to entertain guests. Ms. Lin ran away from the tower and ran into a bad guy, Captain Leng who was a bailiff at that time, saved her. He brought her food and stood with her till she made up her mind to return back to the Cuihua tower or go somewhere else. After eating the bun, Ms.Lin decides to return back. Bailiff Leng escorts there as promised. 

Ms. Lin started to entertain guests and became quite popular, one day bailiff Leng came to visit Ms. Lin in the brothel.Mr.wang the teacher was also a regular visitor at the brothel. Bailiff Leng is had saved 6 teals of silver for eight months to come and see her to have tea with her, Ms.Lin tells him it would cost him 20 teals of silver for that and asks him not to waste money on her. However he wishes to meet her so Ms.Lin asks him to come at Yanzhi valley which was the back door of Cuihua tower. She asked him to wait for her there three days later at 6 in the evening. Gui'er concludes that her father was in a relationship with Ms. Lin before he met Gui'er's mother but because Ms. Lin was from the Cuihua tower they could not be together. 

Ms.Lin informs Gui'er that her father did once redeem her, he did lots of bad things that he shouldn't have done to redeem her. But Ms.Lin realised her body could never be redeemed after she was redeemedredeemed son he brought her back. Ms.Lin says that she was 38 years old and only one in ten prostitutes live that long. Most of them would be killed by being pregnant. They won't let the prostiutes give birth once they are pregnant and abortion methods are deadly. It involves medicines like Cinnabar,  Cantharides, and little does of arsenic. It could kill two lives together, some survived and  gave birth.  But life for them is bitter, their kids are called Turtles. Ms. Lin said she has never been pregnant, if she can't bear children how could she marry Gui'er's father. Fortunately Captain Leng married and he was blessed with two kids one son and a daughter. 

Gui'er returns the money given by Ms. Lin to Sangeng for Captain Leng's family when she heard of his death. Gui'er asks about Captain Leng and Mr. Xue,  she corrects and says or should she say about her father and Lu Zhi ( the mysterious man shown fishing and having conversation with Mr. Zhang was Mr. Xue aka Lu zhi) . 

Ms. Lin calls out for the attendant, Sui Laosan who had been eavesdropping on Ms. Lin's and Gui'er's Conversation from outside Ms.Lin's room door. She sends Sui Laosan to fetch a fabric for Gui'er and after he leaves, Ms.Lin asks Gui'er to send Sangeng to her and warns Gui'er not to get involved in any matter related to Mr. Xue. 

(Present time)
Gui'er visits Ms.Lin's tomb with Sangeng. She recognises it because it was the only new tomb. she prays that Ms. Lin and her father have a good life in heaven, they should not part ways again. Gui'er wanted to get a tombstone for Ms. Lin but all tombstones have a title in front of the name, wife, daughter, mother etc.  Gui'er didn't know what to inscribe for Ms. Lin. Gui'er wants to know if the killer left a note for Ms. Lin as well. Sangeng repeats the note for Gui'er. Gui'er says the message is easy even she could understand the meaning, youths are prone to impulsiveness. So be careful of lust for women. She wants to know if she is correct, Sangeng says she is correct in her meaning, the problem lies elsewhere.

In another place there is one more dead body found, the corpse dressed in white clothes of a woman, the body is placed flat on the ground amongst cages of pigeons. The message near the body written in rouge on a white flowing lantern is (worship the wrong ghost). In a room in  yamen, Sangeng, shicong, Judge Song, Captain xia and Lv San discuss the case. Sangeng says the victim is Zhao Youren, an imperial scholar. He originally came from a respected family. But his family collapsed. He liked to raise pigeons. The killer is using the bodies to send messages to the official. The message near Lin Siniang's dead body was too blunt. But the previous ones carry hidden meaning. And this victim, Zhao Youren has the same cause and state of death as Lin Siniang. He was deliberately dressed up as a woman. The message "You worship the wrong ghost"  States that they worshipped the wrong ghost. The conclusion is that the killer is trying to tell them that he didn't kill Lin Siniang. 

(1589 AD  past time)
The mysterious narrator writing the account of Lu family continues the story. Lu Yuanbao's condition was not stable, it didn't get better,  he began to have nightmares dreaming of the deceased. Paranoid Lu Yuanboa shouts for Mr. Zhong to kill Tao Laowu but Mr.Zhong reminds Lu Yuanbao that Tao Laowu was dead,  he was killed 13 years ago. Lu zhi is setting the business accounts. He is summoned by Lu Yuanbao later. Lu Yuanbao is in good spirit and is drinking alcohol in spite of Dr. Cheng's instructions. Lu Yuanbao urges Lu Zhi to also drink with him, Lu Zhi says that he cannot hold alcohol. Lu Yuanbao plays a guessing game with Lu Zhi about how much money he had settled from which merchant that day, if Lu Yuanbao guessed the number correct, Lu Zhi should drink. Lu Yuanbao already has got the accurate figures from the bookkeeper as he had already settled the accounts before sending them to Lu Zhi. Lu Yuanbao cautions him that Lu Zhi should remember that there is nothing big or small in Lu residence that he is not aware of. Lu Zhi is upset by this trickery and tells Lu Yuanbao that he did not have to play games with Lu Zhi because Lu Zhi always respected Lu Yuanbao as his own father. Lu Zhi promises to take care of Lu Yuanbao in his later life and mourn for him. Lu Zhi continues and says that without Lu Yuanbao's help he would die as a beggar on the streets.Lu Zhi always wanted to call him father and knowtows to him. Lu Yuanbao takes offense at being compared to Lu zhi's father kicks Lu Zhi and calls him a lowly beast.

