Heavily inspired by @Kar's "Recommend a Drama(s) to watch from the person's Plan to Watch List"!

This time though, recommend a drama from the above person's Plan to Watch list that you don't think they should watch. Basically, do the opposite of what you're originally supposed to do and help your fellow drama watchers "get rid of subjectively bad dramas". :)

My secret romance( got boring towards the end)

Beautiful Gong Shim - it should have been 16 episodes, drags a lot in the last part
Cheese in the Trap - this drama got messy on the second half 
1 Pound no Fukuin - boring
Dream Knight - One of the most boring dramas i've ever watched! Most of the people only watch it and rate it well because of GOT7.
Let's Only Walk The Flower Road - very short, not that interesting and it's obvious that the cast don't have experience in acting. I guess you could say it's a nice drama if you follow the idols in it but otherwise, the plot is not very interesting and it's short as well.
Missing You  -  I would probably rate the 1st 4 1/2 episodes a 10, and very much worth watching.  The rest, however, was just annoying, imo.  A LOT of over dramatic crying by Yoon Eun Hye and Park Yoo Chun.  I also felt that it got stupid, and was too predictable.    
WoW, such a long list.

Cinderella and the Four Knights is a drama that was not interesting for me and I guess for many others, it was just a boring copy of some popular dramas.
@Shima0810 you have a very 'clean' list!


Maybe the Thai series, The Underwear, I've watch and it's not bad but there are better dramas that you can spend your time watching isntead. Also if you're watching for the BL couple definitely are better thai series with better couples.

Fabulous Boys. It's really not worth it especially if you've seen the original.

Love me if you dare. I didnt like the acting at all and the plot didnt let me curious enough to keep going.

Ame ga Furu to Kimi wa Yasashii was not nearly as interesting as it sounded like it would be.

Norwegian Wood

Just a waste of time. The acting was great but the story is a freakin mess.

The Bride of Habaek

if you have a LOT of spare time, then go, but i honestly wouldn't recommend it at all.  its OST was probably its only saving grace, but aside from that, overall (e.g. story, production, chemistry, or ending), it was pretty disappointing.