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Hola, hello, hallo and Hi?

I've been here for like 2 year I guess? Just to keep my list so its easy for me to keep up with my asian stuff.

I prefer movie than k-j tv drama and my favorite k-drama is "HONG GIL DONG!" & "STAIRWAYS TO HEAVEN!".

I just noticed nobody replied to your post. Don't feel offended; if someone else posts shortly after you, you get bumped down the list and no-one notices your post. Don't let it stop you posting though.

Welcome (even though you've been on here a while).

PS - I like movies too!
helloooooo welcome on MDL FORUM :)  I'm K & C Drama fan. I like drama and movie both but i prefer most movie. 
hello and welcome to mdl forum :)
namaste .. nice to meet u...  hope u 'll enjoy here.. hv a good day
Welcome to the forums :)
halloooo~~~ im new here too~~ hehe...