Yuanbao makes Lu Zhi kneel in his courtyard in pouring rain and gathers all men in his household. He sits in a chair understand the roof watching men beat Lu Zhi. He tells everyone present there that his attendant, Lu Zhi somehow is possessed, he is telling everyone that Yuanbao wanted to take Lu Zhi as his adopted son. Lu Zhi also lets everyone call him master Lu. He further insults Lu Zhi by telling him that Lu Yuanbao kept him as a dog,  but he took himself as a man. He taunts Lu Zhi  by saying that he knows Lu zhi's tricks just because Lu Yuanbao has no children, Lu Zhi hopes the whole property will belong to him. He tells Lu Zhi to ask from everyone present there if they are willing to take him as a son, whoever adopts Lu Zhi, Lu Zhi will become his son and take on his surname. Chen Wang, Lu Zhi's loyal friend joins Lu Zhi in kneeling with him in the rain. Lu Zhi asks everyone but none dare interfere looking at Lu Yuanbao's wrath. Lu Zhi didn't get a father. 

The mysterious narrator continues with the story that in the end Lu Zhi was sent to a rural area by Lu Yuanbao to do farm work. Lu Yuanbao calls for Lu Zhi while absorbed in his work. Mr. Zhong appears before Lu Yuanbao and reminds him that he had banished Lu Zhi. Lu Yuanbao says that according to rules they should kill Lu Zhi. He says that he pampered Lu Zhi too much. Now he has to make Lu Zhi fear him. Lu Yuanbao instructs Mr. Zhong to call Lu Zhi back in few days but he can't be Lu Yuanbao's attendant now, Mr. Zhong should let Lu Zhi do some rough work. If Lu Zhi makes any movement then Mr. Zhong should not hesitate to kill him. 

Mr. Zhong visits Lu Zhi in the rural place, Lu Zhi is happy to see Mr.Zhong  and makes small talk. Suddenly the mute Mr. Zhong turns to Lu Zhi and tells him that Lu Yuanbao has asked him to kill Lu zhi. 

(The mysterious narrator writing the past story in a deep empty well is revealed to be Mr.Zhong, who tells the viewers that at that time he told Lu zhi that Mr. Lu had asked him to kill Lu Zhi)

Episode 10 - Lu Zhong and Lu Zhi work together

Lu Zhi is astonished to find out that Mr. Zhong is not mute. Mr. Zhong says that he has always been able to speak. Lu Zhi wants to know why Lu Yuanbao ordered Mr. Zhong to kill him. Li Zhi says that he is just a servant how can he seek revenge against Lu Yuanbao, so Lu Yuanbao should not fear him

Mr. Zhong reveals his and Lu Yuanbao's past as bandits. He says that it is a policy that in robbery and murder one never leaves survivors. They were a part of a gang of 40 men, people called them Bloody Croc. The bloody croc. of Jiangnan killed people to rob money. Lu Yuanbao didn't leave any bodies intact so the dead would become wandering ghosts. The last job this gang  accomplished was robbing a retiring officer returning to his hometown. They stole over 200,000 teals of silver and five chests of gold. Lu Yuanbao planned to kill all other gang members and take the loot for himself. He asked Mr. Zhong to kill others, being mute even if her were caught in the act he couldn't name Lu Yuanbao. After everyone was killed, Lu Yuanbao joined hands with Lu Zhong. Lu Yuanbao trusted Zhong because he was mute and alone so he wouldn't turn against Lu Yuanbao. Mr. Zhong had been mute once due to his stepmother's abuse but later he pretended to be mute because it lowered people's defense around him. 

Lu Zhi says that if Lu Zhong had not taken him in, six years ago he would have died. Lu Zhi is ready to die if Mr. Zhong wishes to kill him. Mr. Zhong assures Lu Zhi that he is different from Lu Yuanbao and would never kill Lu Zhi. Lu Zhong says that he will tell Lu Yuanbao that as there were many people in the countryside he couldn't kill Lu Zhi so he brought him back as it will be easier for him to kill Lu Zhi there. Lu Zhi is apprehensive because sooner or later he will have to die, but Mr. Zhong says that it depends on who dies first. The most difficult thing is to kill without a knife and take wealth without a lawsuit. They should let Lu Yuanbao die without suspicion. Then an attendant inherits his property  as his adopted son. Mr. Zhong says he doesn't have a plan but trusts Lu zho will think of something. Lu Zhi agrees because Lu Yuanbao has left him no choice because it is kill or be killed. But he promises that if he goes through with the plan, Lu Zhi will honour Lu Zhong as his father. 

Back in Lu residence Lu zhi's previous privileges are curtailed, he is given a shabby room to live in. He gathers his confidants and decides to make a plan to kill Lu Yuanbao. Lu Zhi, Chen wang, Zhang Gui, his master Mr. Liu Shiqi, Mr. Zhong are the primary conspirators. These conspirators need help of;

1) Mr. Wang who can impersonate anyone's handwriting to make a fake will of Lu Yuan bao and

2)Dr. Cheng to write a prescription which will kill a man  Without suspicion. 

1) Lu Zhi and Zhang Gui go to  Wulei school and blackmail Mr. Wang into writing a fake will in Lu Yuanbao's hand writing by using Qiao Gou'er's death as leverage. They say if he doesn't help him  they will expose him as a murderer and his good name will be tarnished and he will be tortured in the prison before he is beheaded. Mr. Wang agrees to help them in exchange for their silence and makes a fake will of Lu Yuanbao favouring Lu Zhi. 

2) Dr. Cheng is a difficult person to deal with, first Cheng Wang approaches him and blackmailed him with the stolen articles from Lu Yaunnao's residence. Then Cheng Wang asks Dr. Cheng to help him by getting Lu Yuanbao delay by one day, Dr. Cheng writes a sleeping prescription so the Yuanbao sleeps for the whole day. Cheng Wang uses this and gambling debts of Dr. Cheng to blackmail him by allowing him to marry his 17 year old daughter. Dr. Cheng in order to save his neck signs a betrothal agreement and married his daughter to Chen Wang. Lu Zhi then goes to Dr. Cheng and accuses him to coveting Lu Yuanbao's property and hence giving him false medicine. Dr. Cheng conspired with Chen Wang. Why would Dr. Cheng marry his daughter to a servant of not for property? Dr. Cheng is threatened by this and agrees to help Lu Zhi, Dr. Cheng writes two prescription one for Cheng Wang and other for Lu Yuanbao. The pharmacy should be informed that the medicines were for two different people. If medicine is brewed together the results will be quicker and result in Lu Yuanbao's death. 

