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・❥・  I am making a List of top tier Role reversal romance dramas aka Dominant Female lead x Submissive Male lead dramas・❥・


So what does Role Reversal (RR) even Mean?
✎Role Reversal dramas pertains to relationships where the
woman is dominant, strong, independent
the guy is cute, soft, weak clumsy, and submissive.
When bdsm is added into the picture, role reversal
romance automatically becomes Femdom, but
but bdsm doesn't always need to be a part of it.
For more info on RR check out :-
✎  r/RoleReversal
✎Masculine Girl, Feminine Guy

Tags and tropes that qualify to RR relationships :
╰┈➤ Dominant Female  x Submissive Male
╰┈➤ Rough Girl x Soft guy
╰┈➤ Female Boss x Male Employee
╰┈➤Strong Female lead x Weak Male lead
╰┈➤ Stoic FL x Puppy ML
╰┈➤ Warm man x Cold woman (MDL tag)
╰┈➤ Older Woman x Younger Man 
(Noona romance; Age gap is not a key point for RR couple, but since in Asian dramas, during Noona romance, the FL is often made to be more mature and composed and ML to be childish and reckless, thus it can be included as RR)

・❥・ Basically what you see in normal traditional role dramas, where the Guy is cool stoic and handles everything etc and the woman is cute and kawaii, its just flipped in RR romance.

✧༺♥༻∞ I have a list of RR dramas in MDL custom list : Role reversed dramas

💀 This list includes the curated best and most rr content I found on dramas, it includes the ones I have already watched/ or are extremely famous for being role reversed. if you know any drama which would fit the top tier list, let me know please.

❤  Direct RR : Presence of RR is very upfront and also sometimes vocal, direct rr already has subtext rr within it
 Subtext RR: Dynamic could be only seen because of the couple's behavior to each other or their dynamic  or position.

  • ML is a femboy
  • FL is strong and masculine. FL's father considers ML as FL's "wife"
  • Huge and direct RR 
Japanese; Manga; Series
Direct RR
 Oh My General
  • ML is the "pretty boi"
  • FL is the scary army general
  • Huge, direct RR. FL is smarter, stronger, cooler, more aggressive than ML 
Chinese; Series;
Direct RR
 Love and Leashes
  • Femdom couple
  • ML is a submissive and FL is  a potential Dominant. 
  • Office romance
  • Direct RR 
Korean; Movie; Manhwa;
Direct RR, Direct Femdom
 Zhang Gong Zhu Zai Shang
  • FL is a princess and literally has male concubines. 
  • ML is her bodyguard but also acts as her concubine,
  • FL is cool, and teases ML and FL is really domineering 
  • Where as ML is soft, clumsy, panicking around FL and completely smitten 
Chinese; mini Series;
Direct RR; Borderline Femdom
 Meow, the Secret Boy 
  • ML is literally a cat (fantasy drama)
  • ML has cute kitten like baby ish and angry cat mannerisms
  • FL takes ML in :))
  • Manhwa is much better than the series imo
Korean; Manhwa; Series;
Subtext RR
  • Older female/ Younger male
  • FL is cool, composed, can handle everything, teases ML
  • ML is cool as well but flustered in front of FL
  • ML can't win against FL, she's the one who's always the victor (not because ML lets her win, but because he literally can't
  • ML tries to maintain composure but mostly can't around her 
Korean, Series
Subtext RR
 Takane no Hana-san
  • Cool stern charming Boss FL falls in love with cute clumsy newbie ML
  • Very cute imo office drama
Japanese; Series;
Direct RR
Kimi wa Petto 
  • FL takes in ML as her literal pet
  • FL is older by 10 years almost
  • FL is cool, rich, mature and strong
  • ML is cute clumsy and baby-ish
Japanese(OG); Korean (Remake); Manga;
Direct and well as Subtext RR
My Girl
  • 3FL and 3ML is RR
  • Cool domineering 3FL
  • cute soft and easily teased 3ML
  • Direct RR
Chinese, Series;
Direct RR
 Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
  • FL has magical super strength
  • ML has a lot of cute feminine traits 
Korean; Series;
Subtext RR
 Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
  • Weightlifter FL
  • Swimmer ML
  • Both ML and FL are cute af but still FL is on the dominant side 
Korean; Series
Subtext RR
Triad Princess
  • FL is country's biggest mafia's daughter
  • FL has all the cool fight scenes. she can fight and shoot
  • ML is a cute baby and loves soft toys
Taiwanese; Series;
Direct RR
Run On
  • Second couple :Huge Direct RR
  • Direct RR with ceo 2FL. and Cute crybaby 2ML
  • First couple also has very very mild RR
Korean; Series;
Direct RR
  • Ceo FL
  • Intern ML
  • 10+years age gap'
  • ML is cute and softer than FL 
Korean; Series;S
Subtext RR
Search: WWW
  • Second couple has more RR than main couple
  • Both are Noona Romance
Korean; Series;
Direct RR ( second couple)
Subtext RR (main couple)
 Princess Jellyfish
  • ML is literally a cross dressing femboy
  • FL falls for ML as he is
Japanese; Movie, Manga
Subtext RR, Femboy
 The Legend of White Snake
  • FL is a 1000 year old snake powerful spirit
  • ML is 20 something
  • FL will kill anyone and everyone to protect ML  
Chinese, novel, series
Subtext RR
 It's Okay to Not Be Okay
  • ASPD FL; cool , aggressive, strong,
  • FL teases ML 
  • FL is rich and successful af
  • ML is a cutie but is shy and reserved 
Korean, Series;
Subtext RR

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