I came up with this game and thought it'd be fun.


The person above you will post a TAG & Genre  then you'll have to go to your profile click on STATS and put the indicated numbers .If said tag or genre  isn't  in your stats put NONE

(eg) Fantasy 

Kind Male Lead 


Tag (Kind Male Lead)-45

Genre (Fantasy)-70

I'll start first 

GENRE (horror)

TAG (idol actor)

none for both :/ 

genre comedy

tag rich male lead

Comedy -162

Rich Male Lead  -35

GENRE (Family)

TAG (bromance)

Family - NONE

bromance - 14



Love Triangle

school - none, love triangle - 54

genre Fantasy

tag Death

Fantasy - 26

Death -  12

Genre: Wuxia

Tag: Hidden Identity

None for both

Tag Tragic past

Genre Action

Tragic Past- None

Action- 43

TAG- Bromance

GENRE- Melodrama

Bromance - 21

Melodrama - 17

tag - love triangle 

genre - fantasy

love triangle - 82 (i don't even like love triangles) 

fantasy: none

TAG: Rich Male Lead

GENRE: Action

Rich Male Lead -36

Action -none

TAG-  Strong female Lead 

GENRE-  Life

Strong female lead - 48

Life - 28

TAG - Happy ending

GENRE - Detective

(Tag)Happy Ending- 67


TagMale Chases Female


None, for both.  I know supernatural has to be on there, surprised it's not higher up.  

Genre - Thriller

Tag - Gay Character