Lu Zhi tells other conspirators that they should stop meeting to avoid suspicion. 

One family is waiting outside Lu residence, it is Lu Yuanbao's younger brother Lu Jinxin who has come with his family. He has a wife, a younger daughter and a son Lu Buyou. Even Mr. Zhong didn't know of Lu Yuanbao's family. It seemed that Lu Yuanbao had wrote secretly to his brother and sent money. 

Even if  Lu Yuanbao died presently, no matter how well the will is faked, it will useless to these conspirators because Lu Yuanbao has  blood relatives living now in residence.

Episode 11 - Zhang Jizu is arrested

(Present time)
County Magistrate Wei is happily murmuring a son when suddenly he notices another note pinned with a knife on a one of the pillar at Yamen. He immediately shouts another one. 

Captain Xia reads the note in presence of Judge Song and other bailiffs: The shabby temple in the woods outside the South city gate. The murderer will commit another crime. It is evident that the murderer is using the Yamen to capture someone again. They still have to go as the county magistrate has ordered them and moreover they have no other clue. 

A man wearing a bamboo hat and a thick beard sits opposite Fortune teller Yue in his fortune telling booth. The man aks Fortune teller how he recognized him as it has been 20 years. The fortune teller says ge wasn't sure but he had to try.  First reason, he wanted to confirm if the person was really the same person from 20 years ago and secondly,  he wanted to catch up that person. The man rightly inferes that Fortune teller yue wanted to exchange his life for money. Fortune teller Yue asks how much money was that person going to offer him to keep hush, if he exposed his identity, rhe crazy scholar would offer him 1000 teals of silver. The man asks fortune teller Yue if he want afraid of him as there are many murders that have happened recently. Fortune teller  Yue scoffs at that idea and says he doesn't know what happened 20 years ago and why he changed his name but he is sure that person is not a murderer. The man says that for the sake of friendship, he will teach fortune teller Yue how to sell him. The strange man asks if the fortune teller knew Mr. Xue? 

At night, the fortune teller is sitting in a remote place in front of a fire drinking alcohol, he is waity for someone. The bailiffs are keeping a watch over him, they speculate that the fortune teller is waiting for his friend again and they might catch his friend that night. Mr. Zhang the steward of Mr. Xue arrivea, the baliffs are not sure if Mr. Zhang was the fortune teller's old friend. Mr. Zhang informs Yue that Mr. Xue did not come but the gold has come but he needs to have a look at what Yue has to offer first. Sangeng whispers from the dark that Yue is going to sell information about his friend to Mr. Xue for gold. 

Fortune teller Yue brings a donkey lits firecracker behind the donkey so it bolts, Yue asks Mr. Zhang to follow the donkey as the clue/message Mr. Xue wants is in the saddle on donkey's back. Mr. Zhang doesn't chase the donkey because he says that he will not chase the donkey because if he chases the donkey, Yue will run with the gold. Sangeng responds that the murderer wanted the bailiffs to catch Mr. Zhang. The hidden bailiffs come out to ambush Mr. Zhang who is trying to extort information from Yue. There is a physical altercation between Mr. Xue people who were also hidden there and the bailiffs. Yue slips out when he sees the man in bamboo hat with thick beard taking an aim. Mr. Zhong asks other people of Mr.Xue to split up. Mr. Zhang is caught in a net while trying to flee, this time the murderer used the bailiffs to catch Mr. Zhang. The murderer has a plan and Mr. Song thinks he intends to use him. Mr. Song decides to see what happens next. 

Mr. Xue visits the Yamen, Mr. Song meets him and says that the county magistrate was unwell so Mr. Song would have a meeting with Mr. Xue. Mr. Xue says that the previous night his steward Zhang Jizu was arrested by the office, he inquires what crime did he commit. Mr. Song says his crime was assaulting with a knife, he was assaulting  fortune teller Yue. Mr.Xue wanted to know if Yue was injured or dead. Mr. Song informs him that the bailiffs arrived on time and prevented Zhang Jizu from severely hurting Yue, but in the altercation Zhang Jizu injured a few bailiffs. Mr. Xue wants to pay bail as Zhang Jizu's crimes are not that serious and he guarantees Zhang Jizu will appear when his presence is required in the Yamen. Mr. Song denies bail request because he is related to recent string of murders , he clearly resisted arrest and injured the officials. Mr. Xue says that he will leave, if Yamen office during proceedings find him guilty and executes him he won't object, but before trial if he is forced to confess Mr. Xue will absolutely object. County magistrate who had been hearing Mr. Song's conversation from behind the curtain, instructs Mr. Song to release Mr. Zhang as they have no plaintiff or evidence. Mr. Song agrees to release Mr. Zhang that day. 

Sangeng finds the donkey that had been released by fortune teller Yue and he reads the name of the person written on the paper related to the fire 20 years ago. Sangeng tells Shicong that there was nothing in the donkey's saddlebag. 

Back in Yamen Mr. Song and Captain Xia bicker about where the punishment is more severe, the capital or Nietai Yamen. Mr. Zhang is tortured by Mr. Song a little just to clear his martial arts and was then released. Mr. Zhang asks someone from Yamen to inform Mr. Xue so that he pick him up however everyone denies his request as Mr. Song has instructed them not to help Mr. Zhang. Mr. Zhang hobbles on foot, Mr. Song had instructed Lv San to tail Mr. Zhang. However the killer abducts Mr. Zhang in a carriage and shoots at Lv San so he falls off the roof and he couldn't follow them.

