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(The 3 actors talking about their characters (and scenes) - without subtitles.)


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#我生活Elsewhere Theme Special#

Take a little more courage, make a little more change, and take control of the wheel of your destiny. On May 6th, come to Tencent Video to explore different lives, so stay tuned! #火狐 fire unit# #我生活 elsewhere#

Starring: @Zhong Chuxi @Mr_ Liu Xueyi
Guest Starring: @Lin Yushen
Starring: @Yao ChiZeawo

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5 actors and the director (comment on the characters and the drama).
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I live elsewhere (WHAT IF)

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# Special Drawing of My Character Living Elsewhere # Life is made up of countless moments, each moment is a growth, and each growth brings us closer to happiness. It is these precious moments that come together to form our unique life story. livingelsewhereme #

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Starring: @Zhong Chuxi @Mr_ Liu Xueyi
Guest Starring: @Lin Yushen
Starring: @Yao ChiZeawo

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(Excerpts from the live conversation between the 4 main protagonists.)⬇️

I live elsewhere
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# Liu Xueyi said that Yu Jian is the little sun # Who else hasn't come to see our little sun Yu Jian@Mr_ Liu Xueyi! # me living elsewhere -Weibo video of my official Weibo who lives elsewhere
I live elsewhere
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#Liu Xueyi asked Zhong Chuxi ootd what is# Come and watch our humble Yu Jian@Mr_ Liu Xueyi, Xia Guo@ Zhong Chuxi One sentence to answer questions for Yu Jian!

I live elsewhere
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# Zhong Chuxi said that Lin Yu Shen ba always acted in his true colors # Xia Guo@ Zhong Chuxisaid that our Mr. Xue @ Lin Yushen is acting in his true colors, what do you think~ # me living elsewhere #
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# Liu Xueyi said that if there was a parallel time and space, he would become a food blogger # It seems that the name of Liu Xueyi @Mr_ big taro is not in vain, and there is a dream of being a food blogger~ # me living elsewhere #
I live elsewhere
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# Liu Xueyi said it’s good to be an individual sometimes # Let's see @Mr_ Liu Xueyi Don't be too stalky hahaha. Come and taste the wonderful speech of the big taro! # me living elsewhere #
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# Lin Yushen said that Zhong Chuxi is the actress who loves to eat the most # Mr. Xue@ Lin Yushen big revelation: It turns out that Xia Guo @ Zhong Chuxi is the most favorite actress! # me living elsewhere #
I live elsewhere
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# Liu Xueyi said Lin Yushen can’t stay on earth anymore # In the face of Mr. Xue@ Lin Yushen dream of being an astronaut in parallel time and space, come and listen to our sharp comments from Liu Xueyi, @Mr_ Yu Jian! # me living elsewhere #

the live conversation between the 4 main protagonists.)⬆️
(3 male and female protagonist).

In today's second moment, the 4 protagonists talk about the drama: What if.

Another moment of the 4 protagonists (in the afternoon) talking about the drama. Tencent interview.

or: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1fE421373T/?spm_id_from=333.788.recommend_more_video.18
Sweeping the building. The main couple delivering bread to fans at the Tencent building.

Liu Xue Yi and Zhong Chu Xi dancing at the drama promotion event.

(They will still make this interview available. For now, it's just a tidbit.)
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Just fifteen seconds laughed several times # Liu Xueyi Yu sees # [Snowflake]# Liu Xueyi lives elsewhere with me #

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Interview: Liu Xue Yi

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has just spent a lively spring, but there is no impetuousness in Liu Xueyi's expression.
When applying makeup and hair, listen to him share fragments of his life during this time. Filming in Guizhou in April, the moist and clear landscape and unique karst landscape left a deep impression on him who had lived in the city for a long time, and he stored all kinds of photos in his mobile phone: streams formed by karst landforms, verdant mountains and forests, unknown plants and wildflowers, and a sky with high purity and strong ultraviolet rays. Although he spends most of his time working, occasionally taking time off and focusing on natural landscapes will bring him some concrete and subtle real touches.

