Hello there ! ~ 

In watching many dramas since 2010, I learned many words but recently (september 2016) I started to learn the language by myself. But it's not that useful if I don't practice. (I already try some app but I hurt myself more than I was helped) someone here learn it too ? Know how to write and read ? Can we practice together ? 

I've always wanted to start a Korean only thread on here, haha! Maybe we can start one up?
Let's do it! :D I speak enough Korean to hold a basic conversation so I think a Korean only thread would be fun.
Guys,I don't know much (well, I know hangeul just not many verbs\structure) but I also study by myself ...I'd like to do something here,too.
I learned the alphabet from song lyrics and now i've forgotten most of them. i really do need to start learning again  Fighting to us all!!
if it's okay to share, you can try to find language exchange partners on italki.com. Free to use and message other members in your practicing language.  I am learning Japanese with other users on the site. It does take a little courage to voice chat on skype if you are introvert lol especially with someone you've never met before. Most people I have exchanged with have been very kind and helpful, ages are varied from high school students, uni students, to housewives or business men etc just those who need to practice pronunciation or vocab practice.
I tried a couple exchanges with Korean language partners but the pronunciation was too hard for me. It was nice cultural exchange and to chat with someone actually located in South Korea.
I would love to practice my Korean. I learnt for 3 years in my school, and since I just finished my course, I have no one to talk to using Korean. Im afraid I would forget everything.

Maybe we can start our conversation here using Korean and English.

I would also love to practice my korean, lets do it!! 화이팅 :)
I actually started a Skype Group for Korean learners about half a year ago. We have beginners, intermediate learners, and a few natives. Sometimes we do challenges (a.k.a "homework") together but usually, we just chat and ask each other questions here and then. If anyone wants to join, just let me know. Quite a few of the members watch dramas, too, actually. ;)

Apart from that, I'll definitely participate in a Korean-only thread here in the forums! Sounds like good practice.
Need someone to start the thread where only Korean is allowed. (english only for translation?)
Hey guys I have been learning korean on this reallly amazing website. It's really organised and they have levels and lesson numbers plus pdf and podcasts attached to them and its all FREE! 
Heres the link: http://talktomeinkorean.com/curriculum/

Found a new YouTube channel that really helped with my pronunciations! What are some of your favorite YouTube videos for learning?


Hello! Great to see so many Korean learners here :) I posted this on another thread but happy to repost it here for your eyes:

I'm a big fan of K-Pop and am hooked on Strong Woman Do Bong Soon now and just started learning Korean. Picked up basic Hangul in class and am now using Viki Learn (https://welcome.learn.viki.com) because I can watch dramas while clicking on the EN and KR subs to see the word's meaning.

If you're learning Korean, what resources are you using currently? Have you used Viki Learn and what do you think of it?


Actually i found some apps that are quite useful... 

  1.  Hello Talk - You can learn by discussing and talking to native speakers and you can also practice typing.
  2. Duolingo - words and pronunciation plus sentences..
  3. Write It! Korean - This helps to write and practice hangul. The whole alphabet is in it and the pronunciation which is rather cool.

There are loads of other apps but too many will make you lose track so stick to 1-2 apps and you'll be set. Hope this helped! :D

also if any1 wants to learn 1 on 1 dm me... :)   {Beginner level. I'm not that good either}

You can also use apps like Memrise and Drops :) They are good for listening and vocabulary practice - for beginners like us :D