Mr. Zhang is murdered and his dead body is hung on a tree out side. He is dressed in white clothes like a ghost. The message written for him is: If one cannot serve people,  how could one serve spirits? Shicong aks Sangent does the message mean. Sangeng says the murderer is telling them that Zhang Jizu or Zhang Gui,  served an evil man. 

Turkey, Shicong and Gui'er are having a discussion in Wulei school's classroom. Turkey tells Shicong that Sangeng hid things from him, Sangeng already found the mesaage kept on donkey's saddlebag. Sangeng is hiding something from them. Turkey thinks the reason is that if fortune teller Yue is correct and someone survived the fire, the survivor must be the murderer. It is speculated what if the murderer is someone they cannot catch for eg Mr.Song. Turkey also throws suspicion on Lu Buyou and if Lu Buyou would be alive he would be the same age as Mr. Song. So it would be possible that Mr. Song is Lu Buyou in disguise. Turkey says that he is just giving examples. They discuss that Sangeng is keeping quite because he doesn't want them to end up dead like Ms. Lin. 

Sangeng in the Yamen office, is stamping  a letter (Qi) is written. Sangeng is thinking that his master was correct, because it's a long way to get justice. Sangeng finally understands, and thinks that they have more work to do. 

Sangeng is knocking on Mr. Xue's door where Turkey meets him. Turkey makes an excuse that he is there at Mr. Xue's  door because he thinks Mr. Xue might be interested in purchasing his painting. Sangeng understands that Turkey was waiting for him, they have a frank conversation. Turkey wants to know if Sangeng will work for Mr. Xue, he is an evil man. Sangeng says he has no choice. Earlier an old dog stood behind him so he could behave like a stubborn puppy. Turkey says that Sangeng is becoming more like Captain Leng. Sangeng wonders if his master would be happy to hear that. Sangeng insists on meeting Mr. Xue not heeding to Turkey's advice. 

Upon meeting Mr.Xue, Sangeng states that he killed Ms.Lin. sangeng says that rather than asking him why he killed her, he would like to ask how an attendant inherited such a large property and suddenly became an imperial scholar.  Sangeng says that he has done his share of investigation and he is sure that Mr. Xue was previously Lu zhi. Sangeng says when he visited the banks, things became quite clear. After the fire Lu zhi owned Lu Yuanbao's properties for three years. And during that time Lu zhi was not in Du county. That's because the accounts books were reconciled with the seal of the branch in Zhong county. After three years they were owned by Mr. Xue. Sangeng also reveals that Mr. Xue owns cuihua tower. Sangeng also exposes Dr. Cheng 's role in writing those two prescription and Mr. Wang's role in making a fake will of Yuanbao.Then Lu zhi poisoned Yuanbao Usurped his properties. Mr. Xue says that if he actually committed such a big crime, he should have a helper in Yamen. Sangeng said his master, Captain Leng helped him. Mr. Xue bribed Captain Leng by redeeming Ms. Lin. Mr. Xue let Captain Leng rule the case and later made him destroy the case files. Mr. Xue says that later according to Sangeng's narrative after Captain Leng was murdered, Mr. Xue killed Ms.Lin fearing Captian Leng had revealed his secrets to her. 

Mr. Xue thinks that Sangeng can become a story teller and gather lots of tips with the tale he just narrated. He cautions Sangeng not to act rashly and accuse him. Sangeng tells Mr.Xue that he was not there to make him accountable but make a deal with him. Sangeng tells Mr. Xue that he knows who the serial killer is because he got the name from donkey's saddlebag. Sangeng says he will tell the name to Mr. Xue but he doesn't want any money, he want Mr. Xue to kill the serial murderer. Sangeng asks Mr. Xue if he remembers Lu Buyou. 

(Past time) 
Lu Buyou is helping his sister Ping'er with a bird on the tree. Lu Jinxin has settled in Lu residence with his family. Lu Jinxin also visits brothel often but his temperament is different from Lu Yuanbao. 

Turtle and Li zhi were just wandering out when they come across Lu Buyou and young Yue having a cricket match with local boys. Turtle warns Lu zhi to be cautious of those boys. Lu Boyou got a letter of challenge of Fu peng and has brought his cricket, General Tongtou to fight. The boys get into a fight, other boys want to hurt Lu Boyou and Yue but Lu zhi and Turtle come and try to save them. All four boys are thrown into the water by the bullies and they throw stones at them. Lu Boyou get hit on one of his eyebrow with a stone therefore leaving a permanent scar on one eyebrow. Yue notices the cut and comments that Lu Boyou's face is ruined now and says that if eyebrows are broken, brothers will become enemies.  Lu zhi introduces turtle(xioabao)  to Lu Boyou. 

Lu Jinxin's wife is quarreling  with him that he should sleep in Cuihua tower and not dirty her bed. Jinxin says that Mr. zhao took him there and he just had a few drinks to socialise there. Lu Boyou asks Lu zhi to wait a bit. Lu zhi had brought hangover soup for Jinxin. Lu Boyou in order to stop the fight between his parents ask his father the meaning of one quote from Analect of Confucius, Confucius  said " Forget it,  I've never seen anyone who loves virtue as much as beauty". Jinxin asks didn't his teacher explain it to him. Lu Boyou tongue in cheek manner replies, that his teacher told them that Confucius Advised people to value virtue over women's beauty. Jinxin agrees with Lu Boyou. Lu Boyou further states that he had read that sentence many times in Analects of Confucius,  besides the Wei Ling Gong chapter it also appears in Zi Han chapter. Lu Boyou wonders that is it a very important sentence in Analects of Confucius that it appears many times. 

Lu Boyou is fishing with Lu Zhi and they engage in small talks. Lu zhi reveals that before he was taken in the Lu residence, his surname was Xue. 