As an actor, nourishment from the soil of life is indispensable, Liu Xueyi has been filming in the crew all the year round, and will help him maintain his sharpness through daily habits. "For example, when I go out for breakfast, the breakfast shop is usually very lively, and I will listen to what everyone is talking about, which is also part of the actor's observation of life. Sometimes I'm too busy to get a chance to go out, so I can look around on the way to the dressing room. The actor's observation is generally different from ordinary people, but he only uses plain and simple words to describe himself, secretly dissolves some lyrical freehand, and doesn't want to give himself too much meaning, "In fact, I don't need the audience to see how strong my love for acting is, or the so-called 'drama maniac' state, I just need everyone to see that I am serious and responsible for the work at hand in the industry, it's fine." ”

Drop stone wears

Liu Xueyi grew up in Qingdao since he was a child, and the bright atmosphere of the bay city left clear traces on him, and the communication with him was straightforward and open, there were no twists and turns, and those who could answer would not refuse, and if they couldn't answer, they wouldn't let the words fall to the ground. He was unexpectedly interrupted once, and after restarting the conversation, he smiled and spoke, in a familiar tone, "Where did you start to break off?" Let's move on. ”

Because he has been stationed in Hengdian for filming all year round, fans jokingly said that Liu Xueyi should have a "plan to escape from Hengdian". A while ago, he worked in Guizhou, and it was rare to have in-depth contact with nature, breathing fresh air away from the city in the mountains and grasses, he was quite satisfied with this, except for the ultraviolet rays were too strong and tanned a few degrees, everything was very pleasant. "The scenery there is very good, the air is good, but I don't have a chance to go out to play when I finish work late every day, so I explore the surrounding food, and I especially like sour soup beef." He happily summed up.

The spring hit "Flower Order" has brought a lot of attention and discussion to Liu Xueyi, with the world-famous beautiful man Pan An as the prototype of the role Pan Yue, he acted quite convincingly, and several highlight scenes also successfully broke the circle, and his acting reputation and professional data are very convincing. But compared with the hot discussion on traffic fame, Liu Xueyi is more interested in the recognition of his acting skills, "This is a good incentive for me." ”

"I don't think it's the point of discussion whether it's famous or not, whether it's popular or not. The point is that whether I am famous or not, I have to do the job at hand well. His consideration is more pragmatic, the job of an actor is destined to accept the public gaze, but in fact it is a job in the industry, and you have to have your own attitude and ability to serve this job, "Do a good job of the nameless when you are nameless, do a good job of the famous job when you are famous, there is no road in vain at work, and countless previous experiences can make you who you are now." ”

Later, I happened to go to Guizhou to work, the unique scenery of "eight mountains, one water and one field", the humidity and warmth of the subtropical monsoon climate, these tolerances from nature made Liu Xueyi a little more stable, and also purified the distractions from the outside world. The magazine shoot was in early May, and he had returned to Zhejiang, dressed in a refreshing outfit, clean and straight. During the conversation, when asked if he had any ambitions to perform, Liu Xueyi blurted out without thinking, "No." Soon, he carefully added his opinion, "Because I have never felt that I am particularly talented and suitable for eating this bowl of rice, let alone that I will be an irreplaceable existence in a certain industry, I just want to guard my own one-third of an acre." I will do the work given to me steadily, and at other times I will relax and not compete with myself. ”

In the more than ten years since his debut, Liu Xueyi has been in Hengdian for the longest time, it is like taking root, and he has been filming in the group all year round. In recent works, more and more audiences have begun to pay attention to his acting skills, especially the precise control of the characters' emotions and demeanor, all of which are meticulously displayed under the high-definition lens. Including his original lines, it was also well received. In the industry of acting, which requires talent and aura, Liu Xueyi undoubtedly has his own aura.

"Actually, I think I'm still in the same state, and I don't have any 'epiphany' and 'sudden enlightenment' in acting, it's just a drop of water over the years," his expression is still bland, not flaunting or elevating, "Of course, I don't necessarily say that I have broken through the stone until now, I can only say that I have been trying my best to make progress and strive for something every day." And a lot of things are based on how to compare, I don't make too many presets for myself, or summarize and analyze, etc., so that there is no internal friction. ”

For a long time, Liu Xueyi revolved around the ridicule of "Three Realms Preparation Professionals", and in the clips renovated by netizens, he was at the top of the food chain with handsome and affectionate, flamboyant personality or forbearance - always a god of combat power, and always in love. "I don't mind what labels everyone puts on me, in the final analysis, I'm just doing my own thing," Liu Xueyi smiled at this, saying that everyone is happy, "Whether it is a god or a human, they all have their own seven emotions and six desires, selfishness and weakness." Later, there was a conflict between small love and big love, and a trade-off needed to be made. There is no difference between immortals and humans, and the essence is still in human nature. ”

In the previous "Spring Flower Disgust" that was completed in Guizhou, Murong Jing and this role is the embodiment of the extreme paranoia of human nature, Liu Xueyi talked about the kind of intense collection and release, which is unprecedented and enjoyable, "In the process of playing him, I will indeed have emotional touches from life encounters, a kind of empathy, but this emotion does not need to be digested, just sleep, actors, the most important thing is to enter and get out of the play." As an actor, his observation and thinking about people are always improving, and real life and character performances continue to provide nutrients, and finally converge with the insight of "human nature".

