I'm the kind of person who's picky with dramas (like veggies lmao) but anyways here's the objects the drama should have-

- Dramas which can include— forced marriages, haters to lovers, noona romance, teacher/student.

- It can be a melodrama or just a normal drama. I prefer melodramas though :,) Also, the drama should have both likable leads and not intense/heavy love triangles. Great OST and pretty cinematography too. It can be BL as well.

PLUS a drama with lots of romance AND great chemistry :,) 

It can be Korean/Japanese/Chinese/Thai (just in case of BL dramas) and do NOT recommend me dramas with the factors below:—

- Old dramas (Dramas from before 2000) 

- Dramas about middle-aged people (since I'm not much of an adult and I don't find them relatable AT ALL)

- Really slow dramas. Extremely slow paced and also, too much sad and angst.

- Dramas with multiple couples. It takes me a lot of brain for focusing on more than two couples and I don't really like them.

I know that I'm being too picky. But I hope you just keep the 'don't recommend dramas with these factors' in mind and recommend me any drama that you like :)

  • Addicted Heroin (BL)
  • Shopping King Louie 
  • 100 Days My Prince 
  • Guardian 
  • Suspicious Partner 
  • Closest Love to Heaven 
  • From Me To You 
  • Healer
  • Hello Monster 
  • Little Forest 
  • I am Not a Robot 
  • Life on Mars 
  • Weightlifting Fairy Kim 
  • Oh My Ghostess