Another time, Mr. Zhong and Lu zhi discuss things while fishing. Since Dr. Cheng has stopped giving Lu Yuanbao the mixed prescription, his condition has significantly improved. Lu zhi says that ever since Lu Jinxin has moved in the mansion their plans have been put on hold but he feels relieved. Mr. Zhong says they cannot be liberated in this lifetime if they don't continue. Mr. Zhong will always be mute and Lu zhi will always be a servant until they die. Lu zhi is confused whether he should go on. 

Lu Yuanbao later has a conversation with Lu zhi in presence of Lu Jinxin and Lu Zhong. Lu Yuanbao tells that Lu zhi can now be an attendant to Lu Boyou. Lu Yuanbao also in a sarcastic manner  threatened to sell Lu zhi to Mr. Zhao. Lu Yuanbao taunts Lu zhi in front of Lu Jinxin by saying that Lu zhi was previously his attendant but Lu zhi wanted to be his adopted son. Lu Jinxin tries to console Lu zhi by saying that if he works diligently later he can become their steward and he will convince his brother not to sell Lu zhi to Mr. Zhao. Finally Lu zhi realises that he will always be a servant to them as Mr. Zhong had told him earlier. Lu zhi thanks Lu Jinxin at Lu Yuanbao's hest, finally he made Lu zhi understand what he should do. Lu zhi promises that he will spare no effort for Lu family. 

Lu zhi urges Dr. Cheng to add a medicine that would cause immediate death. Dr. Cheng first argues then agrees. Lu Yuanbao dies.  All conspirators and Lu Jinxin are present at the funeral mourning Lu Yuanbao and throwing paper money. Cheng Wang wants to know who Lu zhi will deal with next. Lu zhi says they should atleast three months. 

Chef You'er of Lu residence invites Lu zhi and reveals that he knows Lu she's plan and Lu zhi was responsible for Lu Yuanbao's death but he doesn't want to expose Li zhi he wants to join them. Lu zhi  sarcastically compliments you'er for his shrewd understanding of things and being greedy enough. Lu zhi says that he needs proof that You'er has joined them, so he asks you'er to do something for him to gain his trust. Li zhi says he will leave poison under a bowl,  to prove his loyalty You'er says he would kill Wang Wuliu as he owes him a bit of money. You'er is worried because he did added the poison left by Lu zhi in Wang  Wuliu's meal but he is alive just has diarrhea.  Lu zhi says he gave laxative to You 'er and now he trusts the cook. 

All conspirators gather in Lu zhi's room to discuss their plan. It is planned to set fire to mansion and kill all. Cheng Wang is a little unhappy with this plan. Mr. Zhong thinks that kiling all of them at once us difficult but what is more difficult is not to raise suspicion later because the whole family is burnt to death and the servant inherits the property.  Lu zhi says he has a plan and when time cones he will be caught and under torture he will confess, Lu zhi already has a plan for that. For him the difficult part to hiw to keep so many people immobile while they are burnt to death. Mr.zhang's senior gives Datura powder which is a sleeping drug. It is decided that You'er will make Babao soup and will add it to everyone's meal as the soup will mask the taste of the drug and add more salt to other dishes to make everyone eat more soup. Lu zhi says it's easier than they had thought. Preparation is underway for their plan. On the day decided, whole mansion is burnt down by the conspirators. 

(Present time) 
Mr. Xue wants to know if Lu Boyou ia a murderer where he is now. Sangeng says he is in Yamen. The survivor must have planned to take revenge for many years. So he chose the quickest abd most straightforward way. Sangeng reveals that Lu Boyou is County Magistrate Wei.

 Episode 12 is posted after three comments in this thread..episode 12 is the most interesting episode, to read it's summary scroll down

On the brass ferule, words were written  "Young ones clad in attire in late spring. Grown and young one's bath in Yi river and the wind on the altar. Homeward with songs". Turkey reveals it refers to "In late spring. I wore newly made clothes. Several adults and children bathed in Yi river and enjoyed the wind on the altar. After that the family went home signing."

Actually only one line "Six or seven young ones" was written on the ferule and I think its meant to hint at 6 or 7 young victims of I don't know what. The rest of it is the passage from the Analects in its entirety that Turkey quoted that contains that line. 


Actually only one line "Six or seven young ones" was written on the ferule and I think its meant to hint at 6 or 7 young victims of I don't know what. The rest of it is the passage from the Analects in its entirety that Turkey quoted that contains that line. 

Ok... So the words Sangeng spoke loudly while holding the ferule "young ones" were written and the rest of the quotation was recited by Turkey from the original source... Later Turkey explained the quote in simple language to Sangeng.. I edited my post... Thanks for pointing it out... If you notice any other details that I got incorrect, please inform me. 


Ok... So the words Sangeng spoke loudly while holding the rod "young ones" Were written and the rest of the quotation was recited by Turkey from the original source... Later Turkey explained the quote in simple language to Sangeng.. I edited my post... Thanks for pointing it out... If you any other details that I got incorrect, please inform me. 

No worries, will do to the extent it may be a relevant clue. In terms of the third message I also could only see the second part of the phrase on the body but since its a short sentence only I think it doesn't matter. 

Episode 12- Finale, The Truth is revealed.