Two types of pyrotechnics

Not long ago, "I Live Elsewhere" starring Liu Xueyi ended, this drama is cut in and unfolded from the perspective of parallel time and space, accompanied by the protagonist's different life choices, and the life trajectory presents a completely different appearance. In the two parallel story lines, Yumi and Xia Guo, whether they are happy or not, experience a certain cruel reality. This is also Liu Xueyi's first time starring in a work with a realistic theme, "I feel that I have a deeper understanding of the short firewood, rice, oil and salt in the family, especially the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law." He laughs.

Yu Jian in the story is a young man from a small town, contented and down-to-earth, who just wants to live his own life in peace. For Liu Xueyi, this role is very down-to-earth, and he needs to express a person's "imperfection" in a full and real daily life. Yu Jian has the ability to go to the big city to develop, but he yearns for a comfortable and stable life in a small place, and still strives for his family, "In fact, this is quite similar to me, everything does not need to be compared with others, just keep a world and be worthy of yourself." ”

Liu Xueyi remembered that during the filming, it happened to be the time when his brain fog was at its worst, and the natural "confusion" also fit the characteristics of the character, "To be honest, Yu Jian's character is a bit indecisive, and many things are beyond his ability, and they are not so categorical to deal with." So I want to buffer through some 'confusion' and 'cuteness', otherwise the audience may not feel comfortable watching it. ”

However, Liu Xueyi doesn't think that these shortcomings detract from the brilliance of the character, "This is a real person after all, right?" No one is perfect, and the closer it is to the theme of real life, the more distinct and complete the presentation of people's strengths and weaknesses will resonate with the audience. Yu Jian is not a superficial image, or some symbolic tool man, he has affection and responsibility, but also powerlessness and waste, and then transforms and grows, which together constitute a real character. I think it's in line with the reality of some people. ”

The realistic theme is more life-oriented, with a lot of improvisational collision fun, and the nicknames of "Big Taro" and "Guoguo" are also discussed by the creators on the spot. "I Live Elsewhere" is Liu Xueyi's most down-to-earth work at present, not an ancient puppet fairy, nor a domineering president, he has been stripped of all the aura and abilities of heaven and earth, has no family background and no "money ability", and faces the true and cruel nature of life, "But this is precisely the preciousness of being an ordinary person, isn't it?" No one can be sure that the choices they make are foolproof, and they can only say that they can do their best to improve them. What Yu Mi did was his most regretless choice at the moment, and so was mine. ”

Liu Xueyi in life has very little emotional internal friction, and compared with Yu Jian's indecision, he is more straightforward and decisive. "I think a lot of emotions come from having trouble pre-emptively, worrying about things that haven't happened in the future, or being overly concerned about what other people think. Try to focus on what you want to do now, and don't get too entangled in the future and the outside world, then your mental power will naturally be preserved. ”

So when it comes to "regrets", his tone is very calm, there is nothing difficult to let go, if you calculate carefully, it is just a trivial matter in daily life. "After three or four months of filming for a film, it is difficult to say that every scene is perfect and flawless, and there will definitely be regrets more or less. Lying in bed at the end of work every day, thinking about today's fitness and exercise, eating a little too much spicy food, whether you will have acne tomorrow, these little things may also be regrets, right? He threw out a rhetorical question, and replied by himself, "Of course there are small regrets, I have also grown up in a lot of spiritual internal friction, since there must be regrets, internal friction is useless, it is better to be positive." The goals set are also a little smaller, for example, I am going to read for an hour this afternoon, and I feel a sense of accomplishment when I finish reading. If I don't have a job schedule today, I'll lie down all day and do nothing. Life is life, don't make yourself too profound. ”

Leaving the character setting and character arc, and returning to reality, Liu Xueyi's daily life is extremely simple. Before joining the new crew, I spent most of my time reading the script, "Wake up and order takeout, just watch it there." "I have time to watch a movie, and I watched "Flying Life 2" a few days ago, "I watched it on the platform, I was very moved, this movie once again expresses the meaning of hard work and perseverance through racing, maybe at some point in the future, I will also recharge myself in other ways." His tone was brisk. In the final analysis, ordinary fireworks are real and touchable, and no matter which fireworks, under the bloom, there is always an acre and a third of land that belongs to him.

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#Liu Xueyi's blockbuster# @Mr_ Liu Xueyi feels that the role of Yu Jian is very similar to everyone in life, and there is no need to deliberately enter it. And he will naturally "recognize" these daily routines of life. Like, waiting for lovers to get off work, one is on this side of the road, the other is on the other side of the road, they smile, wave, hug big, and go to the snack bar for supper together. These clips move him the most, and he can also heal the audience in his own way. Because, too, he enjoyed the moment of healing in his life. #Liu Xueyi's blog cover
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