We are getting closer to the end of this drama,episode 40 is translated on Viki, I know there are more episodes released but ep 40 is the only one translated so far.

I've been eagerly waiting for the time when they were going to get their memories back. They got flashbacks when they "first met" after that, but haven't gotten any until now (episode 38 I think)

Xiaofeng was very heartbroken when she knew what Li Cheng Yin did to Dan Chi, so much that she hated him. But the thing is, when she knew about it again after the memory loss, her reaction was milder than the first time. This makes me really curious of how she will act when she gets her memories back, will she be sad again? Or happy? Will CP feel even more guilty? 

What do you guys think their reaction will be?

Episode 47 pretty much explains how Xiaofeng reacts when she gets her memories back.  According to the book, which I believe they may go along with, Li Cheng Yin gets his memories back when she dies.  I enjoy dramas as well as the next person, but this one takes my emotions to a different place.  I love every minute of the storyline, acting, direction, and cinematography but also look forward to it ending.  

I stopped watching by ep 27, I decided to watch this drama on my own risk knowing it’s sad one yet did not expect to be on such state of emotionally drained as I have became ! 

I am fine with everything but why why he is selfish even on their next chance of getting forgetting everything then remember it , yet he is behaving badly toward her ! 

Please let me know , is he till the very end not showing her any affection anymore?!! 

Here's the real kicker....about episode 42, they watch fireworks together and you can see their relationship evolving into something super charged and heading towards love then Gu Jian kidnaps her in one of the crown princes ploys to get rid of the Gao family.  That's where I'm at in the English subs but in the end, you see exactly how much LCY loves XF.  

What dose it matter if all of us know how much he could have loved her if he didn’t show it to her and has chosen always his reasons over her & prioritize himself before her or their love TT 

I've seen debates about that very topic almost come to blows on other sites.  I had a great grandfather who would yell at movie screens and I'm thinking they he and I are channeling each other every time i view this drama.  In rewatching the first 10 episodes, I can see how much his brother being killed and his people in slavery tormented him towards revenge.  If the princess had been a whiny %$#@@, we would have seen all the betrayal put forth as an awesome maneuver to clean palace politics.  Instead, we see how beautiful and untamed she is and that's where my absolute torment begins in the storyline.  There is absolutely no doubt the prince is ruthless and the cost of this personal vendetta shows in the last episode.

I believe I will get a hard & long time to get over this drama TT