(September 7th 1589 AD)

Xiaobao is comforting a drunk Lu Jinxin at Lu residence. Lu Jinxin is vomiting and servants volunteer to take him to his room where his hangover soup is ready. Ping'er mother tells her to ignore her father they would go to eat, she also asks Buyou not to read books outside anymore as it was getting dark. Lu Buyou gestures Xiaobao(Turtle) to come near him,  Lu Buyou says that he found a very interesting place in Lu residence. Lu Buyou says that he couldn't find Lu zhi so he thought he had gone fishing again with Mr. Zhong, so Lu Buyou climbed the tree in neighbors yard and entered Mr. Zhong's yard since he was not there. Lu Buyou says he found a secret in Mr. Zhong's yard. Lu Buyou found a dry well there.  What is more strange is that Buyou found a rope in the well and when he followed the rope he found a secret room, Buyou couldn't see what's in it because it was pitch dark. He hasn't taken a rope. Lu Buyou invites Turtle to stay the night at Lu residence, he says when Mr. Zhong is asleep at night they can go with Lu zhi and explore the well. Xioabao is eating food in Lu Buyou's room, Turtle comments the food is delicious but very salty. Lu Buyou says he wanted to bring him some soup but his hands were full, so now he volunteers to bring some water. Turtle goes to poor himself some water from the kettle on Lu Buyou's room but finds it empty, he blanes Lu zhi for not serving his master well. Lu Buyou goes to sleep on the table and Xiaobao thinks he was too tired from all the climbing. Turtle continues to eat bun and vegetables but finds it too salty. He goes outside to get some water but finds even the water jar is empty.

Mr. Zhang is giving instructions to everyone to kill all the unconscious people with one stab without making noise. Cheng wang is reluctant to kill people as they will die when they set the place to fire anyway. Ghost hand, Liu shiqi says that after that night everyone will be in the same boat as they all  have blood on their hands. Mr Zhang says he will kill Lu Jinxin, Liu Shiqi will kill jinxin's wife and daughter. Cheng wang was asked to kill Lu Buyou. Cheng wang goes to Lu Buyou's room but loses his nerve and doesn't kill the unconscious Lu Buyou.

 Turtle smells smoke, wakes up Lu Buyou and both run out side. Lu Buyou asks Xiaobao to go out through the side door in the stables but the door is stacked with piles of straws. Then Lu Buyou tells Turtle to go to Mr. Zhong's yard they will hide in the dry well but there is no rope in the well now. Lu Buyou suddenly remembers his sister and family. Xiy convinces him to first save themselves as probably all of them must have rushed out already.  Xiaobao goes to find a rope in the stables and asks Lu Byou to wait near the dry well. Lu Buyou ties his kerchief around Xiaobao nose and mouth as a mask so that he doesn't inhale smoke inside.

Lu Buyou sees Lu zhi and Lu Zhong coming in the yard. Lu zhi says he didn't set fire to the back garden they could leave from there. Mr. hong asks what they were doing there as he didn't have anything to taketake. Lu zhi says he has something to take, he wants to take back himself.. Saying this he stabs Mr. Zhong. Mr. Zhong aks why stab him then he speculates that Lu zho found his Gold, Lu zhi doesn't comprehend what Li Zhong is saying. Lu zhi confronts Mr.zhong and asks him that Yuanbao didn't ask Mr. Zhong to kill Lu zhi. Mr. Zhong has been tricking Lu zhi, now Lu zhi doesn't want anyone to control him, je doesn't want a father. Lu Buyou witnesses Li zhi killing Mr. Zhong but hides behind the dry well. Lu Buyou calls out for Xiaobao, turtle just got the rope from the stables.

Outside all conspirators are standing watching the Lu residence burn down in fire. Sangeng's father who was a night watchman tries to alert people and get help to douse the fire, Captain Leng stabs him. He scolds others for just being care less and standing idle, they could hide or pretend to put out fire but because of their behavior he was forced to kill Sangeng's father who was a good man, lest he should alert others of their suspicious behavior.  Later when everything has been burnt to ashes, Captain Leng says to Lu  zhi that the number of corpse match number of people but he didn't find Lu Buyou's body in his room, there was a body elsewhere same height as him. Lu zhi demands to see the burnt corpse of that person,  he says he has to make sure Lu Buyou is dead. Lu zhi speculates that Cheng wang did not complete his task.

(Three days after the fire in 1589 AD)
Lu zhi goes to visit Mr. Zhao after the fire incident. At first Mr. Zhao is sympathetic towards Lu zhi. Li zhi says that he has a receipt from Mr.Lu and he has been instructed to show it only to Mr. Zhao. Mr. Zhao says it's the hand writing of Lu Yuanbao, it is his will it reads " Lu zhi is loyal and devoted. I feel sorry for the early loss of his parents. He is an attendant, but actually he is like my son.  So I will give him my shares in Hongshun textile mill to reward his loyalty." Mr. Zhao first accuses Lu zhi of forging the will to seize the inheritance.

In the Yamen office the county magistrate is asking the bailiffs to flog Lu Zhi because he dared to accuse Lu Jinxin of fratricide and seizing the inheritance. Moreover the entire Lu family died,  Lu zhi has no proof of his statement. He aks someone to flog Lu zhi 40 times. (Lu zhi has already made an arrangement with Captain Leng of being hit hard by the yamen runners but not causing any real harm, Lu zhi has bribed the Yamen runners. Once Lu Zhi's path is cleared he promises to redeem Ms.Lin).  Lu Zhi continues with his pleas in front of the county magistrate in spite of getting more flogging by county magistrate. Lu zhi says Lu Yuanbao was poisoned by while Lu Jinxin was alive he couldn't complain. Lu zhi says he has an imperial scholar to testify. Its Zhao Youren.

(Lu zhi had already made arrangements with Mr. Zhao in his previous visit for his cooperation. Lu zhi had an IOU for 5,000 silver teals of Mr. Zhao, a will and accounts books showing Mr. Zhao's embezzlement from the mill. Even if Mr. Zhao refuted the will and took Lu zhi to Yamen, Mr. Zhao would also be in a loss, the county magistrate would ask Mr. Zhao a bribe of 40,00o silver teal to hush the matter. Lu zhi says Mr. Zhao can put him in prison but it will cost him  money, instead he has a plan that will benefit both Lu zhi and Mr. Zhao. If Mr. Zhao could be a witness for Lu zhi he could earn a huge amount)

As per the plan, Mr. Zhao goes to Yamen and presents the fake will of Lu Yuanbao as genuine. Mr. Zhao also corroborates the poisoning story by Lu Jinxin. After Lu Yuanbao's body is exhumed the coroner tested for poisoning and found it was the cause of murder.

