Okay, I am in mood to watch Japanese Drama Or movie where the male lead have fallen in love first or is goner for female lead. Male lead likes female lead or loves her first and is completely goner. Example : 5 to 9, He was goner when he first saw her. So Male lead is the one who chase after her NOT her.

Female lead should not have interest or have any feelings for him but slowly falls in love with him too. I don't want her to like him quickly and have to take some time to like him back. ALSO i don't want her to be weak or naive or stupid or overall annoying female lead. I can't stand these type of girl. it would be great if she also focus on her career or something instead drooling over male lead.

 e.g 5 to 9, she was teacher and didn't take any interest in male lead but she took some time to  she like him back.

Another one :Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi (female lead was headstrong , male lead falls first)

Hana yori dango (LOVED IT) Anything like this would be great too.

It would be great if male lead is kind of tsundere or jerk-ish but changes due to female lead. { it isn't demanded but it would be great tho ;) }

Thank you and sorry for being picky. 

Boku, Unmei no Hito desu - this one is great!! 

Pin to Kona

Densha Otoko