Some time ago I watched a movie Japanese drama trailer. I can vaguely remember the story but I think there was a girl looking for a mysterious guy and this guy is either missing or dead but everyone around him knew him (like he was the kindest person in town or something). I believe it was a Japanese film, and the genre is probably in drama/slice-of-life.  

 I've forgotten most parts but if you have any idea I'd love your thoughts! Thanks!

sadly it's not that one.. it's not a high school setting but more like a streets on a small town vibe. (also MDL won't let me quote reply for some reason and says my profile is under review what :/ )

 Kuzu Bitchi:
movie Japanese drama

so which one is it?

is it an old one ? or recent?

@russian white bear

i dont remember which one.. I think it was a movie though! and... ahh maybe around 2012+ ? 


it sounded like some recent drama ive came across, guess it wasnt