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My sister and I have a game we play in the car.  Whoever is driving (whether it's their car or not) gets to control the music.  This is because, as the passenger, one of us always falls asleep if it's more than an hour. 
So the game goes like this.

You get 1 free veto of song.  After that...if you veto there is a penalty. Our penalties are as follows.
On veto 2: owe driver a pop
veto 3: owe driver coffee
veto 4: change profile picture for 48 hrs of drivers choice
veto 5: watch a movie of drivers choice
veto 6: buy driver dinner
veto 7: change ringtone on phone to drivers choice for 48 hours

Now let me tell you how I got all of the above from my sister

I had to take my daughter to a specialty hospital that is 3 hours away from where I live.  On the way down she drove and thought it'd be hilarious to play only 3 Days Grace and Nickelback the whole way. (While I don't hate either band, I don't like them either)

I played well and only owed her a pop and a coffee.

Then comes to when I drive home.  My sister hates ANY music not in English.  So I plug in my AUX and see how far I can troll my sister until she cries.
Songs went as follows:
Hello (SHINee) listened to
Save Me (BTS) Listened to
Lucifer (SHINee) Hardest veto she's ever vetoed! 
Me Like Yuh (Jay Park) Vetoed (it was even in English!)
A Daily Song (Hwang Chi Yeul) Veto
Unbreakable (Kim Hyun Joong) Veto
Hero (Monsta X) Veto.... By this point she wanted to scream at me but my sleeping baby was in the back seat
Untitled 2014 (GD) listened to and didn't actually hate it
Bapsae (BTS) veto
1 of 1 (SHINee) Veto  Here is when she was ready to throw my phone out the window.  I intentionally played songs so far out of her liked genres that I was waiting for the blow up.

And boy did it happen...

I played my sister Ring Ding Dong from SHINee and watched as the fury overcame her face and she yanked the AUX cord out of my phone.  She then instructed me to pull over on the shoulder of the Interstate because she was driving the rest of the way home.

She did.  And I took a nap! :)

*In case you were wondering, her profile picture is of Jooheon of Monsta X (so adorable)
Her ringtone is Ring Ding Dong.

She has also claimed she will be driving when we got places together until the day she dies!

God! that's hilarious
I thought so too! My sister? Not so much. :D
I was driving my sister these days and a local radio station played Girl's Day - Something. It is not usual in my country to play kpop on radio, so I literally screamed and said "OMG I love this songgggg". She was like: wtf???? who is singing? She turn up the volume so high lol I think she enjoyed a bit. Well, I sang Girl's Day until our final destination that day.

My family seems okay from the outside when I listen to chinese/ korean songs but I think they are "veto" on the inside lol

Bahaha I made her watch Train to Busan because she hates zombie movies and subtitles. Anytime she fell asleep I called her phone and Ring Ding Ding played. 
it was the greatest 2 hrs ever.
sadly, the punishment is over and I won't be getting a chance in the near future since she won't be letting me drive.