Even though all evidence and testimony of witness prove Lu Zhi is the benefactor of Lu Yuanbao and Lu Jinxin poisoned his brother, the county magistrate is reluctant to believe it as it seemed like a story. Lu zhi slyly hints that county magistrate will profit from the transfer of property which seals the deal and county magistrate declares Lu zhi the heir apparent.

All the conspirators have a meeting, it was decided that they all should leave Du County for three years and then they can come back with new identities. They should allow the dust to settle. Everyone agrees to it accept Chang Wang who says he couldn't leave his sick mother  and he doesn't want to change his name. Cheng wang has also spent a lot of money on gambling raising suspicious, so it is hinted that Cheng Wang should be silenced.

(In 1609 AD)
Remaining three conspirators, Mr. Xue, cook You're, ghost hand - Liu Shiqi  discuss what they should do with the newly acquired information that county magistrate wei is Lu Buyou. At this point there are two options for them ; first change their names and escape to different place, second to kill county magistrate. Liu Shiqi undertakes the task of killing county magistrate, but Mr. Xue(Lu zhi) says that there is one man in Yamen who could create difficulty for him. Lv San.

In Yamen office Mr. Song tells others that Mr. Xue has run away. He has left with 100 guards through easy gate. County Magistrate has asked Lv San to follow him. Sangeng inquires if Niu Buyan (cook You're) has left with Mr. Xue. Sangeng wants to ambush the killer who will try to kill Niu Buyan. At night Sangeng wants to surround Mr. xue's residence with yamen official. Sangeng is given 20 men by Mr. Song to watch Mr. Xue's house at night.

The entourage supposedly taking Mr. Xue is moving too fast they have travelled 30 kilometre in half a day, Lv San is following them. Sangeng informs at Mr. Xue's house that Lv San has left and all the good bailiffs have been pulled out of Yamen for night watch duty.

Magistrate Wei and Mr Song have a very interesting conversation. Magistrate Wei alludes to the injustice Mr.Song suffered due to faulty justice system that throws and tortures suspects in the prison and then after conducts investigation. Many guilty people are roaming free and many innocent people are wrongly indicted having their lives ruined even if found not guilty later.

Magistrate Wei is eager to know what Judge Song has to say about the word 'INJUSTICE'. Mr.Song replies that there are countless victims in this world, but absolute justice never happened. Magistrate Wei wants to know what Mr. Song means by that. Mr.Song continues that Wei may not know that there is no single window in the prison. But a person in prison can't tell when it is day and night. But a person in prison can feel the day elapsing. 

Magistrate Wei becomes serious and inquires how a person can perceive day and night.

Mr.Song grimly replies that a person can watch his tortured flesh slowly rot away. Mr.Song used to think there was a threshold between life and death, Life is on one side and death is on the other side. Just a momentary thing but then he found out death could be very slow, and people could die little by little. One day, the prison door opens and someone comes in and tells you that your case has been overturned. Mr.Song laughs sarcastically at this.

Magistrate Wei looks systematically at Mr.Song.. Mr.Song in a bleak continues that by that time a person is already half-dead. Half of a person becomes ghost, and you can never turn back into a human. You are half human, half monster. Mr.Song is of the opinion that "JUSTICE THAT COMES TOO LATE IS NOT JUSTICE".

Magistrate Wei responds that Mr.Song's grievances are not from prison. He doggedly continues that Mr.Song was known as a top talent, famous for his painting and calligraphy.

But now he can't even pick up a pen with his right hand. He asks Mr. Song, " IS THAT THE GREATEST INJUSTICE FOR YOU? ". Wei continues to speak when Mr.Song returned home, the court had reversed his case, but nobody believed that Mr.Song was wronged. All of the people talked about how mucch Mr.Song would have spent, wh he had bribed, and how he had used his connections to avoid lawsuit, " ISN'T THAT INJUSTICE CRUELER THAN THE PRISON SENTENCE? " Magistrate Wei says Mr. Song had a good friend, they were as close as brothers  but Mr.Song couldn't withstand the punishment and betrayed him in prison by putting the blame on him. His friend used his death to prove his innocence. "COULD THIS BE  THE GREATEST UNFAIRNESS IN MR. SONG'S HEART? ". According to Magistrate wei's opinion Mr.Song can't live in peace even if the court cleared Mr.Song's name, Yet those who reported in the court, those who caused his disability, those who were busy with infighting and those who accused him of bribery, none of them EVER RECEIVED any punishment. Magistrate concludes "IT'S NOT ONLY ABOUT INJUSTICE. YOU JUST DON'T KNOW HOW TO TAKE REVENGE".

County Magistrate continues with his talks, he tells Mr. Song that he is writing a report on the fire 20 years ago but because his writing is clumsy, he hopes Mr. Song can give his review and opinion. County magistrate tells Mr. Song that he has kept the report in a box in his study. Mr. Song will know more the next day.

County magistrate wei asks his assistant Mr. Xie to follow the group taking Mr. Xue that left and Lv San is following them. Mr. Xie is reluctant at first, to leave county magistrate wei alone. Mr. Xie's life had been saved by the county magistrate at point time while Mr. Xie was in the jail, so now he has become county magistrate's confidant and also fellow killer/ accomplice.

County Magistrate has written a document, Prefecture Examination, "I am Wei Fengshi the county magistrate of Du county.  I am incompetent at work. Since taking office at Du county, I have seen frequent murders without a clue. On 7th Day of October,  Cheng Yizhi,  a noted doctor,  came to confess on his own accord. And he submitted his confession. Based on his confession,  20 years ago Lu zhi the attendant of Lu family forced him to poison his master Lu Yuanbao. Lu zhi set fire and killed Lu Jinxin, Lu Yuanbao's brother and his family ,  usurping his property.  Lu zhi has changed his name to Xue Qi. He has many accomplices. The serial murders in Du County are all done by his gang. It all started with Leng Wuji, Captain Leng. Leng Wuji was one of Xue Qi's accomplice. He always extorted Xue Qi. Since then Xue Qi has started a series of murders for his secret."

