Hi, I’m Luke, 26, American, the usual actor slash model, now living mostly in Europe.  I’m trying to figure out for myself why I’m so totally into Thai Boy Love TV series. I barely watch anything else and certainly no other narrative shows despite the fact that I subscribe to all of the major streaming services. I’ve come to the conclusion that these series fill a major hole in LGBTQ+ entertainment in that many of them, most of them in fact, steer clear from discussing gay relationships as something that needs to be discussed. The Western boy love shows and films are all about exactly that: how to maneuver a gay relationship in a CIS world. Many Thai shows simply do away with that confrontation and the gay relationships at the center of a story could have been written for a CIS couple with barely any changes in the script. Like this one, TWO WORLDS, a 10 episode gangster epic with some mystical themes thrown in. The main couple, Tai and Kram, just happen to be boys and no one seems to blink an eye. The love scenes are boy/boy accompanied with beautiful music rather than the saxophone sexy sounds we get over here and pretty much filmed like any heterosexual series. BL series are popular in Thailand (there are also a few girl/girl dramas) but have much competition from especially lengthy historical epics but they have opened the door to Thai TV entertainment internationally and is becoming a major export for the country.