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Hi just call me realdeal not because im so f*cking epic or cool LOL...I choose this username cause im a big fan of boxing and  big fan of floyd mayweather(tho im a filipino) hahahaah.


Being a guy who loves contact sports I must say that me being a fan of asian movie/drama is one of my biggest secrets that no one knows  except my GF and some of my close friends. This addiction happen cause of my teacher in Highschool who made us watch this movie(taiyou no uta) then do a report after. I am already fan of movies before but most are western film like forrest guy and tarantino movies but this movie to my surprise is a breath of fresh air to me I didnt see something like this before its like eating hamburger for the first time. That teacher made me become a fan of asian movies specially japanese, made me love japanese country side, made me yui fan, made me fan of jpop, made me realize that aside from anime and video games that japanese are great in doing movie too.



This Site MDL helps me in my journey on my quest to discover some great masterpiece asian cinema has to offer or will offer in the future, I already discover some by the help of my ultra fantastic allies (member of this site) but I still have a long road to go. \o_O/



 “true art can’t be compared, can’t be labelled, can’t be defeated. My work and the work of my fellow nominees will be judged only by time.”

 - Alejandro González Iñárritu

 Best Director 2015 oscars


Before I rate thing I quote by alejandro inarritu hit me like a truck, in that sense don’t make my opinion or any other opinion the ultimate truth.

About award giving bodies I also think that they were like BIG PARTIES those judges are the party host. If you were not part of those judges circle of friend they wont entertain you or even invite you. Most of those BIG PARTIES have hidden agendas. Well that just my opinion anyway.


About how I rate movie/drama

MDL already provides guidelines on how to rate a drama/movie but I have 2  factors to consider

How I enjoy it.

Although I don’t remember it but im sure that I enjoyed the experience of the first time I walk when I was a Kid. No need to explain further.

How It affects me.

Have you ever experience the feeling  like after watching a drama/movie you don’t want to watch any other movie/drama anymore cause you want to cherish those emotion you got that made you afraid that you might lose those emotions if you watch other movie/drama too. That is one of the biggest factor I consider.


I should just put more emphasis on acting and music


Great Script can be ruined by bad actors….I have witness many of those specially on samurai movies when they cast boy band members that doesn’t know how to act they are just there to sell the movie. But the worst thing is the supporting leads are the ones who know how to act and they also put veteran well known award wining veteran actors to make it appear that the movie is legit.

Great actors can be ruined by bad scripts too….HOLY MOTHA FAACKA you know the moment you were so excited to watch this movie cause all of the actors are fantastic and it has an intriguing plot but as you watch it you discover that the script is shit and most of the things that happen didn’t make any sense?? Most of the time I notice that it happen on artsy film, Its like that director didn’t know the borderline between artsy and being boring the didn’t have any sense.



In my opinion music is not just part of the background that was playing. Music to me should be part of the story sets the ambiance of the film. Lastly the ending credits song/music should summarize what you just watch the whole movie….THE FINAL KICK!!!




Since I am more of a japan movie guy I should also note the things the I notice about japanese movies and drama in which I think you can categorize them to 4 types

1. serious type


2. manga-ish type


3. gory type


4. stupid weird types


serious type = departures, nobody knows, sekai no chusin, ozosaki no himawari, byakuyakou


manga-ish type = 1 rule if there is no idol in that drama/movie then its not manga-ish type


gory type =  13 assassins, confessions, love exposure


stupid weird types = yuusha yoshihiko, fish story


I think japan are the best in terms of serious and gory type I’m introduce to more to japanese culture cause of them, specially samurai films.....Stupid weird type doest mean BAD in fact fish story is among my favorites, and stupid weird types have a cult following abroad.


now about my favorite actors...I rate them for their acting talent ONLY ACTING TALENT....dont care about their looks or personality...


I am pissed to see that some great actors are underrated in this site..


ex. odagiri joe, tsubamuki satoshi, rinko kikuchi, sakura ando, mirai moriyama, tadanobou asano and doona bae


This is my question..


