High School King of Savvy - That ending. That romantic pairing. I cannot.

100 days my prince

Show had great potential, but they focused on repetitive jokes instead of fleshing out the plot 

Karn La Krang Neung…Nai Hua Jai - it was so incredibly boring, dropped after 2 episodes

My Dream The Series - it's just. a mess. maybe if/when the sequel comes out it will make sense and redeem even part of this but at the moment it definitely isn't worth spending time on

My Dear Loser Series: Edge of 17 - it just isn't good.

Cambrian Period - I actually liked a lot of this, the problem is the ending is a let down, mostly because it was supposed to have a sequel but it never happened

Witch's Court - It starts well but doesn't live up to its potential. There are better things to watch

Drinking Solo, repetitive and boring!


Alchemist (i watched 3 episodes and its... not very good)

Jugglers (the story loses its flow after episode 6)

to a person checking my PTW list: dont tell me to drop bad shoujo manga adaptations. i watch them exactly for that reason haha!

@Salty_bae you have a really good PTW list **

Tomorrow with you: I'm a sucker time travel dramas, but this one I couldn't finish it, even if I really tried. Filler, filler and filler again, the leads are unbearable and the cinematic color grading is not so cool, even Lee Jae Hoon's acting couldn't save it.

In Time With You: just don't whatch this one.

I watched the dramas below as they were highly recommended but I found them to be incredibly overrated and even, for some, quite bad:

LOVE O2O, SHOPPING KING LOUIE, LEGEND OF THE BLUE SEA (no hate but I would avoid any Lee Min ho drama, except for City Hunter), ANY DRAMA FEATURING KIM TAE HEE, DOTS, GOBLIN.

I only see Arthdal Chronicles on your list. Some eps were boring for me but it's worth watching

Takane to Hana - I think I got through four episodes before I just did not care about anything in the show enough to keep watching. I guess the first two episodes were kinda cute-ish but nothing compelling and the story itself was dull

Terius Behind Me,  silly and boring!