Testimony of Cheng Yizhi that County Magistrate had taken before killing Cheng Yizhi (attached) "Cheng Wang claimed,  he feared he was killed so he chose to confess to avoid death by imprisonment. His confession sounded absurd so I suspected he had gone mad. I kept his confession and drove him away. However three days later Cheng Yizhi was killed. I panicked. I realised the error I had made. Later Zhao Youren was also killed,  a confession was also found in his home." Zhao Youren's confession.(attached) "He(Zhao) identified Xue Qi as the killer. Presumably he was killed before confessing. This case is huge. Xue Qi is an imperial scholar. And I have no concrete evidence. So, I have to report it first and collect evidence in secret. I learned that Xue Qi has many bandits and notorious robbers. A few days ago a bandit sent a letter with the flying knife to confuse people. The Yamen is heavily guarded, but they come and go as they please.I fear of being harmed.Therefore I left this letter. If I am really murdered, the murderer must be Xue Qi. I am willing to exchange my life for the enforcement of justice. That's what I pursue, I have no regrets." -------County Magistrate puts all these documents as evidence.

Mr. Song calls back Sangeng back from Mr. Xue's house. Mr.Song reveals to Sangeng that he knows County Magistrate is the serial murderer, Mr. Xie is helping him. County Magistrate has set a trap, if he dies then no matter how high Mr. Xue's status he will be finished. County magistrate is ready to sacrifice his life in exchange of implicating Mr. Xue. With reduced security in Yamen the assassin will be successful in execution. Mr. Song is angry with Sangeng for his part. Mr. Song says originally he had planned to  just watch, if that assassin killed county magistrate, Mr. Song could take the will of county magistrate and get a warrant for Mr. Xue's arrest  and Mr. Song would also catch Niu Buyan so vengeance of Lu family will be complete. But he wants county magistrate to stay alive to see that grievances can be resolved and Mr.Song will do justice.

Mr. Song goes to county magistrate's house and takes him under protective custody. A hired assassin enters the county magistrate's room but he is apprehended by Mr. Song and questioned. On the way back for more questioning the group is ambushed by Liu Shiqi who manages to kill Mr. song, Captain Xia and several other bailiffs, he shoots a dart at county magistrate wei but in turn is shot dead by county magistrate wei. County magistrate wei asks the dying Mr. Song why he came there, Mr. Song says "Injustice is awful. Your justice can be done. I envy you. "

At the morgue in Yamen too many dead bodies of officials are lying, Sangeng asks the wounded county magistrate why he didn't die. The magistrate tells Sangeng he was supposed to die but now he Can't die. Justice has to be done. "You got justice for me. I'll get justice for you. "

Sangeng has a chat with Shicong and he breaks down. Sangeng tells Shicong everything and says he is responsible for death of Mr. Song, Captain Xia and other brothers. Shicong says that both Mr. Xue and county magistrate are trapped. It is up to them who they want to help, it's time for them to make a decision about whom to support. Both the sides are evil... where is the justice? Sangeng has made up his mind what to do.

Sangeng goes and informs Niu Buyan at Mr. Xue's house that Liu Shiqi has done his job, killed county magistrate. Sangeng tells Niu Buyan that Mr. Xue asked him to hide, trustingly he follows Sangeng. On the way sangeng with the help of Shicong arrests Niu Buyan and takes him to Yamen for questioning. County magistrate persuades Niu Buyan to testify against Lu zhi. Niu Buyan knows after his  arrest, Mr. Xue will suspect him of turning against him so he reluctantly agrees to it. County magistrate says that he will protect Niu Buyan before the closure of the case, after the clouser he was smart enough to go away and live incognito.

County magistrate hands over the testimony letter he had written earlier to Sangeng. County magistrate promises to Sangeng that once it's over, he will kill himself. Sangeng says that he is not doing this for revenge. Mr. Song did his duty as a judge and Sangeng is now doing is duty as a bailiff.

Bailiffs along with county magistrate go to arrest Mr. Xue. Sangeng has an arrest warrant from Nietai Yamen. Mr. Xue's title of imperial scholar has been revoked. County magistrate has a conversation with Mr. Xue in which he reveals what had happened at Lu residence 20 years ago, Lu Buyou died in fire, but he saved Turtle (Xiaobao). The next day Turtle heard Lu zhi's talk with captain Leng about ensuring the Lu Buyou was dead, so he hid in the secret room in the dry well of Mr. Zhong. There Turtle discovered gold slabs and also Mr.Zhong's diary. One year later, Turtle returned back to the well, he had learnt to read knew what Mr. Zhong had written. The engraving of Analects of Confucius were made in gold. Turtle swears at Lu Buyou's grave he will get justice for him.

Mr. Xue after hearing the story asks What Turtle has to say to him now. County magistrate says only one phrase is applicable, "whoever sins against heaven will be helpless". Mr. Xue has one final question, as to how Turtle knew about Mr. Wang, Dr. Cheng and Mr. Zhao. Turtle goes near Mr. Xue, whispers something in his ear. After laughing on hearing what Turtle tells him, Mr. Xue stabs magistrate wei and then himself. Both former friends die together.

Someone has killed cook You'er/Niu Buyan, on the chopping board are words "make food exquisite'. A man wearing a bamboo hut is shown on the streets, (probably Mr. Xie killed Niu Buyan.)

Sangeng takes a poem written by Mr. Song for Chunxing at the brothel, where Sangeng stands staring at Mr. Song's painting drawn in the room at the brothel.


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I humbly offer you my upvote. Thank you for this summary 

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