How come in japan tv actors are more famous than movie actors???? Like for example rinko kikuchi, she made some hollywood movies and even nominated for oscars but in japan she is not famous. Japan is really and idol obssessed country SAD....



and please japan don't let any jpop idol play samurai role in a movie....



Top actors in terms of talent


Younger male actors....


I just put japanese actors now just because no other actors impress with korean , chinese or Taiwanese actors but I only seen few so this list might change in the future.


4 emperors in japanese cinema todays

1.       Tsubamuki Satoshi

2.       Yamada Takayuki

3.       Mirai Moriyama

4.       Ryuhei Matsuda


I am biased towards yamada takayuki since he is my favorite but still I believe Tsubamuki is better actor.

Tsubamuki is like the intensity god and yamada is like the most versatile actor I have ever seen including Hollywood. Mirai moriyama and Ryuhei matsuda are both masters the art of subtle performance they are the best in terms of showing emotion without even saying a word.

No SHUN??? Shun is a great actor but not on that level of those 4….he need to throw some of his idol status and do more daring movie that can challenge him as an actor. Yamada and Satoshi have both that Idol status before but look at them now.

About versatility of oguri shun….the difference between him and yamada is with shun I still can recognize its still him with yamada I have I hard time figuring its him. I should Just explain it like this yamada takayuki’s versatility is like the combination of Johnny depp and Daniel bruhl while oguri shun is like that of benedict cumberbatch. Don’t get me wrong IMO oguri shun is still great actor I wont compare him to cumberbatch if not.


 The future of Japanese cinema

1.       Shota sometani

2.       Yuuya yagira


I will put sometani slightly above yagira just cause sometani did lots of movie than him...these 2 actors are already better technically than most popular Japanese actors now.

Just for example I can say it that yagira is better than ninomiya

And sometani is better than kimura

I am f*ckin serious here..


Older male actors.....


1. Koji Yakusho


2. Watanabe Ken


3. Takeshi Kitano


4. Sakai Masato


5. Hiroshi Abe


6. Kim In kwon


7. Jang Dong Gun


8. Odagiri Joe


9. TAdanobou Asano


10. Hiroyuki Sanada


11. ando masanobou



It is 11 cause I just couldnt leave ando masanobou. Yes Koji Yakusho is better actor than watanabe ken I watch alot movies those two made and Yakusho is better...believe me. All of these are tremendous tremendous actor.




1. Toshiro Mifune


2. Tatsuya Nakadai


Younger female actress


1. Doona Bae


2. Sakura Ando


3. Rinko Kikuchi


4. Erika Swajiri


5. Chiaki Kuriyama


6. Hikari Matsushima


7. Yoko Maki


8. Aoi yu



its only 8 cause these are the only actress that impress me.



Doona bae in my opinion is the best living asian actress alive....yes she is better actress than any famous chinese actress out there, "as one" "cloud atlas" "air doll" "host" WHAT AN ACTRESS.



Sakura her debut movie she did what other famous veteran actress are afraid of doing......curious???






she did nude in her debut film.......wait theres more.........her own father is the director of that movie. Her role in love exposure is the greatest villian I watch in my jmovie jdrama experience.


 Rinko kikuchi her role in babel as deaf is really great....just read her biography to know how great she is...



erika swajiri you know her.....I dont care about the attitude I just know that she is a great actress



chiaki kuriyama....gogo yubari from kill bill........if looks can kill she is a massacre..



Hikari Matsushima.....tremendous potential...



Yoko maki.....the 2nd best gravure idol turned actress..



Aoi yu....SUBTLE the female mirai moriyama...



promising ones


 mizuno erina, fumi nikaido, yoshinaga jun, mayu matsuoka


the spotlight is on fumi nikaido now but just because erina just came back on hiatus and yoshinaga right role happen recently.

I will rank them technically like this

1.       Nikaido

2.       Matsuoka

3.       Yoshinaga

4.       Erina




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