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So it's really simple, write down the last English song that you've listened to or are listening to and put 'in my ass' at the end of the title. It's pretty funny lmao.

For example:
I'm currently listening to Plain White T's - Hey There Delilah (I know hella old)

And that'll become..

Hey there Delilah in my ass (lolol)
Sweater weather in my ass. :)

(Last song I listened to was The Neighborhood's "Sweater Weather")
Another me in my ass

Well, that escalated quickly, lmfao! xD

The song I was listening to was Tinashe - Another me[Prod. By Best Kept Secret]
numb in my ass

Numb - Linkin park
Arrived in my ass OMFGKKKKKK

(Arrived - Jessi)
ice cream cake in my ass 

ice cream cake - Red velvet
Time is running out in my ass

I was listening to Time is Running Out - Muse.
New Rules in my ass

new rules- dua lipa
Havana♪ in my ass

(Camila Cabello - Havana)
Hansha in my ass

Oceans ate alaska - Hansha
Jeff Bernat- Pillow talk in my ass;;; um
New York in my ass

(New York - Mamamoo)