How will people know whether a user is genuine or spam?

I opened this post to get some ideas  that  differentiate this thing.

  • not every time we check user profile before talking to them !
  • Users' profiles are 5-6 years old, yet there is no entry.
  • User is one day old and has more than 50 entries in his profile
  • some users have more than one account , one is legit and other for mess with people.
  • Anyone can create an account and communicate with you through threads, comments, or direct messages. friendship request
  • You don't realize it's spam in the first conversation. not always possible.

An interesting question... To me it seems, normal users can't know anything for sure, by looking at another users profile.

If there's an external url link, it's highly suspicious.

I just want to help people like me who are really interested in some drama or movie. Those who feel genuinely happy in sharing such information or thoughts without violating any decorum. 

But sometimes we come across people who have no interest in drama or movies of any kind. Just by creating an account, they start unnecessarily messing with people. Because their life is hollow and they take out their frustration on others through some

Lately I have felt that the MDL management team is on hiatus.

Lately I have felt that the MDL management team is on hiatus.

Since I am only on MDL since this year, I can not speak about the managing of MDL in the past. But I very much agree with the sentiment, that more action by Admins/Mods would make the experience of MDL-users a lot better.

People should be rational, but they aren't. When people are debating or discussing something and are unable to counter the other person's point or defend their point of view, they start attacking them.

When a person deviates from the issue and attacks the debater, it shows its weakness. And you get most angry when a person abuses you and blocks you.  COWARD people 

It is not even easy to know how genuine are one person's opinions in real life, so it is very hard to understand if a person is a troll or a genuine person on internet. However, I believe there are algorithms which differentiate between bots and real persons. There is not much to do against trolls I am afraid. They can only be ignored by not replying since they thrive on chaos and controversy. However, I have to confess that I am not also able to ignore all of the trolls by not replying to them. 

I am not afraid of any kind of troll. I believe in giving respect and taking respect. If you are polite with me then I am polite with you and similarly if you are disrespectful then I am disrespectful with you.

I have never blocked anyone till date, no matter how rude or angry they are with me.Because I think every human emotion is communication. And I never started a fight with anyone.

"Genuine user" is probably not the right word that I used, because those who troll are also users. Instead, I had to use the word "intellectual, civilized users". Those who know the meaning of debate and discussion.

When you are in a debate or discussion, you have 4 options,  1) defend your argument, 2)  surrender to the opponent's argument, 3)  agree on disagreement, 4) ignore.

Who knows that you do not always have to agree with your opposition but you do need to respect every individual. Not like a 4 year old, I am right, I am right and you too have to accept it. otherwise i will abuse you. it's bullying.

I know it's not possible to find out in the first conversation. As long as you don't go against anyone's likes and dislikes, everyone is a decent person.

@Aster, thank you for this topic.  I especially like your  "intellectual, civilized users."