I'm looking for a Kdrama (or chiense/japanese) that has a MALE character who is like a mentor to the people working under him.

A perfect way is when at first the people don't like him, but as the series continues they start to admire him.

Also, it would be great if the female character also falls in love with her mentor but it's not a must.

Good examples are:

Doctor John  (perfect exmaple. really looking for something with the same vibes as this).

Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim  (the female doesn't fall in love with her mentor, but it still gives the same vibes).

Live Up to Your Name (not exactly what i'm asking but the female starts to respect the guy by the time).

As you noticed, I'm also a really big medical drama fun so if there are also suggestions of good medical dramas that would be great! 

Thanks in advance.

A Poem A Day :fits exactly ur description.

Try checking out:

  • A Life
  • Code blue
  • Surgeon Bong dalhee
  • Brain
  • Surgeons
  • IRYU team medical dragon 

None Medical:

  • Beethoven virus
  • Love Song 
  • Suits
  • Signal